Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 592


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When the space-time is stable, Meng Chuan also falls on a large ground, looking towards the surroundings.

I can see clearly with Meng Chuan’s eyes that this land is boundless as vast as millions of li, and there is darkness beyond the edge of the earth. Now Meng Chuan is located in the peripheral zone of the earth.

“That mountain.”

Looking at Meng Chuan from a distance, in the center of this vast land, there is a towering high mountain, which exceeds hundreds of thousands li, and the halfway position is covered by clouds and mist.

High mountains, all black.

Looking at it from a distance, Meng Chuan felt heart palpitations and panic, as if mortal looked up at the rare beast of ten thousand zhang high, the fear of life instinct.

“This mountain is weird, and this remains of the world is not ordinary.” Meng Chuan discovered this as soon as he came in. There were originally cave mansion buildings on this land, but now they are all in ruins. As gravel, only part of the debris remains.

At the same time, the suppression of the world is terrifying.

Five Tribulation Realm Supreme, all of them are suppressed and need to resist.

“Such suppression, if the four Tribulation Realm Supreme are crushed alive. It seems that the threshold to enter this ruin world is Fifth Tribulation Realm. Only Fifth Tribulation Realm can survive.” Meng Chuan secretly said, ” Who created the relic world and left the world so strong?”

Such a piece of world sustains such a large suppression for a long time, and the energy consumed is amazing. The creator of this ruin world is at least Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme.

“East Brother Ning.” Fu Suiyao sound transmission in the distance.

Meng Chuan rushed over immediately. Because of the suppression, Meng Chuan rushed to Path more slowly.

whiz whiz whiz.

Meng Chuan, Menghu, and Heifeng all gathered next to Fu Sui.

“I believe you have found out of the ordinary in this ruin.” Fu Sui said with a smile, “I have died here three times before, so I will give you a brief introduction.”

“When I first came to this ruins world, I realized that the ruins this time are quite out of the ordinary. I also sensed that the high mountains in the middle of the land are strange. So I explored carefully on the land and didn’t dare Trek into that black mountain without authorization.” Fu Sui explained, “During my exploration on the earth, I had some gains, but I also encountered forbidden creatures.”

“Forbidden creatures?” Meng Chuan and Menghu were surprised.

They are all members of the Cang League, and killing forbidden creatures can be exchanged for some benefits, but they have not been killed yet.

Because there are too few ‘forbidden creatures’.

“There are many taboo creatures in this ruin.” Fu Sui said seriously.

“A lot?” Meng Chuan asked in surprise, “How is it possible? The birth of forbidden creatures is very difficult. This is the nest of forbidden creatures?”

“No.” The black Old Demon Feng shook his head, “Not quite like a nest, but more like a cage for taboo creatures.”

Fusui also explained: “Although there are many taboo creatures in this relic world, the taboo creatures here are crazy, not at all conscious. As for the reason, we are not quite clear.”

“No clear consciousness?” Meng Chuan, Menghu, looking thoughtful.

Normal taboo creatures are comparable to Tribulation Realm Supreme, naturally conscious and cunning. All the taboo creatures here are crazy?

“And the closer to the black mountain in the center, the more common forbidden creatures. So when the black wind and I rushed together, I arrived at the black mountain for the first time.” Fu Sui pointed to the black mountain, “forward and backward. The last three times, I also explored on the land for hundreds of years, but the harvest was not too great, but the first time I climbed, I found… the true treasure of this relic of the world is the black mountain.”

“It’s the mountain.” Hei Old Demon Feng also had his eyes hot, “We have only been searching for half a month at the foot of the mountain, and I think we have gained a lot.”

“What’s so precious?” Meng Hu asked with a frown.

“Go and know.”

Fusui smiled slightly, “Go, you will be grateful to me, this time we don’t waste time on land, go straight to the mountain. East Brother Ning, you need to send a Primordial Spirit Avatar to explore the path around , Brother Menghu, if a forbidden creature strikes, you need to take action to defeat it as soon as possible. Because the longer you delay, the movement of the battle will attract more forbidden creatures of madness.”

“How strong is the taboo creature?” Menghu asked.

“Forbidden creatures on the land, I have been searching for hundreds of years, and all I have encountered are the Fifth Tribulation Realm level. No matter how weak, I can’t survive in this ruin.” Fu Sui said with a smile, “As for the black mountain above , It’s not clear. At least I and Heifeng have been exploring for half a month at the foot of the mountain, and all we encountered were Fifth Tribulation Realm level.”

Meng Chuan, Menghu nodded.

Among Tribulation Realm Supreme, it is difficult to produce a six Tribulation Realm

The same goes for taboo creatures!

“These forbidden creatures, even at the Fifth Tribulation Realm level, have strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be careless.” Fu Sui said, “And you know the methods of taboo creatures, they are very strange.”

Meng Chuan and Menghu are nodded.

Different from Tribulation Realm Supreme, which relies on cultivation, taboo creatures are born under special circumstances and become stronger by swallowing. Various methods are innate, and some are difficult to understand.

“Go.” Fu Sui said immediately. He and Hei Feng were eager to set foot on the mountain again as soon as possible.

whiz whiz whiz whiz.

Meng Chuan released three Primordial Spirit Avatars, and they were distributed around the team to explore Path in the distance, and the team quickly drove Path towards the black mountain.


Meng Chuan took the three of them, and it was very fast to catch Path.

“East Brother Ning is so fast to catch Path.” Meng Hu couldn’t help exclaiming.

“At this speed, I am afraid that I can reach that mountain in one month.” Fu Sui said, although the distance is not too far, because the world suppresses too terrifying, Meng Chuan takes them and can only rush in one day. Path has passed ten thousand li.

In Catch Path, half a month passed quickly.

“Strange, we rushed to Path for half a month, and there are more than ten thousand li’s. We haven’t encountered a taboo creature?” Fu Sui was surprised.

“I have encountered a few of them, and they were all resolved by my Primordial Spirit Avatar.” Meng Chuan said.


“Never sensed the movement of the battle.” Fu Sui, Hei Feng, and Meng Hu all looked at Meng Chuan in surprise.

“The strength is relatively weak, so kills quickly.” Meng Chuan slightly smiled, “In order to prevent attracting other taboo creatures, so try to control void and suppress all movements.”

“That’s also your strength.” Black Old Demon Feng said with a smile, “If it is difficult to kill forbidden creatures, naturally you can’t suppress the movement under the fight.”

Fusui nodded, also said: “Forbidden creatures are strong and weak, and the strong are the highest in Fifth Tribulation Realm, and it will be very difficult to entangle.”

“I haven’t encountered it yet, I will rely on Brother Menghu if I do, I will rely on you.” Meng Chuan nodded.


A monster with the appearance of a foreign beast with nine tails, but a human face, with blood red eyes, completely crazy and full of killing intent, without any reason, is killing the black robe and white-haired Meng Chuan.

This monster has differentiated into nine monsters, all of which are entities, all of Fifth Tribulation Realm level strength.

“xiū xiū xiū ”

Meng Chuan stood in place, a Divine Sword flew out, and disappeared out of thin air the moment it flew out.

I reappeared, already pierced into the within the body of a monster, almost blinking, the nine monsters that differentiated were pierced through the body, and one of the monsters within the body was crushed. white bone beads.


The white bone beads were shattered, and suddenly eight monsters disappeared. Only the crushed monster was really shocked and terrified, and then fell to the ground motionless, no more aura.

“Forbidden creatures below the six Tribulation Realm are relatively easy to deal with, because their core is within the body.” Meng Chuan was slightly nodded, and a Divine Sword flew in front of him. Meng Chuan waved away. Also put away the body of this forbidden creature.

Forbidden creatures, once they reach six Tribulation Realm, the inner core can escape from the body and hide somewhere.

The body has been wiped out thousands of times. As long as the core is not damaged, it will be restored intact in an instant, so it is the Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme. It will also have a headache when encountering the taboo creatures of the Six Tribulation Realm.

Fifth Tribulation Realm taboo creature?

As long as the strength can be suppressed, it will be much easier to kill.

The strength of this nine-tailed taboo creature is also considered strong, but Meng Chuan is too strong now.

“Although it is only an ordinary weapon, it is easy to kill these forbidden creatures.” Meng Chuan’s Primordial Spirit Avatar uses Fifth Tribulation Realm secret treasures. Before Meng Chuan came, he bought a set of sword array and sword array. There are 18 handles in total, and each Primordial Spirit Avatar can carry several handles when dispatched. Meng Chuan doesn’t care about the mysterious sword array itself, only that the ‘Divine Sword’ is strong and sharp.

As for mysterious? Meng Chuan can use his comprehend all kinds of moves. In this state, he is the most common strength of Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit Avatar. These strengths are much stronger than Meng Chuan who mastered the two rules at the beginning.

If you use Seventh Tribulation Realm’s Secret Treasure “Mixed Hole Beads”, you can multiply your strength.


I rushed to Path half a month and got closer and closer to the mountain.

Fusui, Heifeng, and Menghu were a little surprised to find that none of them encountered any forbidden creatures on their Path, and they were obviously blocked by the ‘Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit Avatar’ from Path.

“This Path is too easy.” Fu Sui and Hei Feng talked secretly.

“Is it our good luck, or is this Dong Brother Ning strong?” Hei Feng sound transmission asked.

“It may be good luck, the East Brother Ning dispatched only the Primordial Spirit Avatar. The secret treasure carried by the Primordial Spirit Avatar must be very ordinary. How much strength can it exert.” Fu Sui sound transmission said.

Suddenly, the Meng Chuan complexion in the team slightly changed and solemnly opened the mouth and said: “There is a forbidden creature. My Primordial Spirit Avatar can’t stop it. Be careful.”

“Is it finally here?”

Menghu eyes shined. He came to this ruin as the main battle strength of the team, but he has been idle until now.

“East Brother Ning has been working hard these days, just leave this forbidden creature to me.” Menghu said with a slight smile.

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