Chapter 236 seems to have mixed up with strange things!

Instructor Little Li stared at the edge of the sword, the sword is bright, also open the front!

    Moreover, under the illumination of light, 剑锋 can ' Dīng …
Shoot out the glare of the light! Just look at this phase of selling, is the masterpiece of breaking the hair.

    Stab in the body, will be dead? Instructor Little Li was very worried.

    If it's an act, you don't have to take the real guy, do you? Although I heard that some of the perverted crews used real weapons in order to produce a sense of realism, at least people didn't start Ah… so, Instructor Little Li squeaked and shouted, "wait, little friend, you are Isn't it misunderstood? I'm not little white, and I'm not an actress ah …
Theater, I was just a careless into the theater, unknown truth extra Ah …

    However … young mans in a green shirt if not scratched to the ' G ' point, Ah …
Words, he will not stop to change the plot.

    "Little White, look at the sword!" ”That young man in a green shirt lift sword, body a blink to move to instructor Little Li's body, then saw him hand a shake, sword light One into three, three sword flower Thorn to instructor Little Li shoulder, abdomen, and thigh.

    Instructor Little Li is just an ordinary man, avoiding the quick sword of young man in a green shirt. He was just like blockheaded guy, and he had to bear the Sword of Young Mans in a green shirt.

    Then he spilled blood from his shoulder, abdomen and thigh …


    Then, instructor Little Li singles fell on the ground, the pain of the screaming–what is this ah …
Xenophobia? What's the complaint? Stab me with a sword?

    The good news is that young mans in a green shirt also just ' let Little white sparring sword ', no dead hand, just with sword tip slightly stabbed into the muscle, puncture point flesh.

    Young mans in a green shirt sword, puzzled looking at the lying corpse in the ground instructor Little Li: "Yí?" Little White Why don't you hide? ”

    Hide a fart ah …
I'm not sure

    "Wūwūwū …"Instructor Little Li wronged cry. All say big men does not cry easily, but today instructor Little Li oneself also don't know is how, suddenly feel sad, wronged extremely, hearty burst into tears.

    Perhaps, because of the loss of the part of the memory of the impact? Feel the time that oneself loses memory, seem to bear a great injustice? So plus now unfathomable mystery was stabbed a sword, sad mood on instinct can not suppress?

    Instructor Little Li wanted to stop crying because he felt like a big man, crying so sad, and in front of a Little friend burst into tears and humiliated.

    But the more you want to stop the cry, the more it cries. For a while, tears blurred his eyes and opened them.

    Seeing him cry so sad, young man in a green shirt froze. Then, he hurried to instructor Little Li's side, worried about the query: "Little White, Little White, what's wrong with you?" ”

    In the speech, young man in a green shirt and stretched finger, in instructor Little Li bleeding three wounds lightly a little.

    So the blood stopped.

    "I'm not little white, I'm not!" ”Instructor Little Li哭的哽咽起来–我是Li XihuaAh…

    "Little white, do you not want to practice the sword?" ”Young man in a green shirt was 'pulled up' and entered the next story mode.

    "I'll teach you something else today, and then we'll have a new one tomorrow." Didn’t you tell me last time that you wanted to learn the fist technique? I'll teach you fist technique, okay? ”Young mans in a green shirt aloud to ask.

    This plot pattern is similar to the one in which young mans in a green shirt teaches song Shuhang Sword Technique Foundation in ' True Illusion '.

    "I don't want to, I'm going home!" ”Instructor Little Li replied.

    However, Young mans in a green shirt did not pay attention to him, but is to lightly a pull, will instructor Little Li from the ground pulled up.

    "Look properly, Little white!" This is the foundation of fist technique! ”In a word, young mans in a green shirt a set of fist technique in front of instructor Little Li.

    For cultivator, this is a very common Foundation Building fist technique. It was Medicine Master who initially wanted to teach Song Shuhang's kind of 'body tempering fist technique'. However, later, medicine Master received poisonous Dragon Grass, and then changed to teach song Shuhang ' Buddha ' Warrior Foundation ' fist.

    After the show was over, the young man in a green shirt looked back and looked at Instructor Little Li: "Remember it?"

    Instructor Little Li Confused, what, remember?

    It's not broadcast gymnastics.

    Even if broadcast gymnastics, also want to watch several times, and then do a few times to learn ah … p> "Remember, we practice fist technique, okay?" ”Young mans in a green shirt a bright smile.

    Instructor Little Li growled: "What, I did not remember Ah …

    However, his voice just fell, the young man in a green shirt like fierce tiger down the hill, hit him, punched him in the head.

    Instructor Little Li only feels a black eye…The faint death in the ground, not awake personnel.

    However, even if he collapsed on the ground, then Young mans in a green shirt did not want to let go of his meaning.

    The fist drops like rain, mercilessly whips the corpse. As the original branch Lord Jing Mo ' puppet substitution ' encounter.

    Fortunately, this young man in a green shirt midway change Lianquan, if it is a sword …Instructor Little Li has been stabbed OK … p>

    Instructor Little Li, who is dying, is constantly making painful squeaky squeaks and bodily aches…. /p>

    So painful, so painful, is this hell?


    Also do not know how long, Song Shuhang from Dizzy fan wakes up.

    "Sīsīsī …"When he woke up, he found himself burning with pain.

    "Shuhang, you wake up."At his side, Senior White was reaching for him and a pure spirit power was entered into the Shuhang body.

    Song Shuhang felt the body's pain and injury quickly healed under spirit power ' s action.

    Senior White, finally ended the retreat ah …

    "Shuhang, what happened in my retreat?" Why do you look like a thunder chop? When I found you, you were all charred? ”Senior White frowned and asked.

    "Nothing! Just myself suddenly have a thought, with finger inserted into the power plug, it was electrocuted. ”Song Shuhang a white lie ….

    "Is it so?"Senior White was skeptical, and then he asked again: "What's wrong with Instructor Little Li over there? When I found him, he was badly injured, beaten badly, and ready to die. Fortunately I found the timely, first gave him a trip. ”

    Song Shuhang sigh, instructor Little Li didn't escape this robbery ah …
A face said: Alas, this is because instructor Little Li has just been true Monarch Yellow Mountain ' subordinates, rescued from the old us. Poor as it is, he must have suffered a great abuse in the old beauty. It's all my fault. Ah …, causing instructor Little Li to suffer so much. ”

    Senior White nodded with half doubt.

    "To senior White, True Monarch Yellow Mountain's subordinates sent instructor Little Li over, said instructor Little Li's memory cleared up some problems, they did not instruc Tor Little Li in the ' Old Beauty ' where the memory clears clean. So, want to please senior White you shot, will instructor Little Li's memory again delete, lest leave traces. ”Song Shuhang thought of Senior Apprentice Brother Zhou Li, said out loud.

    Senior White nods a way: "I try it, actually I am not very good at memory erasure." ”

    Moreover, in a short time repeated several times to delete a person's memory, to his personally brain will make OK …
What about the damage?

    In the speech room, Venerable White came to Instructor Little Li and pressed his hand over his head.

    Erase the memory of the Magecraft again, will instructor Little Li's memory deleted to ' July 9 met two nouveau riche cadets ' that moment.

    "It's done, but …The previous memory has been deleted incomplete, may leave some memory fragments. But there should be no problem. ”Senior White clapped the hand, replied.

    "Then will he suddenly, on one day, think of the contents of these memories?" ”Song Shuhang Some worry asked, he was afraid instructor Little Li suddenly remembered in the old beauty where the memory of abuse, and then pain.

    "As long as it is not stimulated, it should not come to mind. ”Senior White is not sure, because the removal of memory is really not his good magecraft.

    I hope he can live happily ever after. ”Song Shuhang secretly said in heart.

    The experience of the past few days must have been terrible for Instructor Little Li.



    Morning, 9:23.

    Senior White driving the Flying sword, with song Shuhang, instructor Little Li and some suitcase, flew to the Jiangnan area ' s ' underground parking lot '.

    A few days ago, the agent of True Monarch Yellow Mountain's called and said that all the cars had arrived and they waited for Song Shuhang to take the time to verify it.

    Today, Shuhang ready and senior white to go back to Wenzhou city, so he made a phone call to the agent, let him come to a trip, finish ok …
About sign a word.

    This group of vehicles a total of 31 vehicles, and the same, all kinds of brands, various prices, various models.

    Same as the last time, all the cars here are registered in song Shuhang ' s name. The names of song Shuhang ' s are registered on the vehicle registration.

    Song Shuhang ' s eye Patrol yard, the second trip of the car is basically luxury cars mostly, and sports to see several.

    Wait, as if something strange had been mixed up in the car!

    Song Shuhang stared at a stack of three cars in the luxury car, big and wild–1 tractor, 1 small scale excavators and 1 bulldozers …

    "These three cars, too, Mr. Huang Wenzhong, have you sent to us?" ”Song Shuhang Khan Road.

    "Yes, it's all ordered by Mr. Huang Wenzhong."The agent wiped the sweat of his forehead–to tell the truth, when he first saw tractor, excavators and bulldozers ditto, the whole man was confused too.

    "Well, for your trouble. ”Song Shuhang sighed and finally signed his name in Ditto.

    The agent is beaming–this trip, is good millions of accounted for ah … p> …


    True Monarch Yellow Mountain's agent left, Song Shuhang stretched: "Senior white, we choose a car drive to Wenzhou city." Yes, still have to instructor Little Li back to the first! ”

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