Chapter 245 New Year! New reputation This one time to ask for a monthly ticket!

This is the first true single chapter of the book.

    "Cultivation Chat Group" in the beginning of the shelves, because it is the shelves in the month, missed the new book list ticket competition.

    The second month, due to some of my odds and ends, the reason for the conversion, missed the last one months of 2015 ticket competition.

    Today, the early morning has passed, is the beginning of 2016, a brand-new.

    I want to try to hit the monthly ticket!

    人嘛,没榜可冲的时候,就会造OK…,就没动力……So, go to the list, punch the list!

    Ask everyone in the hands of the guaranteed monthly ticket, now should still double monthly pass, a vote over the past two votes.

    Vote for me yō!

    I'm on a monthly ticket!

    After the ticket, the knight can sell you an eruption? Or?

    I am going to the code word …

    In the end, I wish all of you a pleasant mood in 2016 and a smooth academic career.

    Good mood, good luck! ——PS: This is the skill ' the author's blessing ' Ah …
Section ends ->

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