215 Chapter Love Flying Sword Race controlling sword the champion!

Airplanes are different from flying swords.

    Flying Sword Convenient and quick, just prepare a fly sword, pinch good sword Art, in the Flying sword transform into escape light. Then step on and fly on how to fly!

    Horizontal fly, vertical fly, upside down fly, opposite fly, all doesn ' t matter. And whether it is windy or rainy outside, lightning or snow will not make the Flying sword fly OK …

    But airplanes are different …

    The aircraft is affected by various external factors, in addition to external factors, but also the rules set by human restraint the freedom of flight.

    Song Shuhang and Senior White sat in the classroom listening to instructors explain the basics of some planes.

    such as the calculation of data for Take-off and landing, calculation of load and trim, acquisition and analysis of basic weather information. There are also air flight regulations, airspace analysis relating to the flight training area and the training airfield;

    And so many basic knowledge.

    The average person needs to spend a few days studying, and the instructor compresses them to explain to song Shuhang and senior white at the fastest speed.

    One hours later.

    After the teacher told the finished, drank saliva: "The general theory of knowledge is above these." ”

    To tell the truth, one hours to explain so much content, he himself has some dizziness brain. He did not believe that song Shuhang and venerable White could master these basics.

    Well …It's just a formality. In front of these two, even pilot license have already got.

    "Well, it sounds simple, but there are too many restrictions on all kinds of rules." ”Senior White withdraw in the hands of several theoretical knowledge book, Nod way.

    "The limit is also can ' t do anything about it, the air plane so many, do not manage words, there will be an accident." In the event of an accident, it is basically nine deaths and one life. But the theoretical knowledge is very simple, the flight rules and so on hard to remember. ”Song Shuhang smiled and replied.

    "That's the same. ”Venerable white nods a way.

    Classroom teacher heard Shuhang and venerable white ' s dialogue, secretly sip tea, corner of the mouth sneer: dammit, these two goods are still loaded B!

    This one-hour knowledge of the main points, even his lectures are talking about the dizziness brain up, these two guys can understand is strange!



    Then Flow Cheng …
Unexpectedly song Shuhang and venerable White came not to take the driver's license, but learn how to fly a plane in the sky. So, some tedious flow Cheng… /p>

    Under the Katherine arrangement, Song Shuhang and Senior White, under the one-on-one guidance from the flight instructor, first mastered the basic instrument operations, flight charts, and radar cognitive use of the aircraft in a simulation training room.

    Then, Song Shuhang and senior white in a ' rewarded under the brave man ', ' not afraid of death ' flight instructor led, climbed the helicopter.

    Song Shuhang first fly, Senior White sat in the back seat to watch and learn.

    Take off, Song Shuhang ' s watch the liver is still very nervous, the plane is not more than car, in case of an accident will be finished ah … p> flight instructor sit on one side of the guide, start also what to say, as long as not exceeding the limit of 1-kilometer, the others are arbitrary-in fact, not Only song Shuhang nervous, flight instructor more nervous. Because he knew that the two guys around him were the masters of the money playing with fire. Today, just learn the plane, unexpectedly will fly the plane directly. If he did not really need a sum of money, the devil would be willing to accompany the two guys to play Ah…p> However, when the plane took off, the flight instructor was somewhat unexpected – although Song Shuhang looked very stiff, Watching is the first time he has contacted the helicopter. But a set of operation down unexpectedly did not make any mistake, although trembling, but shun smoothly.

    After flying the aircraft and flying in the air, the flight instructor did not find any problems with Song Shuhang's operations.

    This dude is not already learning to fly a plane, come to amuse me to play? Flight instructor secretly looked at song Shuhang one eye …Like the kind of race car player who learns to take a normal C-class license?

    Also to ah …, no matter how much like playing with fire, and will not take their lives to joke about it.

    Perhaps this is called Shuhang ' s teenager and the man named Song Bai have been flying other types of aircraft, this time came to master more than a few private aircraft driving style?

    Such a thought, flight instructor Heart immediately settled a lot. If so, he and old Liu will earn ah … p> old Liu is another ' rewarded fear of death ' flight instructor.

    After continuing to wander around the air, the instructor gave song Shuhang a landing order.

    Song Shuhang carefully controlled the plane and landed at the airport. Although it was more convenient than taking off the sword, the helicopter was inconvenient, but it was full of security. Ah… p> Song Shuhang found that he really liked this feeling… …Super AH … p> helicopter steady landing, flight instructor jumped from the plane, trot to another ' fear of Death ' flight instructor: Old Liu, my side of a trip opened. In a moment, I will take another teacher to open a trip, let two students go to your place and try commercial aircraft, are you ready? ”

    Speaking, he quietly came to old Liu's side: Old Liu I and you say ah …
It may be that other models have been used. It is not really rookie. It has been practiced. The two of us really made it! ”

    "Oh oh …"Old Liu dulled twice and it seems that God is flying the sky.

    "Old Liu, what's the matter with you?" ”Helicopter flight instructor doubted.

Little Li Ah …
事Old Liu returned to God, tears in the way.

    He was one of the instructors in the simulator who was accompanied by Venerable White one by one. It took a long time for Venerable White to stay alone. He was affected, and he became suspicious of his outlook on life.

    "Old Liu, stop wandering, it's dangerous!" I'm going to take another student on a trip and you can adjust your status. ”Little Li advised the old Liu a few words, and then turned back, ready to bring venerable white over a lap.



    Then, when instructor Little Li turned back to the edge of the helicopter, he suddenly saw the song Shuhang ' s student who was wearing the thick, bulky spacesuit in the body!

    Fuck, what are you doing?

    I teach is helicopter, is not the Space shuttle, cannot rush into outer the space drop, you go to body to wear the spacesuit is a few meaning ah … p> and the weather is so hot …This student is brain-pumped? Still brain pumping? Or is the brain pumping?

    Song Shuhang Induction to instructor Little Li's eyes, hollow laugh The Voice: "Well, ha ha ha, teachers you don't care about me." I just want to experience an aviation member, endure all can not help, you ignore me is good. ”

    However, when Instructor Little Li saw Song Shuhang's equipment, he always felt terrified.

    On the other side, Venerable White is curiously staring at Song Shuhang's body suit, and has a look of 'I also want to wear it'.

    "Aircraft checking is completed, no problem, can take off." ”At this time, responsible for Take-off detection OK …/p>

    Senior White can't wait to drill into helicopter.

    Song Shuhang, though bulky, was a lightweight drill into the back of the plane. He was a huge size at the time, and all of a sudden the whole row was packed.

    "Ha ha ha." ”Song Shuhang laughed shyly. Fortunately has ghost sealing Ice Pearl, otherwise really will heat the bad person.

“……”Instructor Little Li again stared at song Shuhang watched a long time, climbed the plane, his heart again Restless beat up: "Take off, according to the former song Shuhang students Cheng …"
Cannot exceed 1-kilometer altitude. ”

    "No problem." ”Venerable White Road.

    Compared to Shuhang, venerable white to be more stable-although not fly the plane, but venerable white in the sky does not know how many years, cooked very.

    So, venerable white helicopter, not like a novice, simply is like a jet for decades of veteran, a variety of sophisticated.

    Instructor Little Li sighting venerable white one eye, heart great determination-Wāhāhā, this trip really earned. He bet 10 bucks, the ' Song Bai ' absolutely is a veteran of the flight, and definitely not a newbie!

    The newbie the big price, let him and old Li take care of this pair of, also for them high insurance. I thought I was going to fight my life to finish OK …
It's even easier to guide the average student than to guide them.

    If such missions are all called 'dangerous missions', then let the 'dangerous missions' come more violently. He is willing to go to Ah…p> Hmm…Of course, there is also let instructor Little Li Restless thing, that is behind the big knot-body wrapped in the space suit song Shuhang.

    Feel a problem how to look ah … p> **************

    Cultivator world, has been hidden in the reality, but cultivators is not isolated, they have been keeping pace with the times.

    Ordinary humans have large-scale sports competitions such as the Olympics, Asian Games and so on. Cultivator World also has its own competition.

    In Cultivator world, for example, there is a flying sword competition that is randomly held around the globe every 10 years, and is famous in cultivator.

    As the name suggests, the Feijian game is faster than speed and skill! Than the cold will have a variety of traps, obstacles, array obstruction, the fastest to reach the end to win.

    In accordance with the cultivator grade, divided into three levels of the court-fourth Stage level ' controlling sword the Big competition ', fifth Stage class ' Flying sword tion ', Sixth Stage class ' sword Escape the very very competition '.

    As for cultivator above Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable…That's the side of the big guy's existence, not only the number of rare, and they are a retreat is good for hundreds of years, the fundamental can ' t do anything about it to participate in this flying sword competition.

    Falling Moon Sword School ' Mad Wind Sword ' Yang Yuxiang, in Cultivator World is also minor celebrity.

    He is fourth Stage controlling sword the three Crown king! The speed of the solo, his flying sword speed even far more than a lot of ordinary fifth Stage Spirit sovereign!

    Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang has been running the three session of "controlling sword," and his goal is to get a competition before he is promoted fifth Stage Spirit Rth Stage Controlling Sword The champions of the fine competition, finish OK …!

    For this purpose, he has recently been practising flying swords to escape technique.

    Three days ago, ' Mad Wind Sword ' Yang Yuxiang the way from east China to the west and then back down the road. On the way, he has been looking for various airports, air base.

    The reason for the search for airports and air bases is because ' Mad wind sword ' Yang Yuxiang has a big hobby-that is, flying sword race.

    And he likes various models plane speed race degree.

    Each time it is ascension with the plane, and then the fighting spirit aroused by the the ' the ' of the ' the ' the ' the ' the ' the ' the ' roll of the airplane, the psychological enjoyment is his favorite

    Ordinary people couldn't see him anyway, and he was very happy.

    Today, he also found a flight base.

    "Jiangshui Civil aviation training Centre?" Oh, it's not air Force base ah …
, the plane is very slow to fly ah …
Mosquito is also a small meat, just a section of road came to not even a plane to see it. ”Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang a dark sigh.

    He waited on the airfield for a long time, finally…A helicopter slowly escalated.

    "Finally come?" ”Mad Wind Sword yang yuxiang haha a smile, unfortunately this is the private human type number of small helicopters, faster than where to go, can only be together and used to make fun.

    Wait until the helicopter is empty, finish ok …
Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang flying Sword, ' swish ' to fly to the edge of the helicopter, first of all to maintain and helicopter side flight.

    It was a habit of him to fly with the plane for a while, and then the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums, and flung the plane far away from the Cheng that the shadow could not see …

    That pleasure is really beyond words.


    "Yí?" ”Song Shuhang, seated in the back seat of the helicopter, turned to look out of the window and suddenly saw a silhouette.

    A figure in the air?

Controlling Sword Flight's cultivator?

    Shuhang currently has already opened Eye Acupoint, so he can see a lot of pictures that ordinary people can't see – such as the ghost Ah…
The Cultivator Ah … p> in the flying of the sword However, these things are rarely seen in the city, in addition to the family Doudou, Song Shuhang has not seen the second monster beast.

    The cultivator of controlling sword Flight is rarely seen …Under normal circumstances, cultivators flying too high, with the naked eye can not see them.

    Today is rare, unexpectedly sees a controlling sword Flight's predecessor and the airplane flies together.

    Song Shuhang was thinking about the occasion, suddenly, the cultivator and helicopter flying side to face the helicopter people made a face …

    Then, I saw the senior cultivator in the Flying Sword escape light on a ' ready to run ' posture, bending, buttocks high pursed up. Mouth also very rhythmic call way: "Prepare ~ ~ one or two …III.

    The word "three" just blurted out, the sword light ' swish ' of a quick move forward, that speed as fast as lightning!

    The ' three ' word voice seems to be still ringing in song Shuhang's ear, but controlling sword Flight's cultivator has only seen the nail tip size black point.

    "what is this?"Song Shuhang confused.

    "Oh, this is a provocation ah …
Ah a smile, eyes sharp.

    Provocative? Wait, wait! ”Song Shuhang in the heart suddenly uneasy up, he immediately said: "Predecessors." Can it be that you misunderstood, perhaps others just soy sauce passing? ”

    What does the two-bit dialogue mean when the instructor Little Li listens to confused? Why does every word take apart what he hears, he doesn't understand?

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