Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 593


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“My Primordial Spirit Avatar is no match for it, but I am quite good at escape.” Meng Chuan and three companions suggested, “As long as you hide in my paradise treasure, I can escape with all my strength. Take off that taboo creature.”

The previous Primordial Spirit Avatar was forced to flee.

“haha, it doesn’t have to be this way.” Menghu was full of fighting spirit, said with a smile, “I came to this ruin world, and I haven’t fought any forbidden creatures yet.”

“East Brother Ning, look at our methods.” Fu Sui was also quite confident.

The black Old Demon Feng said: “What are the methods that taboo creatures have, Brother Ning can talk about it.”

“Its body is weird. All my moves can’t hurt it.” Meng Chuan also frowned, “As if it is illusory, it is the illusory shadow that exists in front of my eyes. Any move will pass by. There is no threat to it.”


“Can’t hurt it?”

Fusui speculated, “Is it hiding deep in the void, or is it hiding in a mezzanine space outside the real void? Or is it not its real body in front of you?”

For the five Tribulation Realm Supremes, the body seems illusory and there are many possibilities.

“I didn’t understand.” Meng Chuan shook his head slightly, because he is getting closer and closer to mastering the six Tribulation Realm rules, Meng Chuan is very confident, but the forbidden creature makes Meng Chuan full of confusion.

“Forbidden creatures, many of them are very weird, representing a weird phenomenon in Space-Time River.” Menghu said with a smile, “but they are only by natural means, our cultivator is the real master of the essence of power. At the same level, they are not our opponents.”

During the conversation, a fuzzy silhouette flew quickly in the distance.

“Come here.”

Meng Chuan looked at the distance, Menghu and the others looked too.

It was a humanoid creature with purple skin and a gray-green robe, and his eyes were cold.

The relic world is very powerful. Although this forbidden creature can catch up with Path faster, it is slower than Meng Chuan.

“Let me take a look at its methods.” Menghu, the thinnest person present, was quite confident, and then let out a low snort, two invisible waves spurted from his nostrils, and the moment the two waves appeared, they had already arrived there. Head taboo creatures.

The green robe purple skin silhouette was subjected to two fluctuations, but there was no feeling, and it continued to fly.

“It’s really like nothingness, I didn’t touch its body at all.” Menghu was surprised.

“I’ll try it.” The black Old Demon Feng on the side said, already punched out.


A black fist shadow makes void twist and attack the forbidden creature.

The last time he explored the ruins, the black Old Demon Feng lost a real body, but his realm was greatly improved, and now he has already made the snow jade palace lord under the pressure.

It’s just that this ferocious black fist shadow passed through forbidden creatures, but didn’t hurt anything.

“I didn’t touch it at all, as if strikes were in void.” Black Old Demon Feng was also a little shocked.

“Leave it to me.” Menghu stood up solemnly, and a diamond-shaped spar appeared on the center of his eyebrows. Numerous secret patterns appeared in the spar, and his power rose greatly.

Black Old Demon Feng and Fu Sui looked forward to watching this scene.

Meng Chuan looked at it curiously: “This is the power of the Heavenly God General?”

Every Higher World has a very deep foundation.

Cultivation system, special inheritance, Foreign Treasure, Reincarnation reincarnation… In many ways, they all look down upon the overwhelming majority cultivator.

The Heavenly Dream World also has some special inheritance.

‘Heavenly Dream God General’ is one of them.

Menghu, it is said that he has mastered two Fifth Tribulation Realm rules. Because of his talent, cultivation path, etc., he was lucky enough to pass the test of the God of Heaven and become a God of Heaven. Although his realm is still low, he can only play Part of the power of Tianmeng, the strength in Fifth Tribulation Realm is also enough to stand in the peak of the ranks.

It is Meng Chuan, now and Menghu can only be regarded as the same.


The thin Menghu stood on the spot, with his left hand ready, right hand punched out.

“bang! !!!”

The void of the ruin world vibrated, and the forbidden creature was killed brazenly, disdain to dodge and resist, but when this fist strikes on it.

“en?” This green robe, purple-haired forbidden creature showed pain, his body was distorted in the void, and his figure stopped, but he recovered after it followed, but his eyes became more fierce. , Directly culled the Menghu who threatened it the most.

“Not dead?” Menghu was surprised that this fist didn’t kill the opponent.

Meng Chuan looked a little clear from the side: “Menghu this fist is mainly based on Void lineage, but the formidable power is unimaginable, and the super formidable power affects the body structure of this forbidden creature. The law is broken.”

Energy, will affect space-time.

When the formidable power reaches a certain level, the law will be broken with force.

“It’s just that the forbidden creature’s injury was not severe enough, and it quickly recovered.” Meng Chuan also vaguely knew it was not good.

bang! bang!

Menghu and the forbidden creature both stared at each other, and Menghu took the initiative to meet them, and they fought together in midair.


green robe The purple-haired forbidden creature arrived in front of Menghu, and with a single claw he tore Menghu’s chest out of the wound. As soon as the blood was about to shed, the wound quickly recovered.

“Dead.” Menghu was also mad, the eyebrow spar halo circulating, and the melee move formidable power was also terrifying. The move moves all fell on the forbidden creatures. The forbidden creatures suffered some painful distortions again and again, but they all recovered quickly. Intact, Menghu looked a little miserable, one after another wound on his body, even if it healed quickly, there were dozens of wounds in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s go together.” Fu Sui said seriously, Menghu couldn’t kill the forbidden creature with all his strength, only everyone went together.

Black Old Demon Feng move is violent, strange and invisible.

Fusui also used the blade technique, his blade technique naked eye couldn’t see clearly, only one after another blade light fell on the forbidden creature.

“Go.” Meng Chuan used the ‘Demonic Awl’ forbidden secret technique and instantly attacked the forbidden creature within the body. Although it was broken, it still made the forbidden creature scream in pain.


If Menghu’s frontal mad attack can hurt it with force, it’s a skin wound.

Meng Chuan’s ‘Demonic Awl’ is to reach the depths of the soul, pain is a hundred times stronger.

One Demonic Awl is broken, and Meng Chuan condense a new Demonic Awl, and one after another blasts into the forbidden creature within the body.

“Yeah~~~” the taboo creature screamed, abandoning Menghu to kill Meng Chuan.

“Let go.” Menghu is indeed very good in melee combat. Move attracts the forbidden creatures and slows down the speed of the forbidden creatures as much as possible. Meng Chuan also uses his posture to bring the forbidden creatures, the black wind and the distance.


The forbidden creature of madness, in the ruins world will only act according to instinct, killing and devouring other lives! Now Menghu’s attack, Meng Chuan’s ‘Demonic Awl’ caused it to endure great pain, and it killed Undying Meng Chuan them, and immediately fled away amidst the cry of pain.

Menghu didn’t entangle anymore, and let the other party escape.

“Huh.” Meng Hu breathed a sigh of relief, the eyebrow spar hidden, “This forbidden creature, I tried my best to barely hurt it. I can’t kill it.”

“You can at least hurt it, we can’t touch it.” Fu Sui said with a smile, “The Primordial Spirit Weapon of East Brother Ning is so powerful, it can’t stand it slipping away.”

“It’s just pain.”

Meng Chuan said with emotion, “If it is sober and sensible, it will be much more difficult and will not leave easily.”

Menghu they all agree.

With a sense and a clear consciousness, the threat is indeed much greater.

“Come on with Path, don’t stay here for too long, the movement of the battle just now may also attract taboo creatures.” Fu Tunnel said.


The journey went smoothly. Before reaching the black mountain, no new forbidden creatures were encountered. Because they were all blocked by Meng Chuan’s Primordial Spirit Avatar.

“Here.” The four of them came to the foot of the black mountain.

“You two try it out and set foot on this mountain.” Fu Sui pointed to his feet. They are still standing on the land. There are black rocks outside the several feet, which belong to the black mountain boundary. The boundary is very clear.

Meng Chuan and Meng Hu looked at each other, and both walked a few steps forward and stepped on the black rock.

The moment I stepped on.

Meng Chuan heard the sound of spring water in the mountains, heard the howling of wind in the mountains and forests, heard the sound of falling leaves… There are also various fragrances, fragrances, and sounds that make Meng Chuan feel extremely comfortable, primordial Spirit became ethereal, and at this moment, thinking became many times faster.

“This?” Meng Chuan was unbelievable, “My primordial spirit is more ethereal, and my thinking becomes faster. I feel the profound mystery of the surrounding rules a little bit, and the inspiration emerges, like eating the Spirit Fruit that assists in the cultivation.”

There are some rare treasures, and eating one is almost the effect of ‘sudden enlightenment’.

Although it is not as good as sudden enlightenment, it is much stronger.

“Just standing in this cultivating, it is estimated that within a month or two, I will be able to comprehend the Six Tribulation Realm rules.” Meng Chuan understands this. He is already closer to mastering the Six Tribulation Realm rules. If it is outside, As short as a few decades, as long as a hundred years can be mastered. And in this black mountain, just stepping into it, it is very helpful to the cultivation, and the time required is naturally much shorter.

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