Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 594


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“This is simply the cultivation Holy Land.” The Menghu who stepped on the black rock was also a little shocked.


Fusui and Hei Old Demon Feng have also stepped into the mountain boundary, and Fu Sui even said with a slight smile, “This mountain is the cultivation Holy Land, and the deeper it is, the greater the benefit to cultivation .”

“Can it be bigger?” Meng Chuan was surprised.

“Fusui and I have both been here once, so naturally they won’t be fake.” Black Old Demon Feng also said with a slight smile.

“This mountain is really special.” Meng Chuan felt even more emotional. This foreign territory void is really there is no lack of strange things. “Cang Yuan Founder said that there are no benefits for no reason. This mountain is special. The reason.”

Looking at the black mountain from above the land, Meng Chuan felt terrified and was naturally wary of this Black Mountain.

“This mountain is a little weird.” Menghu felt the state of the moment, and the inspiration was very beautiful. He looked at the three companions Fu Sui, Hei Feng, and Meng Chuan, and thought, “Space-Time River Everything follows the natural cycle. After taking the treasure of Spirit Fruit, the effect of sudden enlightenment for a few hours is exchanged. In this Black Mountain, Fifth Tribulation Realm can always be in a state close to sudden enlightenment, perhaps unconsciously Are we already paying the price? Or is it the bait that was released first?”

Menghu is very cautious.

His hometown is Higher World’s Heavenly Dream World, and the ancestor born in the history of his hometown is Eight Tribulation Realm Supreme. He can pass the test and become a Heavenly Dream God General, and his status in the Heavenly Dream Realm is also very high. I have read too many secret records.

Foreign territory void, there are also places more magical than this ruin.

Want to let a large number of Fifth Tribulation Realm easily maintain the almost ‘sudden enlightenment’ status without any cost?

Basically impossible!

There must be a price!

Either the price comes from the Tribulation Realm themselves, or the creator of the mountain has paid the price.

If the creator of the mountain pays the price, there must be a purpose.

“The best possibility is that the creator of this mountain is to create this cultivation Holy Land for the descendants. After the creator’s death, the mountain can still barely be maintained. We came here to take advantage.” Denied, “It’s just that this may be too low and too low, and from a distance, you can feel that this Black Mountain is weird, there are many forbidden creatures in the ruins, and all the forbidden creatures are crazy…”

Forbidden creatures, can swallow all life, are the public enemy of all life.

Can such evil and sinful creatures be crazy?

“This is by no means a safe cultivation Holy Land. The weird Black Mountain must have a reason.” Menghu was extremely cautious.

Of the four players present, Meng Hu is the most guarded, and Meng Chuan is also on guard. Instead, Fu Sui and Hei Old Demon Feng who set foot on Black Mountain for the second time are more enthusiastic because they have gained benefits.

“You should be careful.” Menghu said, “This Black Mountain has given great benefits, and maybe there will be a big Calamity Tribulation.”

“haha, begging for opportunities in danger.” Fu Sui said with a smile, “Going to adventures in ruins everywhere is necessary to experience all kinds of dangers and seize the opportunities. This Black Mountain has been my encounter for so many years The greatest opportunity, at the worst, this statue died in battle, and we can’t give up this opportunity.”

“Sometimes, the price paid is more than just a real body.” Menghu said quietly.

“It should be left over from the death of other cultivators.” Meng Chuan took back these items and probed carefully. He turned his hand and took out a void bracelet. “The void bracelet’s secret pattern is missing, and the void inside is completely shattered. The void bracelet is left here. It must have been a long, long time.”

The damage to the void bracelet is natural damage after a long time.

In foreign territory void, there are very few substances that can be Eternal. For example, the “Primary Stone” can exist in Eternal.

The vast majority of items will gradually break over time, such as Spirit Fruit, fine wines, etc., have a shorter shelf life. The secret treasures like Tribulation Realm are well preserved and can be kept for a longer time. However, without the cultivator for pregnancy and maintenance, even Seventh Tribulation Realm secret treasures will eventually decay.

“Some of the items are decayed and damaged, and some are intact.” Meng Chuan checked, “The value is about eight thousand dollars, it should be left by a Fifth Tribulation Realm.”

“This Black Mountain has a long history, and many cultivators have come in.”

“The outside world did not find any historical records of it.” Meng Chuan was puzzled.


Meng Chuan, the Primordial Spirit Avatar, suddenly felt tight, because there was a three-headed humanoid flying by in the distance, and the three-headed humanoid also spotted the Primordial Spirit Avatar, Meng Chuan, and just glanced at it, still facing Fly away.

“What? Seeing me, didn’t attack me?” Meng Chuan was surprised.


“What did you say, your Primordial Spirit Avatar, and a forbidden creature found each other, but the forbidden creature didn’t attack you and left?” Fu Sui and Hei Feng couldn’t believe it.

“en. “Meng Chuan nodded.

“Impossible, I have explored three times before. All forbidden creatures are crazy and irrational.” Fu Sui shook his head, “Once we find us, we will kill them immediately.”

“Last time we stepped into Black Mountain, we encountered a lot of forbidden creatures to chase and kill, this time there was no forbidden creature to chase and kill.” Black Old Demon Feng said, “Will it happen to this Black Mountain? Some changes?”

Meng Chuan, Fusui, Heifeng, and Menghu are confused, but they can only be more careful. They are impossible to give up easily.

Even if the deeper the cultivation, the greater the benefits, and they will not give up.

The four of them move forward with one path.

On the way, Path also encountered the head of an incomparable gigantic flying by from a distance, and obviously saw Meng Chuan and the four of them, but they still flew away.

“My Primordial Spirit Avatar found and the forbidden creature just now flew in the same direction.” Meng Chuan said.

“Let’s chase and take a look.” Fu Sui eyes shined.

Immediately the four of them quietly followed the huge head.

The head is about the size of a hundred zhang, and the whole body is like a gray rock carved. This ‘head’ forbidden creature keeps flying in one direction, and the four Meng Chuan also silently follow, and they get deeper and deeper into the mountain.

The mountains are endless.

On the way to follow Path, the four of Meng Chuan and the others discovered more than ten forbidden creatures. They were fast and slow, but all flew in the same direction.

“All rushed in the same direction.”

“There must be a reason for the presence of so many taboo creatures in this ruin world.” Meng Chuan and the four of them are more vigilant and look forward to it. The greater the secret, the more likely it is to gain.

When I entered the 3rd day of Black Mountain, I came to the depths of the mountain.

At this time, Meng Chuan was exploring Path’s three Primordial Spirit Avatars around, and he has picked up seven treasures. The total value is about 30,000 square meters. It is estimated that they are all left by Fifth Tribulation Realm.


Meng Chuan The four of them followed the forbidden head creature and finally came to the highest peak of the Black Mountain.

Black Mountain, which is more than hundreds of thousands li in height, covers an area of ​​more than ten thousand li, and the mountain has many peaks, but the most conspicuous one is the highest peak in the core.

Three Paths paved by crystalline jade appear from the entrance of the mountain gate of the most peak and continue to the depths of the mountain.

“Three Paths?” Meng Chuan and the four of them stopped.

The ‘head’ forbidden creature did not fly to the three paths, but flew along the shortest distance to the highest mountain, and flew past it blankly.

Huh! call! call!

Meng Chuan they looked towards the distance, the most peak is extremely majestic, some places where naked eye can see, there are forbidden creatures flying to a high place in a daze, but none of them have entered the ‘Three Paths’ range.

“What do I do next?” Fu Sui opened the mouth and said, “Should I go up the mountain along the Three Paths Path, or like forbidden creatures, go up the mountain without touching the Three Paths Path?”

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