217 think the helicopter can go to outer space? Haha!

If one day I can fly in the air with a supersonic plane, I will die without regret Ah…
  This is little Li once desire.

    And today, God seems not to be bad, ready to take a breath to meet his two wishes-the first wish is to fly in the passenger plane of supersonic aircraft, the second wish is to die without regrets, he will soon die!

    Little Li's eyes were moist.

    In his sight, the moment the plane's propeller broke, the helicopter glass could not withstand the supersonic sonic boom pressure and began to crumble. Machine body ' s some decks are also starting to fall off merrily and fly away.

    These are things that Little Li could see from this angle. Behind the plane he couldn't turn around, he had already performed a disaster movie called 'Helicopter Wrecking'. The whole tail fell apart, and the sparks (Mars) were shining. Smoke everywhere.

    Now, helicopter has left only a semicircle-shaped body shell …And a lot of decks have been lost on the shell.

    Because the airframe was damaged too much, the plane lost its power and was withdrawing from the 'supersonic' status.

    But before, the airplane speed is too fast, in the blink of an hour, the thing that fall apart drop is already disappeared.

    Instructor Little Li closed his eyes painfully. Although he had signed a big insurance policy before he got on the plane, his family would receive a huge amount of compensation if something went wrong.

    Even before he got on the plane, he was prepared to face the sacrifices himself.

    But when death really comes, instructor Little Li's heart only Panic!

    He found he was not as strong as he had imagined. His preparation for ' Dare to face death ' is based on the premise that ' there is still a chance to live '.

    When he really faced ' ten deaths without life ' situation, his big heart, courage all disappeared.

    Instructor Little Li Hearty burst into tears: "Mom, I don't want to die!" Wūwū …I ' m still young, I don ' t want to die so early Ah …

    Men do not cry easily , but it wasn’t sad yet.

    And now, anyway, it is going to die, not afraid of losing face, let me cry.

    So, instructor Little Li cry old sad.

    "Zé …The plane is more brittle than I imagined ah …
The full way murmured, and then also did not see his action, there are several invisible sword qi from his body * * * * *.

    The sword qi melts the cracked glass directly, yes, melts instead of shatters! Not even a glass of foam left!

    Then, the word qi spread toward all directions.

    Where song Shuhang and instructor Little Li could not see, the propeller, tail, aircraft armor, and so on that landed below were all hit by Invisible Sword Qi, which was hit OK in midair …

    As a result, the parts of these aircraft are fall from the sky, making it OK for people or things on the ground below …

    At the same time, a layer of shield from the senior white body was activated to protect the remaining helicopter. Acts as an aircraft enclosure and glass.



    At the same time, Song Shuhang in time to take off his ' space suit ' helmet cover in poor instructor Little Li Head, and opened the oxygen equipment, lest instructor Little Li because of hypoxia and hang off.

    Instructor Little Li reluctantly raise head, grateful turned to look at song Shuhang One eye-at the same time and secretly sighed, even if he put on this astronaut helmet what use? The planes are all broken OK …
Falling from the air.

    "Grandma, see us in heaven!"Instructor Little Li finally called a sound, the first crooked …So fainted in the past.

    Song Shuhang was instructor Little Li made of distress.

    "But if you faint, wake up as a nightmare." ”Song Shuhang secretly thought.

    Later, he looks at the foot of the broken aircraft, but his heart was relieved-aircraft damage OK …
Can't move on. So, Senior White and people flying plans can only be suspended?

    Song Shuhang aloud: "Predecessors, the propeller is gone, the plane even power is gone." Shall we evacuate? ”

“……”Senior White a face without words, the face showed obvious unwilling to heart.

    Song Shuhang himself silver tongue play to the extreme, continue to persuade: "This is the quality of the aircraft, even if we do not catch up just that flying sword race, cultivator of crime." If we change the plane with good quality, surely a fraction of a minute over that guy! ”

    "Well, the quality of the plane is really bad, I knew we should be a jet fighter to come to ah …

    "Doesn ' t matter, we can learn jet fighter next time." Even if this time, we abandon it? ”Song Shuhang secretly fist way, OK …/p>

    Mmm.But we shouldn't give up at the last minute! ”Senior White suddenly painted the wind changed, changed very blood up.

    Song Shuhang hurriedly advised: "No, seniors. Sometimes giving up is also a kind of courage! ”

    "Doesn ' t matter, we have not yet to give up the Cheng …
He got up from the main driver's seat, crouched down, reached for the deck of the plane and drew a series of array.

    This series of array venerable white painting familiar practiced, certainly is he often draws the array.

    Song Shuhang also feels familiar.

    With the array a little better, Song Shuhang recognized-is this not the array Sword of senior White's proud disposable flying Rune version 004? Some time ago, the Senior white arbitrarily pick root branches depict, poured into the spirit power can be a strange, will be Wood branch OK …

    Could it be…
Prepare to change this helicopter remnant shell OK …
04 edition?

    Would it be too much to exaggerate?

    Can this be done?

    With wooden sword into disposable flying sword version 004 is already very incredible, this huge aircraft shell can also change OK …
Words … fuck, it really changed!

    It is so capricious to say that change has changed.

    Saw senior white depicts the last rune, satisfied with the clapped the hand, and into the array into the spirit power, finished ok …
004 ' version of the manufacturing.

    The entire plane shell emits a lightly buzzing sound, just like a sword.

    "As I imagined, it was easy. ”Senior White satisfied clapped the hand: "Shuhang, sit down. We're going to go again! ”

    Song Shuhang hurriedly grabbed the seat.

    Venerable white pinch sword Art, lightly shouted a voice: "Take off!" ”


    Helicopter shot out.

    Even if lost the propeller, even if the lack of all kinds of helicopter due parts. But this senior white magical transformation ' supersonic helicopter ' set sail again.

    and speed, fast without saying.

    "Ha Ha Ha Ha, great!"Venerable White triumphs, then injects “spirit power” into his “improved version Green Wind Acceleration array” again: “10× speed !”

    Airplane version disposable Flying sword speed again to climb up …Soon, again broke through the sound barrier.

    Song Shuhang secretly sighed, regardless of, let senior white play a happy!


    Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang is slowing down its controlling sword Flight speed, although more than the helicopter, but that helicopter speed too turtle speed, causing him a little victory in the sense of pleasure are not.

    Too disappointing, even with the helicopter, at least the speed of 150 km/h!

    However, the people inside the helicopter were quite interesting, especially in the back seat. The whole person was trapped in thick spacesuits.

    He could it be …
Can the machine go to outer space? Ha ha ha, really funny.

    "Well, forget it, find an Air Force base later." The last time the supersonic fighter speed race, it was the best! ”Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang a stretch and is poised to regain speed to find flying sword race target.

    And all of a sudden …Yang Yuxiang felt a different movement behind her back.

    He turned his head, and then he saw a picture that was unforgettable for a lifetime.

    An aircraft…Well, it's helicopter, right? Is rapidly approaching him!

    Speed or whatever, the focus is the helicopter shape!

    The plane's propeller, tail, bracket, nothing, just a bare fuselage shell, and the fuselage shell even have no glass! Even the tail is still smoking.

    This thing can fly in the air? And the fly is still old fast, that speed, are nearly 2 Mach!

    Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang would like to rant about the helicopter: "You are so dashing in the air, depending on what kind of physics and dynamics?"

    Then, Hurry! Helicopter getting closer and closer, Mad wind sword Yang Yuxiang saw the people in the plane.

    A handsome man is posing as an airplane————————————-

    The co-pilot was a man who fainted for some reason.

    At the end, it was an impressive fellow-the man in the spacesuit.

    The handsome man and Mad wind sword Yang Yuxiang four eyes, then the handsome man hēi hēi a smile, hands intersect, knot a cultivator handprint posture.

    This fingerprint posture Yang Yuxiang cooked very much, because he usually likes to and others put this hand style.

    Explanation: This handprint is two bit cultivator in drag racing, oh no …When the Flying sword race, the fingerprints of each other will be forged. Nothing special to use, is to tell each other – your weak chicken, there is a kind of fight with me to speed Ah … p> pick a full handprint.

    The man in the back of the astronaut dress sword Yang Yuxiang on Mad wind and smiled with embarrassment.

    "Fuck want to compare speed with me?" It's my intention! ”Yang Yuxiang smiled coldly: "I'm the Controlling Sword Great Competition Triple Crown – Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang Ah…

    Yang Yuxiang a starting position on the Flying sword and waits for the strange helicopter to come near.

    Wait until helicopter flew to his side, and he kept immediately next, Yang Yuxiang issued a roar, full catalytic flying sword!

    Let's get a glimpse of the power of the Controlling Sword Great Competition Triple Crown. By then you will understand how big the difference in speed between you and me will be!

Chapter content ends–>

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