221 Chapter Yí,instructor Where's Little Li?

"I don't want to be brainwashed. ”Little Li shed two lines of hot tears.

    Pā …
Lee's helmet on lightly patted a palm, Little Li two eyes, once again fainted dead past.

    "Done!" Erase the memory of the Magecraft used up really trouble, I will his memory deleted to this morning when he saw us …If it hadn't been for him to struggle, I could have kept his memory a little more. ”Senior White Road.

    Song Shuhang looked at the eye instructor Little Li, in the mind very sorry.

    Then, venerable white to unlock the seat belt, excitedly said: "Next, we go to repair the space station's Big hole!" ”

    We TogetherSong Shuhang pointed at himself, I also want to go?

    "Of course ah …
You can help me a little when you're around me. ”Senior White replied.

    "All right."Song Shuhang agreed.

    His repair of the 'space station' is one acupoint, but at least you can look at Senior White and don't let him mess.

    "Let's Go!" ”Senior White grabbed song Shuhang, opened the ' Helicopter Flying sword ' outside the protective cover, lightly leaped, landed on the space station.

    After the protection cover disappeared, Little Li in the helicopter flew up. Fortunately, his body had seat belts to ensure that he would not fly out.

    Some parts of the helicopter, also fly up, if you do not properly dispose of these small parts, it will definitely change OK …/p>

    At this time, Senior White clings to Song Shuhang and falls lightly on the edge of the space station. Both bodies have magecraft protection and are in an invisible status.

    Then, Senior White hand a trick, from the aircraft shell flying out of the broken parts are all an invisible force restraint, was dragged to Senior white ' s side. Senior White thinks these parts may be filled with holes?

    Then, venerable white hand pinch sword Art, the aircraft shell slowly from the space station big hole back out.

    Song Shuhang looked to the place where he was crashed. He had been stunned for a long time. The place where he was crashed did not know what part of the 'space station' he was.

    It was a thick deck outside, and had been knocked out of big hole. The inside is a lot of wiring, and some plumbing equipment.

    Song Shuhang Although the study of mechanical design and manufacturing professional, but in front of the space station design, he can understand? I did not see any trick.

    "How to fix it?" ”Venerable white squatted on the edge of the hole, he first outside the big hole out of a shield magecraft, to prevent the space station was smashed things fly out.

    "Predecessors there is no recovery of the Magecraft, a magecraft down, the destruction of things time reversal the same as the restoration as ever?" ”Song Shuhang asked.

    Venerable White turned a supercilious look: "You think the world may appear like that magecraft?" ”

    Also, if there is such a magecraft ' s words, venerable white must be the first to learn.

    "However, as far as I have dismantled the experience of so many appliances, electronic device and car …All the broken things, is the line to pick up, is the pipe welded up, quasi that's right! Then the outside deck is broken and the deck is reset. Then you can! ”Senior White confidently said.

    Song Shuhang nod way: "That predecessors try it." ”

    Anyway keep trying everything in a desperate situation, can do the best, not the words let predecessors to a shield Magecraft, the first hole plugging. Then let the space station personnel find their own way to repair it.

    "Leave it to me." ”Senior White began to drum up in the big hole, from time to time to let Song Shuhang from the pile of 'floating parts' to find some parts.

    Gradually, the complex broken thread was pulled from a root of senior white, and the broken pipe was also closed-although it was not known whether the answer was right, but it was no problem on the surface.

    More than 30 minutes later.

    "Ha Ha Ha, as long as I'm serious, then sure enough, there will be no problem. Fix it!"Senior White stretched, and then to Shuhang: "Come, take a picture for me, and then back to Earth, to the group space." The title is called: Repair the Hole in the outer space! ”

“……”Song Shuhang.

    Still, he pulled out his cell phone, adjusted his angle, and took several photos of senior white.

    "Okay, get it! Finally on the deck. Otherwise, we first cut off the shell of the helicopter, welding up to use first? ”Senior White suggested.

    "No, not to mention the deck strength problem, the helicopter shell has a variety of obvious markings." If the last people find out that this is a helicopter shell, but fly into space, welding to the shell of the space station, how to explain ah …
On the barge replied.

    "Also, I will carve a small array, first decorate a shield for a while." A week later if they couldn't fix the hole yet, I would go to the earth and get a steel plate and weld them back. ”Senior White nodded, using spirit power to portray a small array on the edge of the hole, and then poured spirit power into the array.

    In this way, it can be in the hole outer shape OK …, this shield can persist for one weeks or so.

    "All right, let's get out of here." ”Senior White is contented.

    Then he took song Shuhang lightly and leaped back into the helicopter shell.



    Senior White proposed: "Next we find a meteorite or something to play for a while, and then we go back to earth!" ”

    Ok.Song Shuhang touched his own careful liver, today's experience is a little too exciting, he now good want to hurry home.

    But look senior White also has a very interesting appearance, also not good sweep senior white ' s interest. Well, since it has come, then escort Senior White in space.

    After sitting down in the helicopter's shell, Song Shuhang suddenly looked at him. He slouched up and looked up at the front seat.

    "Senior White …Instructor Little Li? ”

    I saw the original passenger seat on the empty, instructor Little Li did not know the trace!

    Senior White all Leng Leng: "Ah …

    "Isn't the older generation suddenly waking up and running?"Song Shuhang guessed.

    Venerable White shakes his head: "Impossible, I use in his body ' s magecraft, enough he coma one day and one night time." ”

    "Then how did he not see …You're not going to float away, are you? ”Song Shuhang carefully to the copilot seat of the plane, the head of the cold sweat immediately down-in and senior white to repair the hole, but also specially reinforced instructor Little Li's aircraft belt.

    But now, the seat belt on the passenger seat is broken off.

    It's broken!

    "Not good, Senior White. Instructor Little Li really drift to outer space. ”Song Shuhang.

    "Don't worry, we're running the time of the hole, he's not far." I'll find him by looking for mental energy. ”Venerable White remarked, launched his own mental energy, and scanned in all directions.


    Time Rewind, about 10 minutes ago …

    Space Station.

    "Acuero, did you find anything on the damn monitor?" ”The white-haired Anthony cried.

    "FA ~ ~" a hole in the space station, there is no idea of what hit something. Hell, there's no alarm. ”Bald Acuero big scold.

    "Don't scream, will that hole affect the operation of the entire space station?" ”Anthony is concerned about other aspects of their lives ah … p> "that would not be, there is a robotic arm mobile platform for the entire space station operation will not be OK …
Luo said.

    There is a white object passing across the monitor screen.

    “What is it?”Anthony was startled by the white thing-outer space in the sudden sweep of things, very scary good or bad?

    Acuero quickly manipulated the lens to enlarge, and soon they saw the white object. It was a human figure in a spacesuit.

    "It's an astronaut!"Acuero the channel.

    "Could it be …
About him? Quickly, get him over. ”Cried Anthony.

    "Look at my, I hope this man is not dead."Acuero Road.

    minutes ago

    The astronauts of the two space stations finally took the colleague who was floating in the outer space to the space station and then dragged him to the 'service room'.

    "An Oriental man, and alive!" Zé zé, this guy is really big. ”"Wake him up and ask what happened," Acuero said. ”

    Four minutes ago…

    Two of the astronauts in the space station tried to do nothing to wake up the astronauts in the east.

    At this moment, Anthony suddenly eyes a bright: "Take off his spacesuit, he this model of the space suit I have the impression that helmet place has the camera function, the body of the spacesuit has the function of storing and playing video." I went in to see what had happened to the guy before he got dizzy. ”

    Two minutes ago …

    The two astronauts, seven hands and eight legs, took off the oriental astronaut body's space suit and replaced him with a set of space shuttle spare space suits.

    Then, with the eastern body similar to the main Anthony drilled into the Oriental's spacesuit, began to operate on the spacesuit.

    The originally transparent hood of the space suit dropped the next layer of black material, blocking Anthony's face, but it also enabled Helmet to play video and other functions.

    This is the 2019 development of the space suit function, but is very chicken threat, but also increased security risks, so the real use of this function of the spacesuit few.

    "Strange, this guy didn't turn on the camera function?" Why are all the black screens? ”Anthony Discontentedly said, he has been operating for a long time, still did not find any useful information.

    Just then …

    The door of the service warehouse suddenly opened automatically!

    Anthony and Acuero simultaneously turn head to cage door position, but cage door place empty nothing.

    Just when two people are wondering …A heavy sensation of dizziness came up.

    Two people can not resist this dizzy feeling, so faint to die in the past.

    Three of the figures in the spacesuit were floating in the service bin.

    "Fix, did not expect instructor Little Li unexpectedly was get into space capsule inside." ”Song Shuhang ' s figure appeared in Cang, Hēi hēi a smile.

    Then he stepped forward, stall the familiar air costume figure, quickly evacuated the space capsule.

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