Chapter 219 is going to hit ah … I'm wandering!

Turtle breathing Art, this is a very easy to understand, the name will be able to guess about the efficacy of the magecraft-this should be cultivator to reduce the number of breaths Magecraft.

    In Cultivator world, there are a wide variety of cultivation technique to reduce respiration and heartbeat. Even turtle breathing technique are divided into ' short time turtle breathing art ' and ' turtle art ' for a long time.

    Soft Feather ' s big Apprentice Brother Liu Jianyi, the lazy man in the bone, is because of lazy breath, so penance turtle breathing Art, currently already reached one months only Use two to three breaths of realm.

    In contrast, 'Turtle Breathing Art' is the replacement of breathing function with magecraft ability in a short time. The stronger the cultivator's strength, the stronger the magecraft effect.

    This magecraft adaptability is very wide, low rank cultivator mastered it, can enter some underwater, anoxic gas deep underground place activities, adventure.

    Well, these are not problems. The question is-why would venerable white suddenly choose to teach him this ' Turtle breathing Art '? Song Shuhang heart panic!

    Senior White is still a quiet face, faint asked: "How, to learn not?" ”

    Senpai and kōhaiSong Shuhang bitter Face: "You say it, is not what the situation?" ”

    Venerable White turned his head and smiled: "Well, if there is no accident, we continue to fly for a while, we will rush out of the atmosphere, rushed into the outer space!" ”

    to the atmosphere.Rush into Outer space …

    Really afraid of what will come Ah … p> "Senior White, can't you stop the Flying sword?" With your strength, let the flying sword stop no problem? ”Song Shuhang cautiously.

    In fact, if only song Shuhang and venerable white two people, even if rushed into the outer space he also recognized. Anyway, he's got a suit all ready, big deal when it is exciting to participate in the ' Senior White take you outer space travel Day ' activities.

    But this time, around a instructor Little Li. The spacesuit only has one set, wait … fuck, so senior white let me study turtle breathing Art?

    Could it be …
Give instructor Little Li, and will I use turtle breathing Art? Song Shuhang ' s eyes are moist!

    Guessed it right, the spacesuit can give instructor Little Li. ”After reading the Great Master Venerable White smile on his face, and then gave a thumbs up, he explained: “how to say it , when the little guy slipped the sword, it was flying too fast, the speed was not saved, and now it stopped. Can't stop. Of course, stopping by my strength is no problem…But this helicopter shell will not withstand the pressure of sudden stop, will explode yō. I am no problem, you and this instructor Little Li is hard to say. ”

    Song Shuhang corner of the mouth convulsions, you and instructor Little Li are hard to say …Is it dead?

    "I understand, seniors.""Please teach me Turtle breathing Art," Song Shuhang said. ”

    At the same time, he untied his body's space suit, to poor instructor Little Li put on. This calamities, will instructor Little Li pull in, he felt quite sorry.

    Hope that after the end, Senior White give him a ' brainwashing technique ', let him forget this part of the trouble, and then happy and happy to survive.

    "It's all right, there is me, go to outer space without any danger!" I'm seventh Stage Spirit venerable. ”Senior White pledged.

    ActuallySenior White lied and, well, he said a kind lie.

    With his strength, even if the ' Helicopter type disposable flying sword ' faster 10 times times faster, he wanted to stop the Flying sword is a thought.

    And it's definitely a smooth stop.

    Just, venerable White thought of song Shuhang body's space suit, as well as on the plane before the dialogue between himself and song Shuhang.

    Song Shuhang is very eager to go to outer space a trip?

    Moreover, because of the great admiration for the astronauts, in the plane can not help but the space suit in the body, want to experience a astronaut taste.

    Although do not know song Shuhang in the end have any scruples, but …Senior white since thought so long to have been shuhang a lot of care, now have the opportunity, why not meet his wish?

    Although I can't go too far away, I can walk around the earth to find a bigger rock or other things. Taking a photo and taking a picture can still be done.

    Senior White, is a very caring for the younger generation.

    Sometimes he will be very considerate!


    Perhaps is ' immediately to face outer space ' the sense of crisis inspires song Shuhang, he soon mastered turtle breathing Art.

    Turtle Breathing art is only a little more complex than ' thunder Palm ', and it also needs the power of qi and blood to draw a Turtle breathing rune in both palms.

    Then with mental energy to activate the ' Turtle Breathing Rune ' power, hands knot black tortoise technique, can stimulate words seal, let himself into the turtle status.

    In addition, turtle breathing Rune only a simple six strokes.

    How to say it …Always feel venerable white teach his magecraft, how to use the method are some similarities. All are rune in the palm of the hand, activated with mental energy, or lightly shouted a magecraft title, or knot magecraft mudra, you can display.

    These are not all experienced venerable white magical transformation after the white-series unique Magecraft it?

    In senior White ' s hands-on guidance, Song Shuhang. Try to activate ' Turtle breathing Art ' and get yourself into the turtle status.

    Hands Knot Black Tortoise imprint, activate Magecraft!

    The next moment, he feels his heart rate is slowly rising, breathing…Stop it!

    Breathing is a human instinct, humans do not have to deliberately control, breathing instinct. But now he stopped breathing, but he did not feel any strange or awkward, simply like he was born without breathing.

    This feeling is so weird.

    It's not like turtle breathing Art, it's the way to go.

    "Not bad, use turtle breathing Art to your present strength for about an hour or so, that is two hours up and down." For your magecraft effect is about to expire, I will remind you to add a turtle breathing Art so that you can solve the breathing problem in outer space. ”Senior White laughs.

    However, to solve the breathing problem alone, it is not enough to survive in outer space.

    If there is no spacesuit, outer space in the vacuum environment, high and low temperature, solar radiation and micro-meteors will be made OK …

    For example, in the vacuum environment, the nitrogen in human blood will become OK…
The volume will expand. If you do not wear a pressurized air space suit, it will be due to the pressure difference in the body of the gap between the risk of life.

    For Venerable White, none of this is a problem. For Cultivator, as long as it is condensed gold core ' s fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign, physical strength is enough to survive in outer space. Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign can live and work in outer space if it can solve breathing problems.

    However, Song Shuhang is the First Stage cultivator, and the body is stronger than ordinary people. It is not enough to resist the various risk factors in the outer space.

    "Well, if you don't have a space suit, then you'll need to give you more protection."Venerable White said, pulling out a notebook from his pocket.

    It's the little notebook with the big palms. Then, venerable White opened the notebook, stretched the point on its painting up.

    "Senior White, what are to you doing?" ”Song Shuhang carefully.

    Venerable White replied: "To draw a talisman for you, to give you a defense, so that you will not be in the outer space floating on the hanging off." Unfortunately, if you have two suits, you will be able to experience an astronaut's life more realistically. ”

    ' Ha ha ha. ”Song Shuhang Hollow Laugh-Actually, I really did not want to experience astronaut life Ah … p> in addition, talisman, can also use ' notebook ' to draw?

    After senior white from the branches of the sword, today again refresh song Shuhang for Talisman ' s cognition.

    "All right, fix it!" ”Venerable White from the notebook on the next page, fold ok …
Song Shuhang: "When you go deep into the pocket and burst out of the earth's atmosphere for a while, it can protect you like a space suit."

    Although very want to tsukkomi Senior white with ' Notebook painting Talisman ' thing, but this thing is related to their own life security, Song Shuhang or carefully took it, the "talisman" put in * * * pocket.

    Is talking, suddenly, ' airplane type disposable flying sword ' seems to wear out some kind of restrictions, Song Shuhang suddenly a black.

    Then, in front of his eyes was a pile of bright stars.

    Out of the atmosphere, into outer space?

    I have not yet experienced the Cheng …


    "Really, super beautiful ah …
With his eyes widened, he felt that his eyes did not know where to look, and the location of each location was so beautiful that people could not wait to engrave them forever in their minds.

    He is still in helicopter shell, outside a layer of venerable white layout defense, while still can sigh say a few words, wait a while to leave the helicopter shell, into the outer space, voice can not send out.

    "Is it beautiful?" I used to like flying out and looking outside …In fact I have a period of time very want to find a planet in outer space to do retreat practice place. However, there are many problems can not be solved, can only give up. ”Senior White laughs.

    Then smiled and smiled …Senior White suddenly the whole person in a daze.

    Outer Space The magnificent sky, caused him a portion very distant memory, let him into the memory.

    Senior White …Distracted.

    However, the seniors were deterred, but the 'helicopter Feijian' did not stop and was still flying at an approximate space jump speed.

    Then……The Eagle-eyed song Shuhang suddenly found that in the direction of his and the others, there was a huge thing moving slowly.

    "Yí,senior White, there seems to be something in front!" Yes, Senior White quickly U-turn, going to hit! ”Song Shuhang shouted.

    Venerable white, however, did not respond to his calls for half a day.

    Song Shuhang look to venerable white-damn, Senior white distracted!

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