In Chapter 222, a Pekingese is flying!

Song Shuhang dragged instructor Little Li and left the space station smoothly.

    Outside the space station, venerable white is waving a suit of spacesuit in his hand.

    Just now, is senior white empty cast, dizzy the space capsule all, let song Shuhang smooth instructor Little Li brought out.

    and venerable White and song Shuhang soldier divided two ways, said to deal with some things.

    Song Shuhang secretly looked at the space suit in the hands of Venerable White. Senior White said that handling things would not be easy to get a space suit?

    "Tell people, we'll leave it, stay here and rather embarrassed."Venerable white secret voice transmission road, after all, hit a family, but also people's space station hit a big hole.

    Say, venerable white catalytic sword Art. The aircraft-type disposable flying sword ' swish flew over, the steady stop in front of Shuhang.

    Song Shuhang dragged instructor Little Li into the plane shell, and with a rope to bind him firmly-this time can not let him drift.

    Then he drilled himself into the back of the Shell and asked aloud, "by the way, Senior White, does the monitoring content in this space station have to be removed?" ”

    Voice cannot be transmitted in space.

    However, when Song Shuhang spoke, Senior White was able to perceive the content of his speech through spirit. And senior White's voice, can directly through the ' secret Voice transmission ' into song Shuhang ' s mind.

    Two people in space communication is not OK …

    Song Shuhang and Venerable white body have magecraft protection, will not be any surveillance video shooting down. But instructor Little Li is different, his body does not have array protection, from floating to the space station, and then to be in the space station of two astronauts, all over Cheng …
" moment .

    "Haha, I have just removed the space station's nearly one-hour surveillance video …However, I do not know how long this space station is in contact with the ground. If you keep in touch, maybe the footage that happened just one hours ago has been sent back to the ground. Well, even if the surveillance footage was passed back to the ground, doesn ' t matter. ”Senior White smiled: "Just in the hypnotic space capsule inside the person, I conveniently put a erase the memory of the Magecraft." Their memories in the last one or two hours will be lost, and when they wake up, they will not remember the memory of the ' instructor Little Li '. By so time even if the ground has surveillance video, but two aviation members have no memory, finally can only when OK …
', and let them use brains to guess what on earth happened. ”

    Anyway similar to outer space weird talk about a lot of ah …

    For example, a few years ago the very lively Sparks (Mars) on the picture of the figure, the astronauts in space to see the alien spaceship like things flitted through the eye, the moon is suspected of man-made building what.

    A lot of weird talk has photos and videos as proof, but what? Who on earth will believe?

    Also pass a period of time, be people when OK …
Some countries or people will not be reconciled, want to invest money to get to the bottom, but they are doomed to be unable to find any valuable things.

    "Well, let's find a place to slip." Right, this dress for you, put on him, your astronaut dream is truly realized. ”Say, Senior White will hand that a suit of space suits to song Shuhang.

    My astronaut dream?

    Song Shuhang took this spacesuit, the heart is moved, but also guilt.

    Moved, Senior White always remembers his ' astronaut ' dream.

    Guilt is …His 'Astronaut Dream' is Lie Ah…p> Okay! Can not be said to lie, in fact, deep down in his heart, still really want to wear astronaut clothes, in space to play a trip. Then, take a chance to play it!

    "Thank you, senior!" ”Song Shuhang thanked Tao.

    "No Thanks." ”Senior White narrowed his eyes and was in a good mood.



    Song Shuhang the space suit to the body, although bloated, but very comfortable.

    Senior white controlling sword in space.

    About half an hour later, a few people finally found a suitable size of meteorites.

    The helicopter shell stops on the meteorite, Song Shuhang wears the heavy space suit, single-handedly grasping the small meteorite, poses each kind of posture, Senior White has taken many pictures to him.

    Then change senior white on a small meteorite, crossed the chin to think like.

    Song Shuhang also took a lot of pictures of venerable white.

    Unconsciously, in this small meteorite have played an hour.

    Finally, Senior White squinted and smiled: "Have fun?" ”

    "Nature is happy. ”Song Shuhang laughs.

    "Well, we'll go back." ”Senior White smiled, his eyes slightly drooping.

    With song Shuhang unknowingly had a lot of time, about the knowledge of modernization, unconsciously he has mastered the almost there. Then, after directing song Shuhang Some practice questions, he was ready to bid farewell to song Shuhang.

    The world is all a feast, this trip to space, also is his return song Shuhang these days of care.

    "Well, we go back!" ”Song Shuhang stretched his back.

    In fact, as long as the input, no longer worry about that, the space trip really experience how fantastic Ah … p> back into the aircraft shell, venerable white outside the aircraft shell support/hold up protective cover.

    Then, he started the ' airplane type disposable flying sword ', Sword qi Vertical and horizontal, ' swish ' to the Blue Earth drilling …

    Sword Qi Vertical and horizontal, originally they rest play that meteorite was sword Qi Sweep, crack ok …

    A piece continues to drift in space, the other is out of the original trajectory, leisurely toward the direction of the Earth slowly fly. Maybe one day it will be caught by the attraction of the earth and turned into a meteor.


    True Monarch Yellow Mountain Immortal Residence.

    Fairy lychee smile still: "So predecessors, goodbye!" ”

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain in the back with a hearty smile, waving: "Being careful on the road Ah …

    Fairy Lychee shy smile, controlling sword vacated, soon disappeared in true Monarch sight.

    Wait Fairy lychee go far, True Monarch Yellow Mountain a face brilliant smile distorted not OK …! You are dead and wait for until I catch you later, who can not protect you! ”

    Just true Monarch Yellow mountain teeth, he body ' s mobile phone rang.

    Slide to unlock the phone At first glance, it was a call from Katherine from Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Centre.

    What did Katherine call to himself?

    What's wrong with little Friend Shuhang and senior white?

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain Connect the call: "Miss Katherine Hello, what's the matter with me?" ”

    "Hello, Mr. Huang Wenzhong." ”Katherine's voice with whimpered: "There's something I'd like to report to you about Mr." Song Shuhang and Mr. Song Bai's. ”

    "They're not going to make a fuss, are they?" Did you destroy any aircraft? doesn ' t matter, no matter how many planes they destroyed, I will add new models to the flight. ”True Monarch Yellow Mountain heroic spirit

    "No, not this problem."Miss Katherine Anxious way: "Is such, three hours ago, our instructor Little Li with Mr." Song Bai fly a plane out to test. In the middle of the journey, however, the helicopter suddenly lost its signal…Until now, no response. I'm a little worried. In addition, need to expand the scope of rescue? ”

“……”True Monarch Yellow Mountain corner of the mouth convulsions, did not return for three hours, and lost the signal.

    Not really as little Friend Song Shuhang said, Venerable white flew into the outer space, right?

    Should not such a pit, after all just helicopter, want to fly to outer space is also unlikely, unless venerable white magical transformation the plane.

    "Cough cough, they say you don ' t have to worry. I'll get in touch with them in a moment, and I won't let you be responsible even if something happens. Everything leave it to me bar. ”True Monarch Yellow Mountain pledged.

    True Monarch's strong guarantee made Miss Katherine a little calm.

    "In addition, Mr. Huang Wenzhong, perhaps one more thing love, I need to report to you." ”Miss Katherine again stammered.

    Anything else? What can happen to the airfield besides song Shuhang and venerable white?

    "It's like this …Just 10 minutes ago, we had another plane that suddenly took off at the airport. But our flight instructor is not there. ”When Miss Katherine was here, she paused.

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain heard until here, suddenly a bad feeling.

    "Perhaps the next thing I said you will not believe, in fact, if not to see, I do not believe." But I have to tell you. There is no one in the plane, only one Pekingese! Huang Mr. Wenzhong, please believe us, we absolutely to deliberately destroy the plane to ask you for money. In fact, the Pekingese is still flying in the air and we can give you a video to prove that we are not lying. ”Katherine want to cry.

    If not, who would believe that a Pekingese was driving a helicopter heaven? How many laps in the sky?

“……”True Monarch Yellow Mountain Teeth, Doudou! ! I want to peel your skin ah … p> **************

    In the sky, Doudou with two claws to manipulate the helicopter in the air, round and round, more and more skilled.

    “Ha Ha Ha Ha , Yellow Mountain is sure to be stupid now, telling you not to give me a car, I just started the plane, Ha Ha Ha Ha.”Doudou triumphantly said.

    It gave Song Shuhang ' s that dog hair, is the real entity, that shake dog hair ' Doudou ' is doppelgänger.

    Doudou so into the dog hair in song Shuhang pocket to listen to the various theoretical knowledge of FEI, and in simulator see song Shuhang How to control aircraft.

    When Instructor Little Li taught Song Shuhang to fly, she quietly learned a lot.

    Until song Shuhang change the spacesuit, Doudou quietly left song Shuhang, and then caught the chance to climb a helicopter.

    Then you have the above this scene …

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