Chapter 224 Anthony, delayed open helmet!

Venerable white expands heavenly Peng Escape technique, which is near-instantaneous speed. It is expected that up to one hours will be able to return to the This is still a 'helicopter shell Feijian' material which limits the speed. If Senior White used his Meteor Sword, the speed can definitely be several times faster.

    In return Cheng …
Mobile login network, inquires about ' space Station ' news …After all, just knock somebody else into a hole ah … p> when he entered the word ' Space Station ', a few of the latest news soon popped up.

    [Latest report: Soyuz is OK …
The orbit of the empty station, prepare the login station, welcome the return of the two astronauts! ]Reported published on 6 hours ago.

    [Latest report: Soyuz spacecraft has been OK…
Five astronauts will be ready to login to the International Space Station, they will replace the two astronauts in the space station, in the future, they will be in the space station for 70 kinds of space experiments. ]Reported published on 1 days ago.

    Login space Station, to meet the return of two astronauts … not a mistake, is the space station that oneself and senior white hit a big hole undoubtedly.

    And, 6 hours ago Soyuz already entered space station flight orbit, now …You're not going to be a login, are you?

    Song Shuhang secretly wiped the sweat, happy himself and senior white speed a step, otherwise will and others ' Alliance number spacecraft ' meet.



    After one and a half hours, Song Shuhang and senior white hurried to the vicinity of the area of the great, Jiangnan.

    "Shall we go directly to the mission?" ”Venerable White asks the way.

    Song Shuhang thought, way: "Senior white, we are free to find a place to land first, and then decorate, get a plane crash scene, and then instructor Little Li down." ”

    After all helicopter has been ruined OK …
is to fly directly back to the flight, the people will be scared urine.

    Or not to be responsible for wiping the bottom of true Monarch Yellow mountain trouble is better.

    "Make sense." ”Venerable white nods a way.

    Then, Senior White looked for a deadly effect and stopped the helicopter shell.

    Song Shuhang moved out of instructor Little Li.

    Venerable White will erase the array that is depicted on the shell of the helicopter, then put a hole in the edge of the plane and throw the helicopter shell into the pit.

    The location of the accident will be fine, anyway true Monarch Yellow Mountain will send someone to finish the finishing work.

    Song Shuhang will instructor Little Li moved to the ground, and then to untie the air suit helmet and air service connection, side way: "Senior White, can let instructor Little Li wake up?" ”

    "Mn."Senior White nodded and was preparing to unlock magecraft for hypnosis.

    At this time, Song Shuhang the aviation helmet first-say, he remembers the air service helmet is the transparent ah …
More than a layer of black screen-like things, will instructor Little Li's face is blocked?

    Helmet was slowly pushed away.

    Immediate afterwards ,Song Shuhang blinked his eyes and the whole man froze.

    "Wait, Seniors!" ”Song Shuhang shouted and stopped Senior White from unraveling magecraft's moves.

    At the same time, he forced the air helmet cover, and then take a deep breath.

    Doing itSenior White curiously asked.

    Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes hard: Wait, let me rub my eyes, I suspect that my eyes with excessive eyes, some fatigue. ”

    Senior White unfathomable mystery …

    Song Shuhang Hand again, forcibly pushed the air service helmet!

    The helmet of the spacesuit was opened, revealing the true face of the man inside.

    That is a 40-year-old man, maintenance of the good, but perhaps the reason for excessive brain, gray hair, looks a bit prematurely senile feeling.

    "Pit Dad, it is!" ”Song Shuhang want to flip the table!

    Instructor Little Li?

    This space suit is obviously the Ah that he put on Instructor Little Li…
What about the summer flag?

    Who can tell him why the people inside change OK …?

    "Instructor Little Li?" ”Venerable White also asked curiously.

    "I also want to know ah …
The feeling is complex, want to cry No Tears way: "Although do not know is how, but I may catch the wrong person." Instructor Little Li, presumably still in the space station? ”

    Venerable white: "…"

    "Originally this suit is I to instructor Little Li wear ah …
What happened, this foreigner how to drill into instructor Little Li's spacesuit to go! Also, he put down a layer of black screen-like things in the helmet, blocking his face. ”Song Shuhang Road.

    This oolong, big.

    Don’t freak out.Venerable White Way, after thinking, Venerable White way: "Let me create the hilt ' disposable Flying Sword 004", will he send back to the space station how? ”

    Senior White said this, Song Shuhang in the mind immediately such a picture-Senior white to create a ' disposable flying sword version 004 ', and then he will be the destination "space Station", a pinch sword Ar T, disposable flying sword with this unknown name of the foreigner, ' swish ' a day soar.

    Then, outer space, that has been hit a hole in the station, suddenly into a mushroom cloud explosion-the cause of the explosion, was disposable flying sword was shot!

    As soon as he thought of this terrible picture, Song Shuhang shook his head.

    "Senior, we still find ways to send him to the space station in person …Besides, instructor Little Li is still in the space station. We will not only send the foreigners up, but also instructor Little Li back to ah ….

    "That's the same. ”Venerable White nodded.

    "Then we go to the Doudou, then go back to outer space!" ”Song Shuhang sighed, now only hope that the "Soyuz" the speed of the astronauts to a little slower, so that they and senior White can have the opportunity to instructor Little Li and the hands of foreigners in exchange for back.


    Because ' instructor Little Li ' is still in the space station, so song Shuhang and venerable white first not return to the, direct controlling sword, looking for Flight.

    At this point, Doudou is wandering around with a helicopter.

    "Wāhāhā, just a helicopter, how can I be stumped?" Don't say it's a helicopter, Ming Mingre I have to open the space shuttle, Yellow Mountain you nai? ”Doudou cheerful Way, a front paws in the helicopter on the instrument, posture skillfully.

    Flying and flying, Suddenly, Doudou's smile froze.

    Because in front of helicopter, Senior white controlling sword Flight, with a quiet smile on his face.

    Behind senior White, Song Shuhang carrying a guy in a space suit, a face grinning: "Doudou!" ”

    Doudou Hollow Laugh: "Ah …
You're back. Welcome back! ”

    "Come home with me!" ”Song Shuhang Road.

    "No, I don't want to go back." I'm going to keep on flying, I'm going to open another plane! ”Doudou against the road, it is difficult to find a chance to open a plane easy?

    "Predecessors, we don't have much time, and we'll come back to Doudou!"Song Shuhang suggested.

    Senior White toward Doudou smiled: Doudou, well-behaved. Take the plane back and we'll go home. ”

    I don't.I ' m sorry, I'll drive back! ”Doudou would have liked to have refused, but it saw senior white smile more and more brilliant, immediately compromised.

    – As the sixth sense of Wickedness tells it, if you continue to go tough with Senior White's mouth, it will be miserable. May be "Disposable Flying Sword Version 004" Into the Moon.

    Finally, Doudou in tears with a helicopter, fly back to Jiangshui civil aviation training Centre.



    At this time, Jiangshui Civil Aviation training Centre, Katherine is through the radar positioning Doudou out of the helicopter, heart hair like a cat caught.

    At this time, Katherine's headset came a man's voice: "Katherine, good news, that only Pekingese fly back." ”

    The man was dispatched by Katherine, drive a car to monitor the Doudou helicopter's instructors.

    "Good, keep on staring, don't go out of trouble." ”Katherine breathed a sigh of relief.

    The other teachers on the side also breathed a sigh of relief.

    Someone turned on the TV and opened a TV channel at random to relax.

    Jiangshui Civil aviation Training Centre TV channels are many, not only China's various television stations, but also through the network access to a lot of foreign aviation television stations, in order to let the instructor in the leisure access to various types of aviation knowledge.

    The teacher casually opened a foreign air station.

    At this time, a beautiful golden-haired and blue-eyed announcer is playing an air news: "According to the latest report, the Soyuz has been OK …
The two astronauts on the International Space Station are OK …
Tao 10 minutes ago, the spacecraft already left ' black barrier ', opened the main umbrella, the spacecraft will soon land. Let's welcome two of Acuero and Anthony who have returned from space! ”

    To put it in perspective, the TV's lens switched to the landing site of the aviation crew.

    In the last three years, the aviation skills of outer space have developed rapidly.

    The astronauts' landings have become faster and safer.

    Previously, astronauts boarded re-entry module from space to OK …
It takes a day or so. And now, this Cheng …
Hours. Moreover, there is little risk of landing failure.

    Landing site.

    "Hello everyone, I'm a live journalist Barbara, just now, Soyuz spacecraft re-entry module has landed successfully." With the help of the staff, two air crews have been seated in chairs and two air crews are in good condition. Let's interview close range two heroes returning from space, first of all-Mr. Acuero! ”


    Venerable White's hypnosis was lifted after entering the return spacecraft not long.

    Although lost a portion memory, but this does not prevent acuero accept people's cheers, to meet their own honor.

    "And another hero–Anthony!" ”The warm applause rang again, the crowd had Anthony friend or fan loudly shout Anthony name.

    BUT…Mr. Anthony has been slow to open his own air helmet!

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