216 Supersonic Helicopter yō!

Flight instructor Little Li There is a subtle illusion at this time — it seems that he and two teachers are in two different worlds. The brains of both sides are completely off the track?!

    "Shuhang! ”Venerable white eyes taxes, earnestly replied: "Is not provocation is not important!" Cultivation together, difficult heavily, such as rowing against the tide! So on the cultivation road, we never lag behind people! So, anyway, we can't fall behind! ”

    Predecessors, what you said make sense …But is this just some cultivation? What's the relationship with flying sword race over us? Moreover, flight instructor Little Li is still on the side, so Guan Ming to talk about Cultivator ' s problem really doesn ' t matter?

    is thinking, Song Shuhang but see instructor Little Li is a face confused looking at himself and venerable white, from time and again dug ears, then pale up.

Song Shuhang immediately understand come over, instructor Little Li is senior white noise!

    At this point, instructor Little Li See venerable White mouth has been moving, but can not hear any voice.

    No, not only is the teacher talking to the voice, even helicopter propeller rotation noise he can not hear.

    What is going on? What ' s going on?

    Instructor Little Li Panic, he dug hard to dig the ears, but still can't hear any voice.

    He slapped his face hard, and the voice of the faces was not heard.

    Am I deaf?

    Why Ah …
Why am I suddenly deaf?

    Little Li tried to recall just what on the earth happened, but …Can't think of anything.

    Don ' t panic, calm down.

    As an excellent flight instructor, Little Li has a big heart. Will it be that I am dreaming?

    He pinched his thigh hard … painful, it's not a nightmare!

    Little Li's face turned pale.

    A long while later, he sighed–thank God, I don't have to hear the boring noise of the propeller anymore …Because I'm completely deaf!

    – He married the Ah… flight instructor. He will bid farewell to ' flight instructor ' this well-paid job, and find another way.

    Perhaps the only thing to be happy is that before this flight, he got a generous reward? But it's not happy. Ah … p> just as instructor Little Li God's imagination, venerable white has begun to act.

    At this point, he was in control of the plane to continue to fly, the other hand to the pen on the plane began to portray …The complex array, compared to the previous days in the car on the description of the array more advanced.

    The more such, Song Shuhang in the mind the more uneasy.

    He knows that now's already can't do anything about it to persuade Senior White.

    Senior White, please be gentle when aircraft race. Also, never forget that you have a normal person on your side. ”Song Shuhang looked at instructor Little Li One eye-teacher, I can only help you here.

    "Rest assured, even if aircraft falling apart, the instructor will not be a problem!" I'll keep him safe, I'm seventh Stage Spirit venerable. ”Senior White hearty smile, gives a thumbs up: "Afterwards, I will erase his memory, he will not remember anything that happened during the period!" Even psychologically will not be affected, absolutely no problem! ”

    Song Shuhang secretly touched his heart–good boy, jump fast.

    But this time it is not because of senior White's charm and heartbeat, but senior white that ' aircraft falling apart ' let his eyes not emerge from the film all kinds of plane crash picture.

    This plane is not really going to fall apart, is it?

    "Haha, fix it!" This is the new array that I recently developed, set ' invisible, soundproof, isolated energy leakage, anti-reconnaissance ' in one array. With it, the plane will not be seen by mortals, and will not be detected by radar or the like. Ha-ha ha. ”Senior White proudly said.

    It's scary, Senior white when did you sneak into the new array ' s?

    Then, Senior White drew a second array on the plane.

    While still portraying, he still explains: "And then come an array, Super Acceleration Array. This is according to your "Green wind acceleration Pendant" changed upgrade version, I improved, this array can be up to 10 times times faster, not bad? ”

    Ten times faster?

    Senior White What you are researching is dangerous Ah… p> Song Shuhang A secret calculation has been made — the private helicopter used by aviation school is not fast, about 150 to 170 kilometers per hour.

    If 10xspeed is added, that's 1500 to 1700 kilometers per hour.

    Then, if the speed of sound is converted, it is about 1224km/h.

    In other words …If senior white catalytic the array to the limit and pushes it to 10xspeed, the ordinary helicopter will break through the sound barrier and enter the ' Supersonic ' status–if the poor plane is strong enough to hold it?

    Fall apart seems to be the only result.

    Unless senior white comes up with an array of solid airframe.

    However, Senior White seems to have no intention of strengthening the plane at all. After painting improved version Green wind acceleration, he ended the array characterization.

    "To speed up!" ”Then, Senior White pushes the plane, skilled to push the helicopter speed to the Max Cheng …

    The side of the instructor Little Li suddenly panic, although he now can't hear voice, but his eyes are not blind.

    He saw the plane's speed rise wildly, and quickly reached 170 km/1 hours.

    The propeller of the airplane turned so fast that the fuselage seemed to be creaking with an unbearable burden.

    "No, ah …
The flight can not be added to such a fast speed, stop quickly! And we can't fly ahead like this …Come back. If you fly, if you go into the ' no-fly zone ' we'll be screwed! ”Instructor Little Li loudly said.

    What happens when heaven knows into a no-fly zone? You might be free to try a anti-aircraft missile, send you back to Resurrection Point reincarnation rebirth.

    "Peace of mind, no problem!" ”Venerable white toward instructor Little LI gives a thumbs up! No one can find this plane because he is there.

    Speaking, venerable White began injecting spirit power into the array on the plane.

    The triple invisibility array starts, and the ordinary helicopter instantly turns into a tall ' stealth plane '.

    The real invisible, the ordinary person's naked eye cannot see it, also can't hear the voice that it sends out. Whether it is radar, or more High-tech air defense detection equipment, can no longer detect its existence.

    Senior White then injected spirit power into the ' enhanced version Green wind Acceleration Array '.

    "One times faster! ”

    Originally already to the limit of the helicopter, speed unexpectedly faster some. The voice on the plane is becoming more apparent.

    Instructor Little Li could not hear the voice, but he saw the plane's instrument and the speed of flight was off the charts. And he still has a clear sense that the speed of the plane is still rising.

    What's going on, what's going on?

    His puzzled stare on the venerable white, but venerable white face calm, the eyes faint excitement of color, see what the difference.

    Then he looked back at song Shuhang, which was set in the ' spacesuit '.

    Through the transparent window of the face, song Shuhang a wry smile, and then the other side shrugged.

    Did it happen that whats the matter? Is this song Shuhang student body ' s air suit, just for the situation now?

    "Song Bai Cadets, we inbound landing!" ”Instructor Little Li turned his head and shouted at Venerable white.

    No matter what happened, now turn back still have time–in short, first landed back to the airport to say.

    Venerable White shook his head, rejecting the request.

Instructor Little Li bite teeth, ready to forcibly take the plane to drive, by himself to control the plane landing.

    Just then, venerable white toward his lightly point.

    Then, instructor Little Li, the whole person sat back to the chair. Just like being pinned down, the area below the neck is completely immobile, and he can only stay and watch the plane's meter and the scenery outside the window.

    Oh, can you turn your head to enjoy the venerable white ' s beauty?

    What ' s going on? What is going on?

    Instructor Little Li's brain has begun to crash, and even if he has a larger heart, he can only rest if he encounters a supernatural technique that only appears in Wuxia movie.



    "Too slow, too slow!" ”Venerable white murmured, again this can not catch up before that step on the flying sword provocation of the little guy, in case the other party dumped the side, it is too humiliating.

    "Shuhang, ready, direct 10xspeed!" ”Venerable White Road.

    Song Shuhang immediately grasped the plane and the whole person collapsed. At the same time carefully observe the situation of instructor Little Li, I hope that in the key time to help a bit.

    At this point, venerable white breathed a large number of spirit power into the array, pulling the speed to 10xspeed degrees.

    In an instant, the ordinary helicopter speed was forcibly pulled to the 1500km/h supersonic Cheng …

    Then, a beautiful sonic boom cloud in the helicopter around the shape OK …

    Nice sonic boom Cloud Ah …

    No, wait! Sonic Boom Cloud?

    Damn, am I dazzled?

    Instructor Little Li stared at this scene as long as the flight video was seen.

    Break the sound barrier and perform supersonic flight, which is a lot of speed-chasing pilots eager to dream.

    Little Li is still young. He also imagined that one day, his own aircraft could break through the sound barrier and enter the supersonic status.

    Today, his wish seems to have come true.

    But what can it be? This is supersonic flight AH … p> a helicopter ah …
It's not scientific …I must have been hallucinating, right?

    Moreover, if the ordinary helicopter really breaks through the sound barrier, then the terrifying question will come the AH … p> huālālā~~ at this time, helicopter issued fall apart, the first out of the top of the propeller, the whole broken …However, this is only the beginning of the disaster.

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