218 Chapter Shuhang, teach you a turtle breathing Art, to learn?

    Dignified controlling sword competition three Crown King, Mad wind Sword Yang Yuxiang is waiting for the ' helicopter ' and his side, then he fully catalytic flying sword, and this strange helicopter a Fight the length!

    But, in both side of the moment, the strange helicopter fierce again an acceleration, ' swish ' of a moment, the three crown Wang Yang Yuxiang more than 700 meters of distance! Another blink, it's already several kilometers away!

    The picture is a visual sensation, simply was the scene when Mad wind Sword Yang Yuxiang off the venerable white helicopter.

    Vaguely, Yang Yuxiang also saw the strange helicopter. The handsome man waved at him proudly!

    "Interesting, interesting Ah…
Angry, but laugh loudly: "So just flavoursome ah …
Just that speed, at most only let me a little activity under the body ah …, can let me a bit more serious. ”

    Speaking, his hands pinch sword Art, the foot of Flying sword escape light rolled up a small scale hurricane. He is known as 'Mad Wind Sword' and is good at wind type magecraft.

    The wind type and the Thunder type ' s attribute are the types of speed in the escape technique.

    But Thunder type is better at breaking up, and wind type is more stamina-resistant.

    Flying sword on the hurricane, Mad wind Sword Yang Yuxiang the whole person in a surfing posture on the Flying sword, the sword light flashing, he chased at a frantic speed to venerable white.

    The high altitude wind sword the face, will mad Breeze Yang Yuxiang's hair blowing fly, show him more handsome.

    Just five breaths later, he has been back on the weird helicopter.

    In the plane, Song Shuhang looked far into Mad Wind Sword and was very envious in the heart – this is the right way to open the 'Controlling Sword Flight' Ah… p> cultivator Stepping on a flying sword Human-like, or full of vigor and surf-like, then the breeze to face, cultivator's long hair flying, the body's clothing is only slightly raised.

    All kinds of handsome!

    This is the ' controlling sword Flight ' model that song Shuhang wants, but unfortunately, every time he has a chance to come into contact with controlling sword Flight, the open way is always wrong.

    In particular, senior white that ' Flying sword Courier ' Service, Song Shuhang the whole people are lying on the sword, even if the handsome cultivator, like a toad lying on the sword is not a bit of beauty, think all feel is the stain of life.

    Song Shuhang is a variety of envy, Mad wind Sword Yang Yuxiang has been chasing the strange helicopter.

    "Oh, a little means. ”Senior White approvingly nodded–still too tender!

    Senior white hand knot technique seal, randomly cast a recruit sword escape: "Heavenly Peng escape Technique!" ”

    Heavenly Peng Escape Technique is a widespread technique of sword escape in Cultivator World. It is almost a cultivator for word escape. Basically, everyone has a copy.

    However, do not underestimate its effectiveness because it is widespread.

    Heavenly Peng Escape technique is the ancient famous ' Divine Beast Nine escape profound ' in a kind of escape technique, even if the outside circulation of ' technique The ly Peng escape technique ' is not complete, but there are few escape technique in the fourth Stage level escape technique.

    The only drawback may be that practice is too difficult …Although almost cultivator world every one has a copy of technique of sword escape, practice OK …
Triple digits.

    When the heavenly Peng Escape technique, a pair of huge golden heavenly Peng wings appeared on the left and right sides of the helicopter shell. Heavenly Peng Wings, lightly a pat …

    Immediately, helicopter shell speed rise again, shuāshuāshuā of a few, again will mad wind sword Yang Yuxiang dumped no shadow.

    "Fuck, is this heavenly Peng Escape technique?" ”Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang was first startled by the Escape technique, and then he thought of another thing: "Heavenly Peng escape technique is sword escape, that is to say, that H Elicopter's shell, The Flying sword? ”

    Destroy the three-view Ah …
OK …/p>

    "But..Whether you this is a flying sword, Heavenly Peng escape technique are out, it is worth my full of ah …
The rain Xiang feels that the whole person is burning up.

    If you can beat the ' Heavenly Peng Escape technique ', then the next "controlling sword" champion, it is not his.

    "Boiling, my blood is boiling up, ōōō~" Yang Yuxiang hands aloft, will be a true essence completely burst out: "Look in my dazzling Moon Escape technique!" ”

    This dazzling Moon escape technique is the ' Falling Moon Sword ' boutique School of technique escape.

    Where the moonlight shines is where our sword escapes – this is the essence of Dazzling Moon Escape Technique. Unfortunately now is the day, if it is moonlit night, his dazzling Moon Escape technique can play a faster speed.

    Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang proud a smile, dazzling Moon Escape technique display, at the foot of his flying sword, the original hurricane around the appearance of a crescent moon, like a pair of small wings.

    Immediately afterwards, Yang Yuxiang's body, like lightning, darting forward.

    This time a little longer, after 15 breathing, Mad wind sword again gradually catch up with the venerable white ' s helicopter!

    "Seniors, the guy behind me is catching up again." ”Song Shuhang turned his head to look to the rear, that controlling sword cultivator faster and faster, has changed from a small black point ok …
" moment .

    "Oh, what a powerful little guy. ”Senior White can not help but praise, although in order to increase flying sword race interesting, he will ' Heavenly Peng Escape technique ' speed in fourth Stage ' s speed.

    But the other party is catching up so quickly, which is faster than most of the Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign.


    Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang quickly overtook him and venerable white again.

    Then, he triumphantly to venerable White way: "Fellow Daoist, I can be a little faster, you do not already die?" ”

    Venerable White shook his head and replied: "No, I'm waiting for you to come."

    Ha ha ha, interesting, you want to say, can you do it faster? Come on, let us know who faster! ” Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang self-confidently said.

    Even ' Heavenly Peng Escape technique ' was overtaken by him, and he was now full of confidence.

    "Well, you are the fastest younger generation I've met recently, so I'm going to give you a reward to see how fast the real flying sword race should be." ”Venerable white show Yan a smile!

    That smile, simply set the feel of all worlds and realms, Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang could not help but take a moment.


    He saw the strange helicopter shell move again!

    That's the speed of extreme!

    Extreme! Can't describe fast!

    If he is moving his own strength, speed as fast as lightning. Then, before the strange helicopter, is to break through the limits of space, like jump!

    The moment appears in his now ' sight limit ' distance.

    Another flash, has completely disappeared …Had flashed to the distance he could not even chase.

    This is the speed at which he really feels, desperate. The gap between the other and himself, simply like heaven and earth separated.

    "True flying Sword race due speed?" ”Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang stood on his flying sword for a long time, motionless like a statue …

    After more than 10 minutes, Mad wind Sword Yang Yuxiang sighed: "Good predecessors." ”

    Compared with the speed of the other party, the speed that he is proud of is simply like a snail…p> However, Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang is not discouraged.

    But in the depths of his heart, there is a fire burning.

    "Predecessors, one day, I will reach your speed!"He shouted to the empty sky, exhausted his strength.

    NEXTGo back and get ready to retreat to fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign Realm!

    I have stayed in fourth Stage realm for too long, even to finish ok …
Wishes, he had deliberately restrained his promotion speed these years.

    But now, no more repression.

    What four crowns for him is OK…
With a bigger goal, a bigger wild look!

    It was to achieve the terrible speed that the older generation had demonstrated. Then, if there was a chance, I hoped that I could once again have a chance to fly a sword race with my predecessors.

    Ah …/p>

    That senior that smile, really good ah …
All of the beautiful apprentice sisters were not able to match the little fingers of the older generation.

    Fuck , what the hell was I thinking just a moment ago ? Mad Wind Sword Yang Yuxiang shook her head and drove out the ridiculous thoughts from his mind.

    "Go home for the promotion, and then … practice more powerful escape technique. Before catching up with that predecessor's speed, I want to finish ok … flying Sword competition '! ”Yang Yuxiang set himself a goal.


    And then.

    Helicopter version disposable Flying sword.

A long long scream sounded, ear-splitting.

    Not song Shuhang ' s.

    Although Song Shuhang has a slight fear of heights and the tachophobia of not long ago, he is not afraid of heights with the protection of the aircraft casing on the side.

    It's called poor flight instructor Little Li.

    Little Li in a coma, vaguely felt a strange sense of weightlessness, and then woke up. Then he saw his side of the landscape at a terrible speed backwards.

    The strange sense of weightlessness, in fact, is the reason why helicopter fly too fast.

    Of course, flying too fast is only one of the reasons; the other reason is that the helicopter is now flying up to high altitude, this is to create OK…
Sense of the real culprit.

    Senior White dissatisfied frown, then a palm will scream instructor Little Li to stun the past.

    "Predecessors, we about the same should go back?" ”Song Shuhang While asked, has been that fly sword cultivator, the other side can not catch up.

    "Mn."Senior White nodded.

    Song Shuhang Joy Way: "Then we find a place to land?" ”

    Senior White did not immediately answer Shuhang, after a long while, he asked: "Shuhang, I suddenly have a small magecraft want to teach you, you want to learn?" ”

    "What Magecraft?" ”Song Shuhang Although puzzled predecessor Mao suddenly thought to teach him magecraft, but Magecraft ' s words, of course, the more the better, can learn he won't refuse.

    "Well, it's turtle breathing Art oh. ”Senior White has a look of tranquilly said.

    Song Shuhang: "…"

    When he heard this magecraft's, his bad premonition in his heart suddenly erupted like a volcano!

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