242 Chapter Father Song: My liver is broken!

When Song Shuhang home, will face the old lüah …
Old Lü fighting is absolutely three times times more than usual. Father Song rubbed his liver.

    Shuhang This guy is also true, if you want to go home, call Ah…
Well, there's a mental preparation. Now, it's only more than 10 minutes from home, Father Song is defenseless. Ah … p> "that oneself be careful on the road, come home to give you uncle Lü to say hello …What do you say, "Bang Bang Bang"? ”Father song with his head in his cell phone, loudly said–he deliberately pointed out ' uncle Lü ' words, is to let Song Shuhang back to prepare psychologically.

    "Haha, it's all right, that's the kind of transportation I came back to." ”Song Shuhang played a haha: "Then I hang up, soon home." ”

    After that, Song Shuhang hung up the phone.

    Father Song puzzled withdraw own mobile phone–some special transportation? What kind of transportation makes such a loud motor sound?

    Sports car? No, voice not. Does this voice sound like the engine of a transport ship that used to be in the river, or is it a rare tractor in the village?

    Tractor? Damn, no? Father Song felt a chill in his heart, let him not shading a cold shiver.

    No, I don't think so. Oneself usually also did not deduct song Shuhang ' s Living expenses, song Shuhang certainly won't distress to sit tractor home.

    It must have been my own mistake — maybe this is a SUV type car with a voice that sounds like a tractor?

    When thinking about it, Father Song secretly looked at the BMW 7 Series car parked in front of his house.

    Son ah … tractor back ah …
This face even if really lost ah … p> …


    "Old Song, is Shuhang called?" ”At this time, the edge of old Lü Dozen a wine, with a loud smile to ask: "Is he going home?" ”

The boy was surprised and said he would be home in a few minutes. The child his mother, Shuhang said oneself 10 minutes arrive, you prepare some kind of food again! ”Father Song yelled at Mother Song.

    "Yí, are you coming back?" This child, really, does not speak in advance. ”Mother Song laughs, fortunately today in order to meet old Lü, prepared a lot of ingredient.

    “Old Song, where is your Shuhang now? Need I get tianyou drive a car to pick him up? HahaOld Lü said with a smile : "You didn't see Shuhang more than a year ago, and you don't know how he is growing now?"

    "Ah, don't bother tianyou." The boy said he was coming by car and would be home soon. ”Father Song Hollow Laugh Two voices.

    Then Father Song began to spell the wine with old Lü.

    10 minutes … if possible, Father Song really want to get old Lü drunk, so by the time no matter what the Shuhang ride over, doesn ' t matter.

    Because he wanted to go, always feel that ' bang Bang bang ' voice like tractor, in the heart panic ruthless!

    Unfortunately, Old Lü is not so drunk.

    Ten minutes will soon pass…

    Downstairs, came a strange ' tútútú, Bang Bang Bang ' engine voice.

    Song Shuhang, Home!



    Song Shuhang near Home, find a Nobody's corner, tore off the tractor on the senior white affixed to the array rune, the ' invisible ' rune, tractor from the invisible status back out.

    The other several Rune Song Shuhang did not tear, otherwise tractor that 20–30 km/h speed too fast. 反正只要tractor现个形,不会吓到人就好。 Speed of the problem, such as fast to drive home, slowly slow down no problem!

    In fact, in the beginning, Song Shuhang was trying to sneak tractor into a nearby empty ground and not drive home–because it was a little shy to go home with this thing. More importantly, Uncle Lü is at home. Song Shuhang but know uncle Lü and his father damage friend relationship, two people anything is better than, everything will be damaged. If you open tractor back, then…That picture really can't think.

    However, halfway to pick up the meteorite and Daoist Cloud Mist, let song Shuhang can only reluctantly canceled the plan. He can not carry senior white and Daoist Cloud Mist, drag a big meteorite home?

    So finally, Song shuhang bite teeth, throw away their own shame and moral integrity, open tractor Hōng lóng lóng ' s home.

    Actually think carefully, manual tractor also quite handsome Ah … p> ***************

    "Is Shuhang back?" ”After hearing the Roar, old Lü up from his chair, laughing and walking toward the window. He wanted to see a year without seeing the son of old Song become ok …

    When Father Song listened to the strange sound of 'bang bang tú tú' downstairs, the bad feelings in his heart became more and more obvious. He froze his face and then went to the window with Old Lü.

    The two men looked downstairs at the same time.

    Under this look, old Lü and father Song changed their faces at the same time.

    When I saw the downstairs, Song Shuhang clutched the handrail of the manual tractor with both hands. The whole person was shaken with the movement of the tractor and looked very awkward.

    Behind the tractor, with a big stone …

    It turned out to be a tractor or a walker!

    This is what kind of play?

    Later.Song Shuhang a cool tractor!

    “Hey Ha Ha Ha, Old Song, your son's manual tractor can be awesome and handsome…
I was driving this thing years ago, manual tractor, zézé!. Where did this antique stuff come from? You're not going to see this on the road now, are you? ”Old Lü, pointing downstairs, laughed.

    As soon as the thought of his son's BMW 7 Series, and then on the side of the old Song family son back manual tractor-old Lü heart a dark. With this terrier, he can be happy for a whole year!

    On the side, Father song's face angry Hair green, clenched teeth, anxious now run down, will Song Shuhang press on the ground to smoke a meal.

    The transport of this son of a child is really tractor Ah …
Ride Tractor Back, is song Shuhang personally open Tractor home ah … p> and, also special is manual transmission!

    No, Father Song feels his liver aches to be broken!



    Downstairs, Song Shuhang stop Good tractor, and from the side of the driving seat to carry a figure.

    "Is there a guest?" ”Father Song slightly eased his face.

    But, Shuhang this kid carry a guest dried man?

    is thinking, Song Shuhang again in the back of the tractor turned over, in the side of the big stone and turned out the individual-the nature of this figure is bad!

    Father Song can be seen, the back of the person turned out the body is not much clothing. In broad daylight, it turned out to be a red Guoguo, OK…

    I saw Song Shuhang grab a hand and pulled the person behind the tractor to another shoulder.

    Then he left shoulder to carry one, right shoulder carrying one, staggered to his own upstairs.

    "What play is this again?" ”Old Lü a face puzzled ask.

    Father Song shook his head and he knew what was going on. Ah… p> *****************

    Soon, Song Shuhang had gone upstairs and knocked at the door.

    Mother Song trotted past and opened the door.

    After a face, Mother Song worried asked: "Shuhang, what is the two people on your shoulder?" ”

    "Ha ha ha, you don't care." ”Song Shuhang picked left shoulder, where is the venerable white: "The left side of this is my good friend, I invited him to our home." The result halfway on the time he sleepy asleep, he this person na, a sleep in the past will sleep on the dead, how to call not wake up. ”

“……”Mother Song looked at the eyes venerable white, why just can't sleep ah …
Is it sinking?

    Venerable White is the whole person hangs on song Shuhang shoulder, a long hair hangs upside down, spreads down …His hands were limp, and the legs hanging on the back of song Shuhang with Shuhang.

    This is still able to sleep incense, this baby's sleep quality is really good ah … p> Mother Song sighed and said, "Alas, let the girl leave it to me." You too, a little girl, you have the nerve to carry her up? ”

    Mother Song looks at the venerable white this long black hair, plus venerable white is a slender figure, the first eye will venerable white to mistaken.

    "What girl?" Cough cough, MA, white …Song Bai He is a man. Just keep the long hair, he is studying art, long hair is very common. ”Song Shuhang.

    Fortunately, Zhao Yaya didn't visit his family at this time, otherwise she could tell that Song Shuhang was lying.

    "What, is the boy ah …
A look of disappointment.

    She thought song Shuhang finally to get it straight, know to bring the female child home! I didn't expect that the university would be over for a year. This blockhead actually brought a boy home to visit.

    "What about this on your right?" ”Mother Song and looked to the right Daoist Cloud Mist, a look at her startled-this guy looks a bit miserable, full face blood? The body seems to have been burned like a burnt smell, and the clothes are still burnt. However, the exposed skin was completely undamaged and there was no burn.

    "This is a injuries I picked up on the side of the road," I looked, and he just got a little flesh wound, but fainted. I saw him lying on the outside, and he brought him back. ”Song Shuhang a kindly smile.

    "You ah …
Helpless pressed the forehead, to his son's ' Good man ' attribute really helpless: "This time you should not call the hospital first?" What if you move injuries and aggravate the condition? ”

    Another point, Mother Song did not say the mouth-in case of injuries to blackmail you do? By which time you are arguing ah … p> "Don't worry, it's okay." ”Song Shuhang smiled: "This person I also know, a while I call let his relatives come to pick him up on the line." No trouble! ”

    "Know?" That's fine. ”Mother Song sighed: "Well, stop grinding at the door. Move them in. The wounded number is placed in the room first. Your friend will be placed in your room first. ”

Song Shuhang took advantage of Venerable White and Daoist Cloud Mist, and greeted Song Dad and Uncle Lü on the edge of the window.

    Then, his face is not red, breathing venerable white, Daoist Cloud Mist into the bedroom.



    "Your family Shuhang strength is not small ah …
On the edge of the window, the ruddy Father Song Road.

    Carrying two of people, a breath to carry upstairs, not to take breath.

    "This kid is a brute force. ”Father song smiled and said, is song Shuhang a long time lately? It's a lot taller than what I saw last time.

    "Go, accompany me down and try your son's tractor." ”Old Lü This is a special poke father Song Heart sore: "I haven't touched manual tractor for many years!" ”

    Want to open manual tractor is an excuse, old Lü this clear is to stimulate Father Song.

    "You old stuff, don't make trouble. Drink so much alcohol, not afraid of traffic accidents. ”Father Song coldly snorted Road.

    "Afraid of birds, more than 20 years ago, my left hand Erguotou, the right hand open manual tractor, is not never been a thing?" I know my own liquor. Besides, I was driving to white Whale Road, afraid of what? ”Old Lüproudly said, and then toward the living room of the lütianyou recruit waved: "Tianyou, come to me shake tractor, we drive a slip!" ”

    Shake tractor? Lü Tianyou really wants to cry at this time.

    Father Song sighed, but also had to accompany the old Lü down-he can't keep up, heaven knows old Lü if crazy, open tractor run to a far place bacchanalian how to do?

    A row of three people downstairs, old Lü a face excited to climb to the driving seat, hands stroked familiar and some unfamiliar tractor handrails.

    Years of Ah …
More than 10 years have passed, the sons have grown up ok … p>

    He must try manual tractor, although with ' poke Father Song heart sore ' idea. But in fact, I really want to miss the feeling of opening a manual tractor.

    "Tianyou, don't leng, go to front will tractor shake up ah …
Cried the son.

    Lütianyou wry smile, grabbed tractor crank, and then hold the buttocks, began to shake hard. He also often see old Lü shook tractor, so this set is also ripe very.

    Bang Bang Bang … tútútú.

    Manual tractor was launched again.

    "Get on the bus and get on the bus. You two get in the back, let me take you two for a walk! ”Old Lü excited to yell.

    Father Song looked helpless and climbed behind the tractor.

    Lütianyou corner of the mouth smoked: "I don't have to go up?" ”

    "Bah, if you do not go up, if the halfway stall, who will shake tractor?" ”Old Lü Nu Road.

    Lü Tianyou smiled and climbed to Father Song.

    "Say Shuhang bring back this huge stone why?" ”Lütianyou looked at the stone and asked.

    Father Song shook his head.



    Upstairs, Song Shuhang was putting Daoist Cloud Mist in place, and when Venerable White was placed in his bed, he suddenly heard the voice launched by the downstairs tractor.

    Song Shuhang quickly ran to the window and looked down.

    Then saw uncle Lü a face excitedly sitting in the tractor driving seat, Father Song and lütianyou sit tractor bucket, tractor, slowly driving up.

    Damn it! Song Shuhang in a cold sweat and popped out.

    Venerable White is affixed to the rune array on the tractor. He only tears off the invisible array. The array that accelerates, reduces friction and resistance has not yet been removed. This tractor, can run 1100 km/h!

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