"What happened?" ”Mother Song See Shuhang face is not right, he also looked out of the window. Then, she saw the old Lü, Father Song climbed tractor scene. And lütianyou a face bitter force, very solemn and stirring climb tractor trailer …

    "These two guys, after drinking the wine crazy ah …
Mother Song Nu Way, pulled out the phone to call Father song.

    However, the ringtone of Father Song's phone was uploaded from the table …Before Father Song received song Shuhang ' s phone, casually will be mobile phone thrown on the table, no withdraw to.

“……”Mother song rage value suddenly soared, she pulled a voice to downstairs three people shouted: Old Song, give me will tractor stop! ”

    However, the downstairs may be tractor voice a little Rang, Father song, old Lü and Lütianyou did not hear mother Song Roar.

    Tractor started, slowly accelerated.

    Tú tú tú ……bang bang bang ……

    A black smoke began to rise. The tractor began in the roar and quickly left the entrance of Song Shuhang's family and went all the way.

    Mother Song: "…"

    Song Shuhang: "…"

    Mother Song thought, way: "Shuhang, go to the living room to see, you elder Brother tianyou car key is not in, downstairs that BMW is his vehicle, the key in the words quickly go to drive a cars catch up with your father them!" ”

    "Can't catch up." ”Song Shuhang a wry smile.

    What?Mother Song puzzled.

    "My tractor …The speed is slightly different. ”Song Shuhang Upward Heavens Above empty–a slight acceleration can easily to 1100 km/h, and then accelerate the speed of km/h no pressure, the acceleration can be faster, how to chase?



    "y ō ō, this tractor's feel impressed, times stick Ah…
Lu ha a smile, the whole person with tractor start shaking up and down, hi.

    The long-awaited feeling of opening a manual tractor Ah…
Suddenly back to the young time.

    Think of that year, he is also such open tractor.

    Especially in the winter, drink a little wine warm body, and then drive the beloved manual tractor, Mercedes-Benz in the streets of Wenzhou City. At that time he had just married, for the livelihood of the rush, although hard, but very happy-if not father Song often come out to poke his various pain feet, his memory will certainly be happier.

    Keep it up door, at the same time pulling the tractor lever skilled a pumping, on file.

    The speed of the tractor is getting faster and quicker, and the black smoke in front also gives more strength.

    "Old Song, where do you go next? I remember white Whale Road toward the edge of the mountain, where the old way, no one. There will be no traffic police or anything. ”Old Lü asked Father Song aloud.

    After all, this time different from the past, when even drink a little wine open tractor, also no one tube.

    But now it's a big problem to get caught drunk driving.

    "Yes, just go to the mountains," he said. Remember, don't go with the Way. Then the mountain there are people who privately pay for a big highway, do not know what to use. You go play that fool. ”Father Song sits in the tractor after Shandou, always feel some can't say of strange.

    Because the speed of the tractor is constantly rising, the side of the house, the tree, with a rapid pace of regression.

    "Old Lü, how fast are you driving?" ”Father Song asked loudly, because the tractor engine's voice is too noisy, when speaking involuntarily to increase the voice.

    "Not too fast, I haven't hung up to the fastest, rest assured, Ha Ha Ha."Front, the old Lü Open the Joy Pole.

    Lütianyou feel something's wrong–not up to the fastest?

    Something is wrong ah … p> lütianyou the speed of his usual drive a car, and estimated it. Now the speed of tractor, should be close to 60 yards? And it's still on the rise.

    Are you kidding, the tractor of km/h hasn't been added to the fastest?

    Could it be … tractor?


    Wenzhou city, White Whale Road not far from a "Niu Ding mountain." Here, there is a winding mountain road.

    Niu Ding Mountain is actually a number of connected mountains linked together collectively, the name on the map is not found, because this is only the locals call themselves.

    A long time ago, there was a curved mountain road linking some of the residents of Niu Ding Mountain to the outside world.

    But later, Niu Ding Mountain inside the residents are a little moved to the mountain, there are few families on the hill. This mountain road is also gradually discarded.

    But two years ago, an unnamed nouveau riche up his head, and then private money to expand the entire mountain road, and now the hill has become very spacious.



    At this time, in the entrance of Niu Ding Mountain Hill Road, there are red, blue, white three cars to see the car is cool sports car stopped.

    "Well, that's a good way." ”In the white car, there was a young girl with a high ponytail, a green and a full breath. She stretched out her hands to make a gesture of hugging, a proud face color.

    In the blue car, there is a slender legs, phoenix eyes, dressed in white girl drill out, looking up to the mountain, lightly a smile: "Little Maisui this election position not bad!" ”

    The last red vehicle is a wearing a sunglasses fashion woman, she stretched out her head, pressed the horn with a smile: "Don't so much nonsense, my car has been hard to do, we come to compare!" ”

    "Hēi hēi Hēi, I'll wait for Arthur." ”Little Maisui haha a smile: "Looks at, this time I must soar to 120 yards above speed, show you!" This section of road, I can go up to 130 yards at the fastest time. ”

    120 yards?

    Wait , is this number wrong? 120 yards of speed. Even if some sections of high-speed traffic, step on the throttle to have this speed, right?

    "Oh, secretive practice's people are more than just you! I also practiced for a long time, even if the mountain, I can maintain the speed of 100 yards, you two certainly not my opponent. ”The woman wearing sunglasses ' Arthur ' triumphantly said.

    1100 km/h speed, you can be complacent.

    That's right…These three girls, is that like racing, but the strength and slag ok …/p>

    They like racing, but under normal circumstances others play, that speed too fast, they can only follow to eat ash.

    Even if they like to drag racing, have been followed by eating ashes, being ridiculed, they do not like ah … p> so, the girl named Little Maisui to find ways to get the approval, money in some very remote places, or abandoned mountain roads and other places to build their own lanes.

    Then, a few of their own like racing, but not the strength of the sisters about a time, their own come over to play.

    Do not ask for much faster, just for enjoyment.

    "Zhao Yaya, get in the car! ”Little Maisui into his white vehicle and shouted at the long-legged girl on the side of the blue car.

……The girl who was grinning at the runway was no one else. It is Song Shuhang's daughter, Zhao Yaya.

    "Unexpectedly little Maisui this choice place will be Wenzhou city's white Whale Road, here from Shuhang ' s family very near Ah …
Go to Shuhang ' s family and see if he's back. ”Zhao Yaya Heart thought.

    Hmm, yeah right. Zhao Yaya love car……Her this interest, the hidden is very fine, the family no one knows her this hobby!

    Then three little girls climbed up their cars.

    "I count three, three seconds after we ' re going!" ”Little Maisui triumphantly said.

    In any case, it is not a regular racing game. The three sisters are also joke, and it doesn't matter what the rules are.

    "Three, two or one!" ”Little Maisui shout loudly, press the Horn of the vehicle by force, three handsome sports car ' swish ' to go forward.

    Sprint up on this runway.

    At first, three young girls are also a model, straight sprint speed is really not slow.

    However, whenever it comes to a turn, the three little girls are braking at the same time, slowing down…

    Instructor has been repeatedly telling us to slow down when turning!

    Well, drive a car is like this, safety first y!


    “yōyō, Chek!”Old Lü Open tractor, hi not ok …
Hum old brother, along the path to white Whale Road rear of the mountain drive …

    Father Song in the post bucket frowns slightly: "I don't think this speed is right… Ah…
Come on, it seems like a couple of little cars. ”

    "Don" think too too much, maybe it is a small car speed, and then we passed. That said, but tractor to overtake the small car feeling really not bad. ”Old Lüwāhāhā laughed.

    [its isn't right ah …
Degree is really wrong ah …
Secretly thought. At the same time, he reached for his own hairstyle-he had a doubt in his mind, why not the wind?

    Tractor no windshield, supposedly even speed open, driving too cheng …
Blow it?

    However, he sat after Shandou for a while, a wisp of wind can not blow his body?

    "Ha Ha Ha , Old Song, open this place you said. Zézé, good place ah …
Spacious and no one. If it's a good car, it's definitely cool here. But now, let me make a good play on this road, show you 20 years ago I opened tractor style! ”Old Lü triumphantly.

    At the same time, he will tractor the number of stalls to the highest speed!

    Tú tú tú ……bang bang bang ……tractor roared into the mountain road.

    At the same time, the speed of the tractor has increased a lot.

    Father Song Worried: "Be careful, this is the mountain road, there are many corners!" ”

    Old Lüwāhāhā laugh: "The corner is afraid of what, I was open tractor, to fastest speed over the 18 Bend Mountain Master." Looks at, I'll show you the beautiful corner. ”

    Old Lü Waist a twist, grasping tractor drag hand, slowly tilt …

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