228 The hypnotic gas, is it invalid?

After listening to Senior White's words, Song Shuhang was refreshed: "Senior waiting, I'll go and get Qi and Blood Pill's refined medicine!"

    After he took the medicine, venerable white and he came to medicine Master pill refining room.

    In the room, there are some medicine Master no use of medicinal herbs, pill refining needs of fuel, and a Dan stove.

    Dan Stove also divided ok …
– In memory, this was the last time you had dinner on the roof, Venerable White removed the Dan furnace, and the lower part was used to cook the stove for the Empty Thief Gate Tang Tang. Later it was not re-assembled, so it was thrown in the pill refine room.

    "Haha, I'll put it back right away." ”Venerable white embarrassed smiled, trot forward, will Dan Stove born new assembled together.

    Dan Stove is separable, pour no need to is worried Senior White will be the Dan Furnace installed bad.

    "By the Shuhang, will you fire controling art?" ”Venerable White asks the way.

    “Nah.Song Shuhang shook his head–originally senior medicine Master said that he finished ok …
He taught him how to use fire controling art and Dan furnace, and taught him several refining methods of 'medicine liquid'.

    When song Shuhang learned those kinds of ' medicine liquid ', medicine Master could indicate his way of earning worldly possessions.

    But senior medicine Master to help friends after the doctor, will not return …There is no time to teach song Shuhang fire controling Art.

    "Yí, I heard before the group mentioned that you are not helping medicine Master perfect new version of the ' body tempering liquid '?" Fire controling Art? ”Senior White has some doubts.

    Song Shuhang embarrassed to smile: "Senior white you do not know?" I did not use Dan Furnace to refine the body tempering liquid. ”

    So to speak, from the will venerable white to come to the present, he has never in front of the predecessors of the body tempering liquid it!

    Venerable White said curiously: "How do you refine body tempering liquid?" ”

    Song Shuhang pointed to the hot pot in the corner of the pill refining room and induction cooker: "With that set of things, Hēi hēi." ”

    "Isn't that for cooking?" ”Senior white eyes revealed the curious color, said: "Interesting, waiting for us after qi and blood pill, if the time is still early, you use induction cooker refining a ' body tempering liquid ' to me Look. ”

    "No problem." ”

    ButIf you don't master fire controling Art, you're in trouble. Fire controling art Unlike 'Thunder Palm', it's not so easy to master magecraft. ”Venerable white frowned.

    "Senior, I have a fire control magical item here." ”Song Shuhang out of his pocket the rechargeable ' Three stars Imperial Fire Fan '.

    "Fire control Magical item?" Yí, you magical item ' s style I haven't seen it. ”Senior White hand over the song Shuhang ' s control fire magical item, began to study: "How to use?" ”

    Song Shuhang pointed to the fan and venerable White said: "Very convenient, hold the red push-button, you can control the intensity of the flame, you can enhance the six times, and the blue push-button can reduce the temperature." The middle one is the switch, and the energy reserves of the ' Three stars Imperial Fire Fan ' can be viewed in shades of color. ”

    "Energy reserves, does this thing not spirit stone as energy?" ”Senior White said curiously.

    Song Shuhang Way: "Do not Spirit Stone's, with electricity, it can charge." It is said that senior medicine Master was developed together with people, because Spirit stone is non-renewable energy, so they have developed electricity to replace spirit stone ' s approach. ”

    "So," how it's …Let me try it. ”Senior white haha smiled, he reached down to Dan stove a little.

    There are some black objects underneath the Dan Stove, not coal, not knowing what, anyway, is medicine Master used to pill refining fuel.

    The Senior White finger emerged from the flames and fired the black fuel.

    Then he opened Three Stars Imperial Fire Fan and pressed the red push-button lightly.

    Suddenly, the flames soared a big cut.

    Again, the flames are more violent.

    After six consecutive times, the flame color of Dan Furnace has been close to gold white, reached about 1400 degrees.

    Senior White then pressed the blue push-button, waving six consecutive. The flame's color dropped rapidly and soon returned to its normal dark red appearance.

    "Good convenience, medicine Master has been trying to combine cultivator items with modern technology OK …
The older generation sighed.

    is AH …

    The magical item is also charged, which sounds like a bit of a setback. Song Shuhang secretly said in heart.

    "Senior White, let's refine Qi and Blood Pill…
When looking at Senior White, the whole person froze.

    See, Senior White do not know when it has been dismantled this handle ' Three stars Imperial Fire Fan '.

    Also on a single sentence time, Three stars Imperial Fire Fan has been senior white split OK …/p>

    "So that's how it's is, it's a genius idea." Perfect combination of magical item and technology, really want to boast about the small Medicine Master. ”Senior White muttered.

    Then he seemed to hear the song Shuhang ' s Cry, dazed and looked up to song Shuhang.

    "Āi Yā,ha ha ha, I habitually took it down …"Venerable White looks innocent.

    Song Shuhang silently looked to be torn down OK …
Fire fan.

    "Don't panic, I'll put it back." These things are not the same as pure electrical appliances, with magical item ' s structure, I loaded back also on a fraction of a minute! It's definitely going to be fine. ”Senior White face confidently said.



    A minute later.

    Senior White will restore the complete three stars Imperial Fire Fan show to song Shuhang Watch: "How, has completely recovered!" I said, absolutely no problem! ”

    "The Elder is formidable!" ”Song Shuhang a little bit of a horse fart: "Try its function is not good?" ”

    “Sure, it’s culture.Senior White hold the red push-button, to pill refining furnace lightly a fan! The flames rose a bit, and the color turned to crimson.

    Again fan, the flame color one step ascension, turns orange.

    After the fan is six, the flame is raised to golden White.

    Rare, Senior white repaired things unexpectedly can use, and have no problem!

    "Good senior!" ”Song Shuhang gives a thumbs up. It seems that if the electrical and cultivator magical item on a point of relationship, Senior White can be perfectly repaired it!

    Ha ha ha, of course. ”Senior White and hold down the blue push-button, to the Dan Stove lightly a fan, to the flame temperature down.

    A fan!

    FlameStill fierce.

    The Golden White flame is dazzling.

Hold down the blue push-button again and force it…

    Flames, swaying pose.

    Golden White Flame, really beautiful.

    Senior White mercilessly again–the flame or budged unchanged.

    "Haha, haha."Venerable white embarrassed grasping the head: "Reduce the function of the flame seems to be I pretended to be broken." ”

    Song Shuhang: "…"

    "Doesn't matter, this fan I will fix it. Fix not to wait for small medicine Master come back, let him to fix! Then I'll teach you fire controling art, which is much better than the fire control magical item. With your mind, a thought down, the flames will be big, small on the small, more convenient than the control of fire magical item! ”Senior White said, his hands pinched a technique seal.

    The flame below the Dan furnace immediately weakened and finally turned into a normal dark red appearance.

    Senior White proudly said: "How, or fire controling art more really?" The magical treasure is nothing but a personal thing after all! ”

    "The predecessor said make sense." ”Song Shuhang Road.

    Fire control Magical item is good, but fire controling art is more attractive to him. Fire control Magical Item and fire controling art, compared to the difference between pistol and fireball?

    "Then I'll teach you fire controling art!" ”Senior White both eyes bright road.


    Time is short.

    In the blink of an eye is midnight.

    The traffickers Mr. Cao Delian finally arrived at the destination, Wenzhou city, the distance Jiangnan area a full 400 kilometers.

    "Hēi Hēi, come here, even if is little monk acquaintance Ching, also can't find him back. ”Cao Delian Heart proudly said.

    Regardless of this little monk is why to find him prostitute, all doesn ' t matter. Next, just wait for the little guy to sell, a lot of money, he can retire.

    As the vehicle continued to move, through the rear-view mirror, Cao Delian discovered that the little monk was clasping his hands and he seemed to be talking about scripture and it seemed to be sleeping.

    "Yí, Cao Shi Lord, are we here?" ”Little Monk Guoguo opened his eyes and looked to Cao Delian.

    "We'll be right there, hēhēhē." ”Cao Delian a strange laugh.

    Then he reached for all windows of the vehicle and changed the air into the inner circulation mode.

    Finally, he switched on the air-conditioner.

    There is a hot wind blowing in the air conditioner …But blowing out not only hot air, there are some special gas, only a small odor.

    That is Cao Delian will air conditioning modified after the result, released is a kind of hypnotic gas. Gas is he let acquaintances specially get over, the effect how fantastic.

    When the gas released the moment, Cao Delian secretly with the cuffs cover their mouth and nose. He had already tried, even if it was OK …
Lost in 10 seconds or so.

    One, two, three.Five or six …Nine or 10! ”Cao Delian Heart Meditation, while turning his head to look to little monk.

    Saw little monk again bowed head, hands together, seems to sleep past.

Cao Delian secretly said in heart.

    He continued to cover the mouth and nose with his cuffs, and there was a mechanism on his sleeve, which contained the antidote to the hypnotic gas.

    About five minutes later, Cao Delian drove to a deserted underground parking lot and parked the car well.

    Then he secretly closed the air-conditioner and turned on Windows.

    "It's too smooth."Cao Delian murmured.

    Five minutes, this little monk long sleep dead.

    Right, first will little monk body ' s money to bring back, 4,000 red tickets.

    He came to Little Monk's side and reached for his pocket.

    He had seen little monk put money in this pocket before.

    Pā… p> At this moment, a young little hand stretched out of thin air and photographed Cao Delian's hand.

    "Cao Shi Lord, what are you doing?" ”Little Monk opened his eyes, both eyes bright.

    Cao Delian startled-damn, what's going on. Why is this little monk awake?

    Is it a problem with their own hypnotic gas?

    At this point, Cao Delian first thought is to reopen the air-conditioning, smell the gas is not expired …

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