Chapter 226 Little Monk: I go to make money to cure hemorrhoids!

The gray hair of the Anthony from the dizzy fan slowly woke up …He felt that he was in a very bumpy place, like a long time ago, sitting tractor feeling, a startled, uncomfortable.

    "Damn, can't you get a good night's sleep?" ”Anthony murmured and he slowly opened his eyes.

    Light Good light! It's bright!

    When he opened his eyes, he found a light, all white. And the light is omni-directional, no corner of the light, like a medical shadowless shine, even a shadow can not see!

    Looming, he is on a big ship. But if it is a big ship, why can I see the clouds floating on the side of the boat?

    At this moment, a gentle voice in his ear rang: "Child, you wake up." ”

    Children I am more than 40, almost 50 of the people, even call me a child? Anthony corner of the mouth convulsions, and then turned to look at the gentle voice master.

    At one glance, he almost peed.

    It was a pure white-like jade, a flawless humanoid from the top to bottom, with a light shine from his body. Behind him, a total of three pairs of wings slowly flapping, to foil his sacred inviolability.

    Tianangel Anthony mouth went agape.

    Why do I see angels?

    Could it be …
No, it can't be ah …
So dead ah … p> "excuse me, where is this?" ”Anthony with Whimpered asked, he is still very young, he still has a lot of experiments to try, he still has a lot of dreams did not come true, he felt he can save again ah … p> "don't panic, don't be afraid." Son, this is an … angel corner of the mouth with a loving smile, voice soft, bring a feeling of comfort.

    But, again gentle smile, also cannot dissolve Anthony at this time of despair.

    Heaven, I really died? He both eyes a turn, so dizzy died in the past …

    "Senior White Crane, you come on frighten him ah …
What if I die? We're going to change him for instructor Little Li. ”At this time, in these six wings heavenly … Dao's body shrouded in black clothes appeared quietly, happily said with a smile.

    "Nonsense what truth, I from head to tail did not frighten him ah …
The name of the ship is called ' Paradise ' Ah …. ”The six-winged angel still gentle, then saw it lightly flash, the sky Pure and holy light withdraw, show the flesh.

    It was a huge white Crane, with three wings on each side. This is the real thing, as for the six-winged angel that he has turned into a humanoid form.

    Coincidentally, is similar to the western legend of the Angel Long. Whether it is because of its human shape, it has a very nice position in the Western world.

    This true Monarch white Crane is true Monarch Yellow mountain's friend.

    Instructor Little Li by the old United States FBI or similar agencies to take away, with this true Monarch white Crane to help, with Anthony to change back instructor Little Li is easy.

    Actually, True Monarch Yellow Mountain directly sent people to rescue Instructor Little Li is also very easy – but that would add a lot of unnecessary trouble.

    AlrightIn fact, the above words are excuses!

    In fact, this true Monarch white Crane once endured senior White's great kindness, Entong kind. Whenever senior White has a need of help, it is always the first one to jump in and help.

    But here's another big problem. True Monarch White Crane is now unwilling or even afraid to see Senior White's face — it is said that it was Venerable White great kindness in the past, then after the saddle horse around Venerable White, it has been around for more than two months.

    Then one day, it made a big death. It proposed to Senior White.

    The proposal …Then things, don't say more.

    That is true Monarch white Crane lifetime of the most painful but also the sweetest memories, until now, it still dare not to see venerable white.

    But it wants to help venerable white, even if it's a little bit, and it wants to be there if it can.

    So, True Monarch Yellow Mountain The task of "save instructor Little Li" gave it.

    Instructor Little Li But because venerable white ' s reason, only then was gotten to the old US FBI or the similar organization to go. Bringing out little Li is tantamount to helping venerable white.

    And, True Monarch Yellow Mountain the task to true Monarch white Crane, the white Crane will not only help in the past, but will also be less than true Monarch yellow Alone love!

    That can let others help their own affairs, but also let others owe themselves a human, so beautiful things, do not do are fools!



    "Say, Senior white this time again to turn off?" Who's responsible for bringing senior white to the new age? ”True Monarch White Crane asked the man in the black suit.

    This man, covered in black clothing, is true Monarch Yellow Mountain's subordinates.

    Cultivator World is known as 'Heaven Concealing Hook' Zhou Li. His duty is to handle all sorts of troubles for Doudou, perfect for wiping ass for Doudou. Subordinates like him, True Monarch Yellow Mountain has a brigade under his hand.

    "Well, Venerable White already went out for some time. But this time, it is a newbie responsible for venerable white. ”Heaven concealing Hook Zhou Li replied.

    "Newbie?" Zé zé ,True Monarch Yellow Mountain The people in the group have become OK…
Would you be willing to receive senior white? A bunch of chaps without willpower! ”True Monarch White Crane scoffed.

    Zhou Li: "…"

    You are the least qualified to talk about true Monarch Group of fellow Daoist willpower people ah … fellow Daoist did not like you to make the proposal of this kind of no moral things!

    "Now, I bet, newbie has succumbed to senior White's charms?" ”True Monarch White Crane asked, it believes that with Senior White's charm, whether newbie or male or female or whether human or monster, will be surrendered under the charm of Senior White's charm!

    Zhou Li thought, replied: "This How should I say …I have heard of true Monarch mentioned, although this newbie has been affected by the senior white charm, but still maintain a normal friend relationship. ”

    What? And keep a normal friendship? Newbie whether male or female? Whether human or monster? ”True Monarch White Crane hastily asked.

    "Man, man. ”Zhou Li replied.

    "A man?" Is this guy gay? Can withstand the senior white ' s charm! ”True Monarch White Crane surprisedly said.

    Zhou Li: "…"

    Senior White Crane You say the opposite, the contrary is right! Because that is called Shuhang ' s small friends sexual orientation is very normal, can block venerable white ' s charm!

    Also incidentally, True Monarch white Crane is not a base.

    Its race is very special, but ancient left divine beast blood. When they come out from their eggs, they androgynous, and they do not divide the yin and yang.

    Only when they find the true love of their life, and set a special contract similar to the marriage, they will be transform into counterpart ' s sex according to the sex of the lover.

    On the whole, it is a very tall and no moral race. Before marriage, they are a group of bubble girls bubble sister, want to bubble small brother, really do freedom of love.

    "Zézé, it seems that wait for me to change that little Li back, it is necessary to see the newbie this time." ”True Monarch White Crane two wings to the bottom of their head, pose a meditative posture.

    The newbie must be educated and educated this time so that he can comprehend and understand Senior White's charm and beauty.

    This world, never allow there to be no love senior white ' s creature exist! No love senior white ' s creature, is the world's mistake.

    Newbie that wrong three view, it is true Monarch white Crane in person to turn back!

    True Monarch White Crane both eyes has a raging fire burning.


    The other side, Jiangnan area.

    One hours ago, Song Shuhang and Venerable White grabbed Doudou, Jiangshui civil Aviation training Centre. True Monarch Yellow Tain sent over to deal with the tail matter (wipe the buttocks) of professionals finally arrived.

    Song Shuhang handed the Anthony to this team of professionals and told them the location of the 'fallen plane'.

    After that, ' Pekingese aircraft incident ', ' aircraft fall incident ', ' instructor Little Li OK …
Can be given to this professional.

    After the explanation, Shuhang and senior white, Doudou together back to medicine Master that building.

    Song Shuhang back Aloud and cried out: "Guoguo!" ”

    Say quite embarrassed, oneself this side let this little monk stay at home don't run, good housekeeping. But himself and senior white one breath into outer space went, and back and forth, even lunch did not for this little monk preparation.

    Do not know little Monk Guoguo hungry?

    After Song Shuhang two cries, the room did not respond.

    "Strange, how should not a sound, could it be …
Song Shuhang puzzled way.

    Then, he looked up and down the whole building, but still did not see little Monk Guoguo figure.

    "Where is this disobedient child?" ”Song Shuhang teeth.

    "Shuhang, take a look at this. ”At this time, Senior White pointed to third floor table, there is a song Shuhang from the bookstore rented no return novels.

    Song Shuhang A closer look, only to find the cover of the novel, was written in two characters.

    The first paragraph: "Elder Brother Shuhang, I go to make money, do not read." ”

    The second paragraph: "PS: In the morning I use the computer online check, found that hemorrhoids surgery unexpectedly need 3,000 to" 5 money, hospitalization words more expensive! And I went out with only 1032 pieces of six cents, distance surgery still poor a lot of money. So, Elder Brother Shuhang, I'm going to make money and come back soon! ”

Air fist: "Bastard ah … re purposely trying to anger me?" Tell you to stay at home obediently, but you actually ran away, does I words just wind past ear? Also ps,ps your Sister Ah … until I catch you on the back, whether you have hemorrhoids or not, I must hit your until the shit out Ah …

    Doudou quietly shrunk his head, today's song Shuhang temper very big ah …
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