Cards Arrive into Another World Chapter 1

“Dēng dēng dēng dēng, dēng dēng dēng dēng, dēng dēng dēng dēng …”

A cheerful and magical Fight the Landlord background music kept ringing in my ears, and the drowsy Lin Ze reached out and groped around the bed.

After a while, grab the cell phone and get upset by Lin Ze, who is a bit annoyed by getting up:

“Who? What is it?”

“I said, Lin Ze, you are confused by your sleep? The Source Card appraisal is about to begin in half an hour. The card master of the famous school heard that it is coming. It sounds like you haven’t woke up in your breath?”

“You are so good. You are alone in the whole class. Old Ban is getting angry. Do n’t be stingy, take a taxi and fly over.”

There was a nasty urgency over the phone.

Source Card identification?

Card Master?

Old Ban is urging?

What is this son Liu Jun talking about? What are you talking about? Also, isn’t it a weekend today?

The slight sense of drowsiness in his brain reminded Lin Ze easily of the old story about “Yu-Gi-Oh”, which he stayed up late last night.

Picking up the cell phone in doubt, Lin Ze was a little dumbfounded, Friday!

How could it be Friday? !!

Look at the time again, 7:XNUMX, already late! Where did it come in half an hour?

Lin Ze, who had no time to think about it, pulled up his clothes and went out of the room. At this time, his parents were already at work, and the younger brother and younger sister were also at school.

Lin Ze also went out soon and bought a churros at the breakfast shop on the roadside. He was already late anyway, which is not bad.

After buying the fried dough sticks, Lin Ze called a taxi, and the family conditions were good, and he was not bad for a taxi.

After getting on the car, Lin Ze didn’t have any nervousness, even though Old Ban was a little bit tougher, but he was not badly scolded + punished + cleaned in a week.

It takes about XNUMX minutes by taxi from home to the entrance of the school, even a taxi.

Lin Ze swiped the cell phone while holding the fritters, and a few penguin headlines popped out.

Lin Ze didn’t pay much attention to these news trivia. When he was about to open it, his eyes widened slightly!

what’s going on? !

“Hair-raising! Jiangcheng D-Rank Card Master Jewelry Store crime case, China Card Master Alliance Jiangcheng Branch urgently dispatched trump card Card Master uniform criminals, dozens of precious jewelry involved in this case have been fully recovered, give a like for Jiangcheng Branch! 》

“Much attention! Today, Card Master Elite School from all over the country will send related persons to the major cities and schools to approve admissions! 》

“Young People’s World? wait and see, this year’s Card Master fresh blood is flowing! 》

Card Master, is it Card Master again?

If you remember correctly, the son Liu Jun mentioned the term before, right?

Realizing that something is wrong, Lin Ze started frantically rummaging through the widely shared news on Penguin Space and the circle of friends.

As a result, Lin Ze surprisingly found that most people are expressing inner tension in social space. Why is it tense? It’s not because of the upcoming Card Master aptitude appraisal!

To this point, Lin Ze, who used the class time for a long time to read the web, immediately realized something.


Lin Ze, who is still in the familiar era, denies this.


It doesn’t look like it from time.

So is the parallel world?

Lin Ze, who is more inclined to say this, opened the browser, and Baidu did not disappear.

It took only a short time to accept the status quo of Lin Ze. That’s right, type the keyword “Card Master” directly into the search box.

A lot of information related to Card Master began to swipe the screen, Lin Ze began to browse the important parts.

Just as Lin Ze quickly absorbed this strange new information, the taxi also drove to the gate of Jiangqiao High School.

Jiangqiao High School is a well-known Comprehensive Top 3 school in Jiangcheng. Lin Ze’s study effort is obviously not enough to support him to attend this school. Most of them rely on the help of “external forces”.

It is worth mentioning that 1 year younger then Lin Ze’s younger brother is also in this school.

Unlike Lin Ze, Younger Brother Lin Lan is a genuine academic tyrant.

The hard work of Younger Brother Lin Lan can be seen just from arriving at school an hour early every day.

As for Lin Ze? Basically, I got stuck at the school, as if it was a loss to get to school one minute early.

At this time, Lin Ze, who got out of the taxi, slowly walked into the school, his thoughts were a bit erratic, and the doorman rarely said nothing.

Lin Ze entered the school, but suddenly closed his eyes, concentratings one’s mind, but he couldn’t detect anything.

“No, according to Baidu, the Spirit World in everyone’s mind will generate a Source Card in advance, but what am I …”

Questioning to himself in doubt, Lin Ze tried another induction, but found nothing.

dry! Isn’t it because of my particularity that I have been isolated?

Thinking of this fucking possibility, Lin Ze was a little dumbfounded.

Just now he was not only informed of this through Baidu, he also knew that Card Master has a transcendental status in today’s modern society.

The powerful Card Master exists like superstar!

The so-called Card Master, as the literal meaning, is to control the existence of various strange abilities in card use.

It’s not just events related to Card Master for public entertainment.

Card Master’s involvement is indispensable in politics, military, and business.

Since everyone can conceive a Source Card in Spirit World, everyone is looking forward to becoming a true Card Master.

To this end, parents are spending a lot of money to buy various expensive energy cards for their children.

hope the son will become a dragon and the daughter will become a phoenix.

However, the energy card can play more auxiliary functions. The innate Source Card depends on the respective innate talent.

Today, appraisal enrollment that occurs across the country is actually activating and judging the student’s Source Card in Spirit World so that it can be used!

No wonder so many people are paying attention.

This world was placed in the previous world, which is like a college entrance examination!

Having said that, on such an important day, father and mother, you are really as big-hearted as ever!

This is going to be a “college entrance examination”, so I didn’t ask for a leave to accompany me.

Lin Ze was ridicule, but he had no uncomfortable thoughts about the casual nature of the loving couple.

Having said that, if this is really innate cardless, shouldn’t it be treated as an alternative?

Lin Ze, who was even more worried about this, came to the classroom door unconsciously.

“Stupidly standing there doing something, such an important day only now, come in and sit down quickly.”

The familiar Old Ban’s voice resounded in his ears, Lin Ze came back to his senses, but his face was slightly surprised.

Come in and sit down?

I’m afraid it’s a fake Old Ban. I’ve been a bit more heavy late so late, nothing else?

It’s not that Lin Ze has a tendency to be abused. It is that Old Ban is abnormal.

Full name Nan Quansheng, Jiangqiao first strict division of Jianghu called Old Nan?

But soon, Lin Ze thought of a possibility.

Naturally, it is not that Old Nan has really changed, but because of this era.

After all, everyone ’s Spirit World has a Source Card. Maybe one of them will be identified as a genius?

It’s like everyone has a winning lottery ticket, but the size of the prize is different.

It’s just that people who awaken good cards innately are often more suitable and more likely to become a good Card Master.

But more people are born awake by discarded cards.

This kind of person can spend money to buy advanced cards in the market, but their aptitude is linked to the level of the awakened Source Card.

Buying a powerful card without that ability to control is futile.

With that in mind, Lin Ze couldn’t help sighing.

He simply couldn’t sense the Spirit World in Baidu, let alone the Source Card.

Do, according to the routine, shouldn’t there be something like golden finger to show my speciality?

Lin Ze growled in his heart as he approached his position with the look of many strange eyes.


Lin Ze, who was sitting back, couldn’t hear clearly, and there was a sound in his head.

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