Bang Bang Bang …

    Manual smoke smoky eruption, followed by a beautiful turn, even without slowing down, went smoothly through the curve!

    "See it, this beautiful corner, right? In the movie drift also not my this handsome, this is skill Ah …
Cherubim's boast-though his palms were sweating at the moment.

    Speaking, tractor front, speed …Seems faster and faster?

    Behind, Lütianyou secretly wiped the sweat. From the point of view of the turning body just turning, is the speed just 70-80 km/h? Even faster!

    This manual tractor is definitely modified.

    However,Shuhang Why do you want to be insane modification a manual tractor Ah … p> or is it that the recently converted luxury car has turned into a popular conversion tractor?

    Don't say, it's really possible. It is said that in a place in the nouveau riche have been tired of luxury car, have already started to play the wagon race!

    "yí? Old Lü carefully, the front seems to have a car! ”Father Song eagle-eyed, found in the corners, the front square has several car shadow!

    After getting closer, Father Song saw that it was three sports cars.

    They are white, blue and red.

    or sports car!

    The speed of the three vehicles was not slow, and the sports car roar that was audible when they started.

    The previous section of road is a long line Cheng …
Is it more than 1100 km/h?

    But the evil is, their seat under the tractor, is slowly catching up with the steady speed of three sports car, a little closer between the distance!

    Lütianyou finally unbearable: "Our speed of km/h?" ”

    "Don't be ridiculous, have you ever seen a 1100 km/h tractor?" ”Old Lü mercilessly scold his son way, tractor how can it is run out of 1100 km/h speed?

    But saying that, old Lü own voice are low down.

    Because in the time of speaking, manual tractor has caught up with the end of the white sports car!


    Bang Bang Bang … tútútú …..

    Tractor eye-catching a smoke, huge wheels turn fast, so there is no suspense over the white sports car.

    Old Lü's mouth is open.



    White sports car.

    Ponytail Girl little Maisui also big mouth, she blinked her eyes sports car dashboard-120 yards of speed!

    She blinked again and looked at the overtaking guy in front of him on the left.

    The four huge wheels, running up and sending out the strange sound of 'tú tú tú'. This is manual transmission, with trailer-manual tractor behind it.

    And, with her keen eyes, she could see a stone of the size of a eight Immortals Table in the trailer. There was a bear-like man sitting next to the stone, and a middle-aged man with glasses and essay.

The Girl little Maisui.

    What is going on here?

    Manual tractor, carrying a huge stone, overtook her yay …And her speed is 120 yards yō! Are you hallucinating?

    "Arthur ~yaya, am I dying?" I was hallucinating, I saw a black smoke manual tractor to overtake me! ”Little Maisui shouted at the headset.

    They three car racing, each other open headset, convenient conversation, avoid accidents.

    In the headset, the two did not answer carefully, only the slight zī zī sound.

    For a long time, the red sports car in that wear sunglasses the woman Arthur in a heavy tone way: "I thought I was the only one of the illusion, the original little Maisui you have seen." I had seen it in the rear view mirror, the smoky manual tractor, drive a car was a bear-like uncle. Āi yā …I got super too! ”

    When Arthur was speaking, the eye-catching manual tractor ' tútútú ', and gave her car over.

    At this time, Arthur Girl's speed of 125 yards or so.



    "Even more than two sports cars."Father Song Swallow mouth saliva-at this time who wants to believe oneself this tractor only 30–40 km/h speed, that is sand force!

    "If I'm not mistaken, Shuhang's tractor modified?" ”Lü Tianyou said solemnly.

    "How can it be Ah …"
Lu loudly replied: "As if you didn ' t know the principle of the engine, like the manual tractor this structure, to survive the death also ran to km/h Ah …
Change to a Ferrari engine! But as you can see, the tractor of this hand is not modified by ah …

    Dad said the same for AH …
Modification, the engine limits the speed ah …
" moment .

    But in that case, why is this manual tractor able to soar to more than km/h speed? Will the rear two cars look at the speeding white, red sports car easily over?

    At this time, his seat under the manual tractor, is facing the most in front of the Blue sports car steady force past. It seems only a matter of time before the speed of the manual tractor, over that little blue sports car.

    This car, will not be like the film Transformers ' Autobots ', the "spark" can be transform?



    At this time, Zhao Yaya is looking through the rearview mirror to see the 'distant' manual tractor.

    As the two sides distance getting closer and closer, she blinked her eyes hard.

    Then she screamed out: Ah …

    "Have you been super too?" Yaya? ”Little Maisui quietly asked.

    "No, just a little bit more." ”Zhao Yaya replied–The problem is not this, the problem is drive a car that Uncle Ah … p> this uncle Zhao Yaya.

    That is not often come from childhood song Shuhang ' s family guest uncle Lü!

    As a child saw many times, even when she grew up to Shuhang ' s family play less time, also often have and the Uncle Lü meet.

    Remember uncle Lü and Song Ku father are real ' big bad friend ', two people hurt each other to have no lower bound.

    In exchange for other friends, so doom of the loss of each other, has long been parted.

    However, Uncle Song and the Uncle Lü are obviously heterogeneous, and the two suffer losses, but the relationship has been unbreakable.

    Uncle Lü This Open is God Horse brand manual tractor Ah …

    Zhao Yaya took a slight glance at his own speed – 140 yards yay. This was the highest speed she could afford psychologically. When she was taller, she would not dare to go.

    But Uncle Lü Manual tractor, but the steady rolling over, to even speed overtook her. Is that at least 150 yards or more?

    Tútútú …

    Be super …By Uncle Lü Manual Tractor Super Ah … p> what's wrong with the world?

    Immediately afterwards, Zhao Yaya and saw a man in tractor Shandou.

    The private man with glasses looks very handsome and looks much younger than the real age.

    "The …Song Ku Father! ”Zhao Yaya startled screaming.

    "What's Up?" ”Two strange voices from her two friends came from the headset.

    "The manual tractor, I sat in the back of the man wearing glasses, I know."Zhao Yaya corner of the mouth convulsions, cry: "That is my uncle, is I and you mentioned brother song Shuhang ' s father." Drive a car that uncle I also know, is my uncle's friend Uncle Lü. ”

    "Oh oh-oh, Song Shuhang, is the brother you want to introduce little Maisui to him as girlfriend?" ”Arthur girl bad smile up.

    Little Maisui hēi Hēi laughed: "No, others like the sister Arthur is always you, we still yuri it." ”

    "Bah, holds dutifully to die, elder sister but to open 3,000 male harem, no time and you Yuri." ”Fashion girl Arthur shouted.

    "Hēi hēi hēi, OK, let's just speed up and catch up with the tractor." People are now very interested in the tractor ah …
Hey Shing: "The other front has a U-shaped big turn, that turn manual tractor must slow down!" Then, Yaya you must introduce the uncle and uncle to us to know. ”

    Fashion girl Arthur also replied: "More than km/h manual tractor, elder sister play a lifetime or see the first time." ”

    Zhao Yaya silently nod–anyway, first with uncle's car again!


    At this time, in white Whale Road to Niu Ding Mountain path, there is a figure in the rapid sweep.

    It is Song Shuhang.

    Manual tractor fastest but 150 yards of speed, he is not at ease after the drunken father Song, uncle Lü their mess-although said, Senior White has in the car affixed to strengthen the body of the defensive spell array. But song Shuhang not sure if the defensive spell array can be protected by the people on the bus.

    So he ran up and down the back.

    Unfortunately, Lü Tianyou's car key was not left. Otherwise, driving a car and spelling it could shorten the distance between the two parties.

    And, the evil is, no one taxi stopped. What's the fuss?

    So in the end, Song Shuhang only to catch up on his own legs-at which point he wished he could controlling sword Flight. With controlling sword Flight speed, catching up also on a fraction of a minute.

    At the foot, "virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand Miles movement" technique by him to play to the extreme, the faster.

    Virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand Miles movement of that ' s it, the more you run, the road technique …
The deeper the door cultivation technique ' s understanding, the faster it moves.

    In the end his body was swept ok …
The first 5 seconds or so hundred meters, all the way up. His body was swept ok …
It's much slower than car.

    At the same time, he finger pinch technique seal, display ' imprint sensing method '!

    In the tractor, there is a black-skinned box. The box contained money, medicine pills and treasured sabre Broken Tyrant.

    Treasured Sabre broken Tyrant, Song Shuhang was transmitted senior apprentice Brother Three Realms Left a mark on the knife. Now, he can use ' imprint sensing method ' to determine the treasured sabre broken ' s position to lock tyrant Song their current coordinates.

    "Run to Niu Ding Mountain Lane went up ah …

    This way, but there are a lot of U-shaped big turn ah … p> the only thing that makes people feel a little relieved is that the mountain road has been changed, and there are many protective measures, especially the large corner of the road, are made very wide.

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