Chapter 235 Life is endless, seeking death incessantly

Just like last time, Young mans in a green shirt riding a white horse far see song Shuhang, then happy to call aloud: "Little White, Little white, finally found you!" ”

    With the last experience, Song Shuhang clenched his fist to welcome up: "Ah …
God, I haven't seen you! ”

    Of course, his dialogue does not cause young man to be in a green shirt reaction unless the word "rest" is spoken. Otherwise, young mans in a green shirt will continue to follow the fixed script.

    However, Song Shuhang was not prepared to say ' rest ' so early, and he was prepared to do a shirt with young mans in a green, trying to see if his martial arts had grown up recently.

    than the last time to enter the ' True illusion ', only learned the ' Buddha ' s Warrior Foundation fist ' own. This song Shuhang also mastered "virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand Miles" movement technique and "immovable Buddha ' s Warrior body" Auxiliary body tempering cultivation technique. The dao technique has mastered the 'Thunder Palm'. Although the realm hasn't improved too much, the fighting power is no longer comparable.

    "Little White, where did you run to just a moment ago, I thought you were going astray." ”Young mans in a green shirt came to song Shuhang, a grin, sunny. He is like a game of NPC, according to a certain pattern in action, over and over again, the lines did not change.

    "Needless to say, this time what!" ”Song Shuhang very heroically said-but he quietly with qi and blood force in the palm of a ' Thunder Rune ', a ' thunder palm ' in palm without hair!

    "Little White,shall we practice fist art ?"Young mans in a green shirt did not throw weapons over, but put on a fist technique frame.

    Song Shuhang haha a smile: "It is my intention, looking at my fierce, Foundation fist technique III!" ”

    Before that young man in a green shirt out fist, he has strike the upper hand, the foot ' virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand ' Movement technique, lift the speed promotes to the limit.

    Close to young man, a shot is Foundation fist technique III, the fist like a storm of young man in a green shirt hit.

    It was the lesson he had learned from the last time he had been abused for nearly half an hour.

    Young mans in a green shirt skills everything proficient, fist technique moves are exquisite, there is a recruit such as ' Dugu Nine Swords ' like finger technique. Under that point, Song Shuhang a full set of ' Buddha ' s Warrior Foundation Fist ' are easily demolished by each other.

    In this case, only to speed broken qiao, go ' thousand broken million broken, but fast not broken ' path.

    This time, Song Shuhang realm has been improved. There is a spirit ghost plug-in in the body, plus the 'Virtuous Noble Travels For Ten Thousand Miles' movement technique at the foot. The rain-like fist is faster and the angle is even greater!

    "Oh, Little White is good."Young mans in a green shirt laughed.

    Then, just as last time, young man in a green shirt's body, like a loach, was easily shunned by song Shuhang's Stormy Fist. His fist is fast, but he can't even touch his body!

    After 70 punches, Song Shuhang!

    At this time, that young mans in a green shirt suddenly a pointing out: "Xi hee, Little white pick me a recruit!" ”

    This refers to song Shuhang, still like ' lone Fox nine Swords ', pointing to his fist technique flaws. In his fist weak, old force exhausted, new strength not yet been generated occasion, block unstoppable!

    Last time, this is such as genius of a finger, point song Shuhang, want to die. Aching all over.

    However, this time, Song Shuhang was already prepared…His palm that hair ' thunder Palm ' already intolerable, wait for this moment!

    A guide to young man in a green shirt on the shoulders of song Shuhang.

    Song Shuhang the shoulder immediately a burst of acid hemp, if be electric shock. This time, however, there was a body of "Immovable Buddha's Warrior Body" which was within his tolerance.

    By young man in a green shirt point out a finger at the same time, Song shuhang mouth lightly shouted: "Thunder Palm!" ”

    In his palm of the Thunder Rune eruption, into a regiment of Thunder Light, with song Shuhang shoulder An earthquake, sideways to young mans in a green shirt.

    Young mans in a green shirt seems to have never thought song Shuhang will use DAO technique, for a time unexpectedly did not evade the past.

    Thunder Palm Pā …
Hey in the juvenile body.

    Young mans in a green shirt hard to eat this thunder Palm.

    Thunder Palm's power is enough to explode a hole in the size of a soccer ball on a sturdy rock, and this young man in a green shirt is not sure what will happen after eating the Thunder palm.

    Song Shuhang is not at all worried that young mans in a green shirt will die …This is just the "False Reality" that comes naturally when senior white practice, even if young mans in a green shirt is really hung up, and then there will be a new ' young mans in a ' green Shi RT ' appeared, not afraid!


    Young mans in a green shirt was thunder Palm boom, the body fell to the side of the fly out, in the desert rolled a few laps, the bodies faint Thunder Light Lightning arc pā …
The body was paralyzed by Ray and shivered on the ground.

    "Ha ha ha ha!" Silly, you will Thunder Palm! ”Song Shuhang with a smile–finally out of the mouth evil spirit Ah … p> last time in this desert by this young man of all kinds of abuse, abuse he don't want to, this one thunder Palm really let him namely raise eyebrow and exhale, the idea all mastery!

    When Song Shuhang was laughing, young man in a green shirt on the ground again two laps, and then stood up.

    He patted the body ' s green shirt, toward song Shuhang cried: Little White, shamelessly, with DAO technique! ”

    Song Shuhang stare Big eyes: "Rub, a thunder Palm strong bang in body all didn't hurt?" ”

    "Then I am not welcome!" ”Young man in a green shirt actually said a whole new line.

    It seems that Song Shuhang's thunder Palm has also made new changes in the plot, just as the word ' rest ' is the keyword.

    But this time the new changes in the plot, it seems not so beautiful!

    Song Shuhang secretly swallowed: "Don't know, I feel we're still quite polite? I feel a little tired, or should we rest? ”

    But this time, the word 'rest' did not cause the story of young man in a green shirt to change.

    "Hee Xi XI, see my DAO!" Super Invincible, Divine Dragon Nine now, berserk Lightning big * Method! ”Young mans in a green shirt hands together, calling out a string of very long names.

    You kidding me?

    Song Shuhang Heart This idea just started, suddenly heard in the sky Chanley noise rolling in, then …A rain of thunder fell on him.

    Yes, the rain of thunder and lightning!

    Lightning is as heavy as rain, than the original Su clan ' s the Sixteenth du third Stage Rebirth Thunder when also terrible.

    Song Shuhang desperate look to the sky, this OK …
There is no room for evasion. His "virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand Miles" movement technique burst to the limit, may be able to rush out of the hundred meters area. But in the sky that thunderstorm range, the foot is five hundred or six hundred meters wide!

    I seem to be …and accidentally seeking death?

    Song Shuhang no tears.

    A moment later, the desert came a song Shuhang kill pig like the screams …


    Song Shuhang Feel the whole people will be scorched by lightning … consciousness are beginning to blur.

    Stop it! Oh, I'll die. Ah … p> say come back …Did I forget something?

    Just when I saw this bizarre desert, the first reaction was to ' avenge young men in a green shirt ', and the whole person was excited. But it always feels like something has been forgotten.

    Yes, instructor Little Li!

    Instructor Little Li is still asleep on the couch!

    He's not going to be in the young man's green shirt. Instructor Little Li is just an ordinary person Ah…?

    Don't die ah …

    Then, song Shuhang in front of a black, was corona passed …


    Instructor Little Li, slowly opened his eyes.

    "Yí, where is this?"He looked at the desert in doubt.

    Ah … p>

    What's going on, I'm in the desert?

    Let me have a glimpse of the recent memory – I seem to be due to the urgent need for money reasons, agreed to the flight school with two rookie rich and wealthy to fly the aircraft to heaven. Then this morning, when I signed the contract with my colleagues, I was waiting for the two millionaires to learn how to fly.

    After that, I met with two big millionaires. One is a handsome man and the other is a friendly university student who laughs.

    And then, I don't have a little memory … oh, vaguely remember some vague Westerner face, but what happened is not at all.

    "How did I get in the desert. Is it a dream? ”Instructor Little Li rubbed his temples, and then he reached into the sand under the body, a dig.

    The sand flows from the fingers to the mind, so true. Instructor Little Li again pinched his thigh, super pain! Not a dream, I was really thrown into the desert.

    Could it be …
There was an accident on the flight and the plane crashed into the desert.

    Its isn't right ah …
Near there is no desert ah … p> "Little white, you're awake!" ”At this time, instructor Little Li's side came a crisp man voice.

    Instructor Little Li turned to look and found a young man in a green shirt not far away from him. In a costume, there was a pure white horse next to him!

    The good handsome young mans, say this is to make the costume movie?

    And who Little White is, could it be …/p>

    "Little White, where did you run to just a moment ago, I thought you were going astray." ”That young mans in a green shirt squint eyes, smile way.

    "Wait, little friend, is little white calling me?" ”Instructor Little Li pointed to himself, puzzled asked: "You wrong person?" ”

    My name is Li Xihua Ah …
Of the flight instructor, unmarried.

    My popularity in the little is very good, we all kind of call me for Li.

    But these days there have been some strange things-I was mistaken for the Anthony, and today is mistaken for Little White, Little White is what ghost ah … p> yí,wait!

    Anthony again what ghost ah …

    On this day, Instructor Little Li discovered a very terrifying thing – there seemed to be some strange memory fragments in his mind. Or maybe he's missing a lot of memories?



    However, the young man in a green shirt did not seem to hear the roar of instructor Little Li, he turned to immediately took off a steel sword, thrown to instructor Little Li!

    "Little White, shall we practice swordplay?" ”Young mans in a green shirt said, and from the horse took off another steel sword!

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