214 Chapter spacesuit and senior white’s misunderstanding

"Guoguo, Senior and I need to go out for a while." After you stay home obediently look after the house , wait for me and Senior White come back to take you to the hospital? ”Song Shuhang the bread into his mouth and asked.

    If it is normal to learn aircraft, take Guoguo to also no problem. But with senior white to learn to fly a plane, Song Shuhang do not want to also a calamity for the fish in the moat.

    Little Monk patted chest confidently said: No problem, housekeeping I absolutely no problem. ”

    Song Shuhang nodded and looked at Doudou, who was watching the news on his computer, and felt a little relieved.



    After breakfast, Song Shuhang as usual morning exercise, after a few trips "Buddha ' Warrior Foundation" Fist, after the time after half an hour.

    At this time, the door ringtone sounded.

    "is senior Yellow Mountain's agent coming?" he said. ”Song Shuhang went outside to open the door and then saw a golden-haired and blue-eyed western woman standing in the doorway.

    Blonde looked at the eyes song Shuhang, and to their hands of a material looked, checked, raise head exposed professional smile: Hello, is Mr. Song Shuhang? ”

    Very articulate pronunciation and vocalizing, is the Chinese level of the nowadays crooked people so good? This makes many Chinese tongues and tongues that can't be clearly distinguished from each other?

    Well, that’s me.Song Shuhang replied.

    "Hello, I am the Centre of Jiangshui Civil aviation training Katherine." I was entrusted by Mr. Huang Wenzhong, with two visitors to the Aviation Training Center to receive flight driving theory training and flight training. ”Katherine smiled and rang a finger.

    Behind her was two suit men carrying a big box.

    "This is Mr. Shuhang's ' air suit ' and the supporting oxygen equipment, please check it. ”Katherine is filled with curiosity–she can't figure out what it takes to learn to fly a plane. It is not open spacecraft, such a bloated clothing set in the body, but also pleasant to fly?

    However, the customer paramount, especially the powerful customer, she will not be silly to refute customer opinion–to know, the name Huang Wenzhong rich, but at one breath bought their entire flight training center. For this is to give the seemingly ordinary average university student, there is another ' Song Bai ' to provide special services.

    "In addition, that Mr. Is Song Bai with you? ”Katherine asked

    "He's in the back. ”As Song Shuhang, he came to the side of the big box and opened the bulky ' spacesuit ' in looks at.

    It seems to be very bulky–the kind of sci-fi movies in the body, and then push-button can change ok …
Clothing, when it will be developed ah … p> Katherine maintained smiley: "Our training center distance here a little way Cheng …
A little nervous. So, I suggest taking you both to flight training center. By this time we use one hours to sum up the theoretical knowledge, and then arrange for you to get on the plane as soon as possible familiar with the operation. Our training center has various models of aircraft, two can pick their favorite to learn. ”

    "A very different type of aircraft?" Not bad. ”Song Shuhang eyes A bright, perhaps he by so time can choose a small helicopter-type, used to learn? This is not afraid senior white will fly to outer space.

    "You can be satisfied that is can ' t be better." Then, this is you and Mr. Song Bai class II practical examination certificate, and private pilot license (PPL), please close. ”Katherine handed the certificate and pilot license.

    Song Shuhang received four card, heart really five senses intersection.

    The plane has not touched, pilot license all got the hand …This feeling is really sour, and some embarrassed, and a little happy, and a little guilty.

    Katherine, with a calm face, asked, "Mr. Where's Song Bai? We can start at any time. ”

    I called him down. ”Song Shuhang withdraw four cards, and then turned, toward the third floor behind the wave.

    A moment later, Senior White calmly from the upstairs down.

    Although the elder face calm, but the brow of the color of joy but how can not cover.

    Compared to car, seniors seem to be more interested in airplanes, but he wasn't so excited when he learned car.



    "Two please get on the bus." ”Katherine drives a pickup car.

    Two men in suits put song Shuhang's bulky ' spacesuit ' behind the car.

    Song Shuhang climbed into the back seat of the pickup and stretched.

    Senior White followed the bus.

    But when he got on the bus, he took a look at the ' space suit ' behind him.

    Then Senior White's face revealed a sudden epiphany.

    Senior White secretly said in heart : "This is a space suit, Little Friend Song Shuhang, do you want to play in outer space?"

    How should I say …

    After undergoing the last acceleration of the car, which caused the brakes to fail and the steering wheel to be broken, Senior White changed the past few days.

    This time he was ready to learn how to fly the plane, he made up his mind-he must be honest and learn how to fly the theory of aircraft, and then master the skills of flying airplanes.

    This time, he never portrays any array on the plane. After flying Cheng …
The desire to tear down the plane!

    In short, must not give song Shuhang made OK …

    Most, wait for their plane to learn OK …
A plane, and then enjoy the aircraft on a variety of array painted, rune, happy flying in the sky.

    This is the determination of venerable white these days.

    With venerable white ' s cultivation base, as long as the determination to do one thing, this restraint is still there.

    However, when he saw the space suit behind him, he blinked. Shuhang. Was he trying to fly into the outer space to play?



    After Senior White got on the train, Katherine started the pickup and went to 'Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Centre'.

    Along the way, Song Shuhang sits in the car, secretly running ' True self Meditation scripture ' adjusts his status to the best. At the same time, the neck is also hanging the ' Ghost sealing Ice Pearl ', so that their minds at any time to stay awake.

    He has adjusted his state of mind and status and is ready-not to be surprised if senior white lands on the moon, even if he is flying directly on the earth.

    At this time, venerable white tempted to ask: "Shuhang, behind the car, is the space suit?" Is that what you want? ”

    "Ha ha ha, is ah …
With a smile: "That is I deliberately let senior Yellow mountain prepared for me-because I was very young when I envy the astronauts." I don't know why I think of this when we are going to fly the plane. Let senior Yellow Mountain for me to prepare pieces, let me have fun! ”

    Song Shuhang helpless to lie about it-after all, with his nice character, really can't say that kind of ' Senior white, I am afraid you will fly to outer space, so I prepare a spacesuit just in case! ’This hurtful remark comes.

Venerable White secretly nodded …Originally little Friend shuhang very small on astronaut very interested ah …
The earth is full of mystery, not to mention the boundless outer space, but also attracts people's eyes and curiosity.

    "Little Friend Shuhang likes outer space?"Venerable White asked.

    "Well, of course I like it," said the man. ”Song Shuhang thought of Yang, replied. He is very interested in the mysterious outer space, black hole, meteorite, comet, and moon.

    "Would you like to play there if you have the chance?" ”Venerable White asks the way, at the same time he heart some begin to stir up!

    Song Shuhang one Leng–its isn't right ah …
Jin Ah … p> how do I want to go to outer space to play? No, we must euphemistically express the idea of ​​'I don't want to go to outer space for fun' for Senior White.

    Song Shuhang thought, Tactfully replied: "Later, if there is a chance, you can go to outer space to see also not bad." But now, I can't go. After all, even if there is a spacesuit, I can not stay in outer space for a long time ah …

    "Also yes, make sense." ”Senior White nodded.

    After seeing senior White's reaction, song Shuhang a little relief. Looks like senior White dismissed the idea of ' outer space '?

    Seemingly, temporarily escaped it?



    At this time, the front of the Katherine secretly sighed.

    The real rich are different, while others are still thinking about flying a plane to play, the real rich are already thinking about how to go to space to play ah … p> really envy!

    Thinking, she secretly looked at the eye venerable white one eye, saying, this song Bai man, can be really handsome ah … p> even if the east and West aesthetic differences, but this is called Song Bai man Handsome Cheng …
Break through the Cheng of aesthetic difference …

    If it's OK …
Ok. Katherine secretly swallow mouth saliva-yí,its not right ah …
So crazy? Just met, even a single sentence did not talk about the male, unexpectedly will let her produce a hell of love in the first sight feeling?

    No, definitely this morning waking up posture wasn ' t right.

    Katherine forcibly pressed his own strange idea, but still look at the car through the rearview mirror, watch Venerable white ' s appearance.

    In fact, Katherine is lucky, because senior White has recently been able to control its own flavor and charm.

    Otherwise OK …
True Monarch, as long as on the road to stroll around, will be a number of ' long hair for you to stay, distributed to June bundle, will not get married except with the gentleman! ’Girl.

    Even some female cultivator, with willpower weakness, can't stand the deadly temptation.


    Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Centre was established in the suburbs, which covers a wide area.

    Katherine with song Shuhang and venerable white into the training center, the first to see the huge rear-seat airfield. This is just one of several airports at the Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Centre. There are six small scale private helicopters parked on it.

    "I take two first to participate in the theoretical knowledge study, then two can use simulator to carry on flight training." After a little familiarity, the two can choose their favorite models, we clean out the runway for two use. ”Katherine explained with a smile.

    In order to choose to dare to two rookie when instructor, not afraid of death flight instructor, Katherine also a lot of Kung Fu!

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