223 Chapter True Monarch Yellow Mountain deep melancholy!

After gnashing of teeth, True Monarch Yellow Mountain said solemnly: "You stare at helicopter in that Pekingese, and then …Don't let it get another chance to touch another plane! When it finishes this trip, stare at it and let it stay still. I'll send someone else to deal with it. ”

    Hope this time, Doudou will not cause too much confusion.

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain Don't worry about the people will make video online.

    Pekingese fly This kind of thing, even if on the Internet, others will think that this is a computer special effects, or will think of which film to shoot, advertising preheating.

    And, even if it really caused a big mess, true Monarch Yellow Mountain also have a way to fix-do you think this is Doudou first time to toss it? Too naïve, Doudou didn't know how many things to toss before, each time, is true Monarch Yellow mountain in the back silently to wipe his butt. True Monarch Yellow Mountain early with ample experience.

    Katherine heard true Monarch Yellow Mountain's words, once again relieved, began to press true Monarch Yellow ' s command to start to act.

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain hanging up the phone, immediately transferred a call to song Shuhang.

    Soon, the phone came to the system kind Voice: "I ' m sorry, you dialed the phone is temporarily out of service, please try again later." Sorry_the_number_you_dialed_is_not_reachable. Plese_redial_later. ”

    Not in service, really in space?

    Little Friend Shuhang and senior White are not in, how to get Doudou from the helicopter down ah … p> he had a team dedicated to Doudou to deal with chaos, but temporarily distance Dou The Dou ' s position is a little far away.

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain worriedly said.



    Twenty minutes later, Venerable White maneuvered the aircraft shell spear and passed through the atmosphere again to return to earth.

    Although outer space is very beautiful, let a person relaxed and happy. However, it is still the most reassuring on earth. Song Shuhang secretly said in heart.

    "Senior, where have we been?" ”Song Shuhang casually asked, to his current eyesight, can only vaguely look down the high-rise buildings, there are ok ….

    Besides, it's night now?

    He remembers the morning when he and his predecessors went to study airplanes.

    "I don't know. After I saw the Earth, I randomly found a place to drill in. Waiting for us again landing point, you can know what is the place. ”Venerable White casually said.

    After a while, the two men had landed at a certain altitude, and Song Shuhang soon saw a very conspicuous building.

    It was a tall statue of a woman, dressed in ancient Greek style.

    The statue's head wore a seven-pointed crown, with the torch in her right hand and a code in her left hand. Her feet were broken handcuffs, fetters and chains.

    Statue of LibertySong Shuhang Cold Sweat suddenly came out, how to run to the United States?

    Venerable white steady aircraft shell flying sword, looked up and down after this statue, way: Oh, this is the online very famous Statue of Liberty Ah …/p>

    Ox (zodiac) Not ah …
The statue can also ah …
Chin, admiring the statue he is a pure layman. But in his eyes, this statue is really not ugly ah … p> talk, Song Shuhang turned his head to look venerable white-fuck! , wait. Venerable White to ' beauty and ugliness ' division, not to his own standard? In that case, the Statue of Liberty is really ugly.

    When he thought of this, Song Shuhang suddenly looked over his face and asked, "Senior White, do you think I'm handsome?" ”

    Senior White Leng Leng, then laugh up: "Shuhang, you don't think my aesthetic line is very high?" Not at all, my aesthetic and common people are also about the same…Maybe a little higher. And then, from my point of view, Shuhang you have been a long time to go, not ugly. ”

    “Are you? Just not ugly ah …
Feel oneself recently have quite handsome. ”Song Shuhang pinched his chin.

    Venerable white: "…"

    "Ha ha ha, but know this is the United States, we go home convenient." We can go straight to China in that direction. ”Song Shuhang pointed to the direction of China, said with a smile.

    "Understand, then we ' re going. ”Senior White flashed Sword Art again and the aircraft shell spear started again and squatted forward.



    On the way, Song Shuhang Idle, then took out his mobile phone, try to connect the Internet. There are tens of millions of prepaid credit in, foreign flow fees and anything is drizzle.

    Song Shuhang then transferred several photos to the Nine Provinces (1) Group space.

    First, senior white repaired the hole in the space station in a few photos, venerable white face seriously, take over the son, connect the wire, busy isn ' t that a joy.

    Title: "Senior White, who worked hard to repair the hole in outer space." ”

    These pictures just go up, Song Shuhang have not come and refresh group news, the following has popped up a lot of comments of the seniors.

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Little Friend Shuhang, did you really go to space?" No wonder I couldn't reach you on the phone just now. ”

    Loose Practitioner North River immediately afterwards commented: "What I would like to know is that Little Friend Shuhang and senior white suddenly went to space to repair the space station." |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||发生什么事了?”|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    Mansion Lord Seven Lives ' Talisman explained: ' Hēhēhē, I remember today is the day when little Friend Song Shuhang and senior White went to learn airplanes. ”

    Mad Sabre Three Waves: "How dare you study airplanes with senior white?" Zé zé zé , this simply is a dead end Ah…
Flying into space, entire worlds and realms senior white. Little Friend Shuhang, recommend you to buy a life insurance, will be useful. ”

    Scholar Drunk Moon: "So that's how it is, and senior white to learn airplanes, and then fly to outer space to go to ah …
Brother, I feel that the person who is suicidal is not little Friend Song Shuhang, but you! You could it be …
Did your generation join the nine Provinces (1) Group? hēhēhē. ”

    Medicine Master: "hēhēhē." ”

    Immortal Master Copper trigram: "hēhēhē! ”

    Su Clan ' s the seventh: hēhēhē! ”

    "Oh your sister Ah …
"Crazy Way:" Senior White add Group, then I above that comment Senior White will see? Damn, how to delete comments? Stop, teach me how to delete ah …

    Dharma King Good Fortune : "hē hē hē , I don't know how to delete it, but I can teach you a way: You can go online and look for ways to delete it."

    Cave Lord Snow Wolf: hēhēhē, though I know how to delete it, I don't want to tell you. ”

    Mad Sabre Three Waves: "You bastards, don't let me run into you, or you'll have to try my best at Severy Two Paths of the Rapid Sabre!"

    Loose Practitioner North River: "I said, the point we just focused on is not wrong." I looked at the photo again and found a big problem-how did the hole in the space station appear? ”

    "I've got to go to Ah…
in here.”Mansion Lord Seven Lives ' Talisman was accompanied by a gaping expression.

    Medicine Master: "@Mountain of Books ' Huge pressure, ask." ”

    At this time…An ID suddenly cropped up.

    Venerable white: "I accidentally opened helicopter hit, ha ha ha, but I fixed it." ”

    "Senior White Mighty! ”Mad Sabre Three Waves immediately small patted remember horse fart, he just very hard before the message deleted, see senior White true body up, immediately first to a sweet.

    "Well, Three Waves. I saw your message just now. ”Venerable White made a shy smile: "I saw it before you deleted it." ”

    Mad Sabre Three Waves: "…"

    True Monarch Yellow Mountain, turn the subject: "Cough, venerable white, where are you and little Friend Shuhang now?" I've got something for him. ”

    Mountain of Books ' Huge pressure: Should we be in America? We are rushing back to our home. Senior Yellow Mountain what's up? ”

    "Mn."True Monarch Yellow Mountain sighed. "If possible, I would like to ask you and your predecessors to return to school quickly."

    Venerable white: "What happened?" ”

    "Doudou, flying airplane ah …
The short a single sentence is seven words, but all the people in the group really feel that the True Monarch Yellow Mountain is deeply embarrassed by these seven words…

    "It is impossible, Doudou obviously stay at home housekeeping ah … consciousness replied."

    But this was just out of the way, Song Shuhang immediately thought of something.

    He touched his pocket deep, where there was a Doudou's dog hair. But now the dog's hair is gone.


    Song Shuhang in distress.

    "Doudou must have been using what magecraft quietly with you, alas, overall Doudou again to give you trouble." Take a moment to seize it, to fight to scold up and you, mercilessly teach it a meal! ”True Monarch Yellow Mountain hate and hate way.

    You want to yell at random? But the question is, have I ever played Doudou?

    "I see that senior white and I will be back at the fastest speed," he said. ”Song Shuhang replied.

    Turn off the Group Space chat page, Song Shuhang look to venerable white.

    Senior white haha smiled: "Then, sit steady." ”

    "Heavenly Peng Escape technique!" ”

    The helicopter shell stretches out a pair of heavenly Peng wings, wing lightly a beat, the aircraft shell to enter the supersonic status, toward the fast away.


    On the other side, the space station.

    ' Soyuz ' spacecraft smooth and space station finished OK …
The two astronauts in the space station ' Acuero ' and ' Anthony ' returned to Earth.

    "Where are Anthony and Acuero?" Why not respond to us? "

    "Just go in and have a look, these two guys are not still doing experiments?" Last time I picked up Anthony, he suddenly remembered that an experiment had not been done and stayed in the lab and refused to come out. ”


    Found it! Heavens, Acuero and Anthony fainted. ”

    What is going on? What the hell is going on in the space station? Just look at the recording. ”

    "The recording was deleted, and the records in the last few hours are gone. ”

    Oh, my God, there's a big hole in the space station … yí, the hole seems to have been repaired? ”

    "Don't say it, first send Acuero and Anthony back to earth and wait until they wake up to know what's going on."

    Space Station Chaos OK…
–Chapter content End–>

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