Chapter 220 Senior white:i would repair this big hole!

Senior White Wandering is a very terrifying thing, because every time the seniors wander, there will be a 80% chance to trigger the ' Ground levelling Fall ' skills.

    This skill is old and terrifying, even in the magical world, is second only to the forbidden mantra level!

    What's even more frightening is that there is no law in Senior White's walking. Maybe he still chats with you laughingly. The next moment he suddenly lost his mind.

    Just like now, just smiled, suddenly in a daze.

    "To hit, Senior white, to hit, wake up, turn ah …, can't hide!" ”Song Shuhang want to cry.

    At the same time, he also saw what he was going to hit.

    It is a incomparable gigantic cylindrical metal object, each has four sides of the fan leaf-like things, all kinds of handsome.


    No, satellites aren't that big. In front of this big guy has a full length of more than 50 meters, width is nearly hundred meters long ah …
Style, this is the contemporary human masterpiece!

    "Could it be …
Song Shuhang thought flashed in his head.

    Finish it!

    If it is a man-made satellite, even if crashed, the most let senior White will destroy the corpse, send away.

    Perhaps the loss of a satellite will affect the Earth's ' weather forecast ' or ' mobile communications ' functions, but the likelihood of dead people is small.

    But space stations can be different Ah…
has been manned by aviation officers, scientific research, and responsible for day-to-day maintenance. If it crashes…If there is a scientific astronaut inside, what should I do?

    Senior White is still wandering.


    Flying Sword hit the space station fiercely, one breath in the space station on the right side hit a big Hole-voice is song Shuhang own brain complement, true air voice can't spread.

    In space, all kinds of collisions are fatal. Even a small piece of space debris, hit the satellite, is enough for a satellite to scrap.

    Now, at the foot of the helicopter shell high-speed, full impact on the space station, will definitely like a bullet in a soda bottle, the entire space station to explode!



    When Song Shuhang was worried, suddenly, on the outer layer of the 'helicopter-style Feijian', the pre-arranged shield of Venerable White was fully opened!

    This layer shield OK …
' Helicopter-style flying sword ' between the powerful buffer layer. The helicopter shell, after a hole in the space station, stops continuing damage to the space station.

    Then, Feijian seems to be exhausted and slowly stopped…


    The space station is not completely destroyed!

    Song Shuhang a sigh of relief.

    However, Song Shuhang looked at the huge hole in the space station beforehand. He rubbed his face hard – what to do? What's next?

    If the space station is destroyed by this hole, it will be the most costly traffic accident in history ah … p> ****************

    The other side, 20 minutes ago.

    Space Station.

    A bald-headed man wears a thick spacesuit, with an exclamation of tone: "Anthony, how long have we been in this space station?" ”

    "Oh, Acuero, the two of us have been in this damn place for five months!" But today I finally have to go back. ”Another man, who was not very old but had a white hair, smiled and replied: "We've finished OK here …
Examination, also considered a complete success…
I can finally not face your big bald head every day! ”

    "I also, five months in a row to face your white hair, I am bored." ”Acuero said with a smile.

    The two were joking and dressed in a spacesuit.

    Then we waited for the manned space shuttle to come and pick them both back to Earth.

    In this damn place for a full five months, even Anthony, a research madman, feels a bit unbearable. Fortunately, the bitter day finally ends.

    Two people in the space station for a long time, looking forward to the space shuttle is delayed in the future.

    And all of a sudden …The space station shook violently and seemed to have been hit by something.

    "Oh, God, damn it." |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||发生什么事了?”|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||Anthony shouted.

    "is outer space manned spaceship coming over?" But without notice and signal ah …
Courot loudly said.

    "Did you hit something?" Look through the monitor quickly. ”Anthony roared, this is space ah …
The problem, they are really dead.


    The fierce strike finally restored Venerable White from distracted status.

    "Oh oh, why are you wandering?" ”Senior White embarrassed patted his cheek: "Well, where did you start?" Oh, since entered the outer space, then we have to look for, see if there are small meteorites and other things floating, let us have a place to stay? ”

    "No need, senior. ”Song Shuhang laughed: "We hit a thing, If my guess was right, we hit a space station." ”

     Did you break it? ”Senior White asked in a daze.

    Song Shuhang replied: "Did not smash, the target volume is big." And when we bumped into it, the shield activated, and it didn't seem to have much power, only a hole. ”

    "Oh, it's okay, it's not smashed. ”Senior White a loose-tone appearance.

    is ah …. Song Shuhang Heart sigh.

    Then……Instructor Little Li, the co-pilot, woke up again in a daze.

    When he woke up, he found himself wrapped in a suit of spacesuit. Then–his hearing seemed to recover! He could hear his breath.

    However, the body parts below the neck remain immobile.

    "Where is this?" ”Instructor Little Li with Whimpered asked, but his voice seems unable to send out from the spacesuit, only he can hear his own voice.

    At this time, a voice appeared out of nowhere in his brain. Without passing through his ears, he directly rang in his brain: "It is space oh."

    Brain Conversation? Little Li was shocked. He turned to look around. Then he saw the dark outer space and the sparkling stars …

    Really in outer space?

    What on the earth happened things?

    No, let me have a good stroke.

    Little Li recalls–today he teaches two special students to take them to helicopter heaven. It's very common everyday.

    Then, the first named song Shuhang's students, the smooth flight in the sky. No accident occurred, worthy of celebration.

    Then, the second student named Song Bai, also flew in the air with a plane.

    And then … don ' t know why, his beloved helicopter seems to break through the sound of sound? The memory of the sonic boom scene is still vivid. And then, what did you do?

    I was paralyzed and then fainted.

    Wake up again, you are already in space?

    What is this the horse of God's development ah …
The flow of the hand will not write such a god development plot it?

    After a long while, instructor Little Li Stiff turned his head, looking at the side of the venerable white, crying: "Mr. Song Bai, will you please let me go? ”

    Although Don ' t know how exactly happened, everything must have something to do with this song Bai!

    "Well, will take you back, you rest assured!" ”Venerable White replied.

    "wū wū wū ……"Instructor Little Li don ' t know why, in the heart inexplicable sadness, burst into tears.



    Song Shuhang asked: "Senior white, what next?" ”

    "Well, I'll instructor Little Li's memory, and then let him stay on the plane." then…I'll find a way to patch up the space station Big hole we hit! ”Venerable White replied, "I wonder if song Shuhang ' s Illusion, Senior White's tone with a hint of excitement in the color?"

    Wait, what did Senior white just say about mending the space station?

    No, ah …!

    Senior White doesn't even have a problem with the air conditioner.Not only the air-conditioning, all the home appliances let senior white demolished once, but no one electrical appliances can survive safely. This can be seen from the Medicine Master building home renovation.

    Senior White is the demolition machine small expert, but the installed is completely not ah … p> so, Song Shuhang special sincere proposal way: Senior White, mend words, or let the space station OK …
, I feel like we'd better go quietly? ”

    "No, we hit the hole, we have to take care of it." ”Venerable White insisted on his opinion and said, "I know what you are worried about, but you don't have to worry about it."

    "I was not a week ago. After I had dismantled so many electrical products and machinery, I had a deep understanding of modern electronic and electrical products! I can handle a hole in a space station! ”

    "Even if I can't fix a new one, I have magecraft!" Use Magecraft to plug us out of the hole! ”

    Venerable white face self-confidence.

    -also right, even if not repaired, Senior white still can use Magecraft to block a hole first. Then, wait for the maintenance personnel of the space station to repair themselves slowly.

    Song Shuhang secretly dot, so think when, he also feel relieved a lot.



    Then, Senior White has begun to instructor Little Li cast Magecraft, began to erase his recent memories.

    "Don't kill me, don't kill me." ”Little Li unfathomable Mystery's call.

    "Don't quarrel, then barking again, memory is removed too much don't blame me!" ”Senior white scare Way.

    Little Li is pale-memory erasure?

    Suddenly, his brain to fill a lot of plot: for example, main character was taken by aliens, experienced a variety of terrible experiments. After the experiment, the main character was brain erastored and put back into the earth to continue living. However, due to various terrible experiments, the main character often does not know that the evasive avatar monster can devour humans…

    And this poor main character, once a flight instructor, was affectionately called by his colleagues little Li.

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