246 Chapter Car God old Lü: waist life ah … Transaction

Niu Ding Mountain's Mountain road was rebuilt and extremely spacious, simply was built for the purpose of ' Safe street racing ' …So, even if it is 150 yards of the tractor, as long as careful, midway do not seeking death ' s words, this mountain road on a moment will not be an accident.

    Now, just want to Uncle Lüdrive a car don't seeking death Ah … secretly thought.

    His heart is very worried, because uncle Lü drank a lot of wine ah … p> drunk people, and open the tractor of km/h, think all terrible.



    On the mountain road of Niu Ding Mountain, the tractor is still ahead of the three sports cars.

    At this time, old Lü full of bright voice from the front of tractor came: old Song, we just even exceed three cars sports car? ”

    His voice was full of disbelief.

Dad's stiff answer, he is now full of a problem–this tractor, Song Shuhang where did you get it? More than 100 km/h of tractor Ah… ? This is a tractor, not a sports car?

    "Even more than three sports car, the speed is more than km/h." Ha Ha Ha Ha. ”Old Lü with a nervous smile.

    Hearing this laughter, bucket behind the lütianyou immediately a kind of uneasy premonition-his father used to have such a nervous smile, generally divided into two situations.

    1: Was Uncle Song in the heart of the pain, and so Uncle Song left, his father will be so neurotic laugh half a day. This belongs to the wrath of the extreme and laugh.

    2: His father against the door, poke Uncle Song's sore feet. OK
will be so nervous to laugh for half a day, this is happy to laugh.

    But no matter what the reason, when his father gave such a strange laugh, the brain will not clear.

    Sure enough, after laughing, old Lü issued a heavy sigh: "I have been drunk ah …

    Under what circumstances can tractor 1100 km/h?

    Under what circumstances can tractor three sports car?

    It only happens in a dream!

    Or drink too much, drunk after the illusion of the case!

    Old Lü at this time in doubt, whether he has drunk confused?

    Hearing his father this, lütianyou suddenly the whole people are nervous: "Dad, wake up!" Steady drive a car, I and Uncle Song are still behind you. ”

    "Rest assured, your father even drunk, open tractor or brilliant at publicity!" ”The old Lü Ha Ha Ha's geek laughed, and the whole person swayed back and forth with the shock of the tractor: “Old Song, we pick it up!”

    Then, old Lü Mouth began to sing aloud: "The river …Flow eastward! The stars in the sky …With the Beidou! Old song, Sing next! get high! ”

    "Hey, your sister!" ”Father Song growled: "Honestly open your car, looks at the point in front, don't go in!" ”

    "Old Song you this fellow, just won't cooperate." This time is a brother, it should be the next to sing, you a sentence, I a sentence, and more interest! ”Old Lü Bobbing …

    Shaking, he felt that he seemed really a bit tipsy, although the thinking is clear, but the hands are not so flexible before, the whole person's action seems to be slower than the brain thinking a beat.

    However, old Lü shook his head vigorously, strong support way: Old Song you a disappointing guy, you do not sing my own sing-say go, I go ah …
Both If on my way I see injustice 声 一哇,wā wā wā wā wā ……”

    Not old Lü singing cassette …He sang the song for the rest of his life, familiar, without the brain can continue to sing.

    The problem is that there is a big sharp bend in the front, the U-shaped one, Radian boss!

    Cause old Lü to sing to half of the song, all changed OK …/p>

    Father Song also saw this sharp bend: "Steady, old Lü Fast steady, will tractor speed to put down!" Quickly

    "The brakes were long gone, but the speed did not drop so quickly… Ah…
It's too fast! ”Old Lü Roar, he desperately operation tractor the front, make a right turn, try to make the front of U-shaped turn.

    Because of the nervous reason, his waist instinctively involuntarily press the direction of the right turn tilt, twist.

    Eye looks at the front of a little bit into the curve range, and then continue to maintain, you can smoothly into the U-shaped corners.

    The Father song at the back finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    But just then, suddenly, old Lü screams, a face painful shape: "Āi yō my mother, my waist flashed!" ”

    Although the old Lü now physique is still as strong as a bear, but the toughness is not cloak strong. Turn, because too excited, his waist instinct twist, the result radian too big, flash to waist!

    The waist came pain, let old Lü almost can't hold tractor head.

    Suddenly, the arc of the front turning slightly changed some …It's just a little bit of a change, but the tractor they're sitting on is running at a speed of 150 yards. P> in that high speed effect, even if a slight tilt on a small point, will the slightest difference, leads to A huge error!

    Bucket behind, Father Song shouted loudly: "Beware ah …
Hit the guardrail! ”

    "Abominable ah …
Old Waist Ah …
Corner, I lightly loose can be able to cross ah …, the next moment, he suppressed the pain of the waist, feet on the brakes to regain grip!

    is worthy of 20 years old driver!

    The tractor head of the hurricane, the weakest or obstinately he stuffed into the U-lane!

    At the same time, the rear of the bucket two wheels almost to the sky, through the strong inertia, was ' dumped ' into the U-Channel!

    If venerable white on the tractor on the "enhanced body", this a strong drifting, enough to tractor after bucket snapped, flung out!

    And now, in the strengthening of the body and array effect, after the tractor bucket just issued the shrill voice, but unscathed. Even the huge meteorite, small box, Father Song and lütianyou in the car, under the protection of array ability, just shook a bit violently, still maintain the basic stability.

    The first U-Channel, smooth through!

    A tractor of people are not secretly relieved.


    In the rear, three of the girls who had been racing around were hanging from behind the tractor.

    Three people all see just tractor wonderful ' drifting ' into the U-bend action.

    How should I say–Is it awesome? This simply car driving ah … p> "Yaya, the uncle Lü in your mouth is really nothing to say ah …
Road, although slowed down some, but at least 120 yards at the speed? This drifting into the corner of the action, cool! There is no doubt that the car god yō! ”Little Maisui通过headset,对着Zhao Yaya叫道。

    “tractordriftingAh…,那后bucket几乎是腾空而起,真正被‘甩’入到U型弯道的。 Your traffic recorder is on, can you get a good drifting? ”The fashionable girl, Arthur, was equally excited.

    "I am open, but distance some far, do not know the picture is not clear." ”Zhao Yaya Raspberry Road

    –Master in folk?

    Uncle Lü Open modified more than km/h tractor, capable of such a beautiful drifting, this is the real master ah …
To think about it, ask Uncle Lü for a car driving?

    Because she remembers, uncle Lü used to be driving school instructor.


    At this time, the “car god” Old Lü in the eyes of the three girls, but pale with a pale face, his old pain, cracked the same pain.

    Father Song See old Lü Pale, hastily said: "Old Lü don't hold on, stop, replace!" ”。

    Side of Lütianyou wry smile way: Song Shu, I will not open tractor Ah …
For Song Shushu let him open tractor.

    "Nothing, I'll drive." Old Lü, stop! ”Father Song called.

    Although Father Song weak appearance, when he had tasted bitter, tractor skill will not be worse than the old Lü!

    "It has been braking, but it was too fast before. Now it's slowing down. Sīsīsī, the pain is old. Wait for me to slowly stop the number of files … fuck Ah …
Old Lü said half, suddenly shouted again!

    I saw in front, suddenly there was a big U-shaped curve.

    And even steeper than the earlier, the curvature is bigger!

    And this U-shaped curve, on one side is a hard Rock Hill, the other is a small steep slope more than five meters deep.

    A small steep slope is not just one, but terraced, a layer attached to each layer is four to five meters deep, has been along to the foot of the mountain.

    Both sides are dangerous place, whether hit the mountain rock, or the side to fall, can be dead.

    At this time, the car speed down! Old Lü 's liver was faintly quivering.

    At this time, Father Song calmly said: "Old Lü endure, first over this bend, and then stop the substitution!" ”

    "Pain pain pain, fight, is not a corner, I can get one, will be able to cross the second! Look in my awesome! ”Old Lü roared way.

    He again endure drilling heartache of the old waist, start crazy control tractor turn, hard to drill into the big U-shaped corners!

    Only use this corner again, it is safe! Hang in there, one turn, he's going to live!

    Alas, the time was like a knife Ah …. Do not obey the old, the old waist are protesting ah … p> *************

    At this moment…In the back three girls racing, still doing their best to keep up with tractor.

    “Ai yā , this is a continuous S-shaped big sharp bend in front of it. Two bends are very big radian! Come on, let's see how the car God is bending over S. Really want to see his continuous drifting Ah …
The eyes of his car navigation, excitedly shouted.

    "Little Maisui You don't rush too fast. You're not a car-god. Slow down. We're going through corners steadily!"Fashion girl Arthur hurriedly said.

    "Rest assured, I won't be careless." ”Little Maisui hēi Hēi laughed.



    The S-shaped corner, which is a very difficult corner connected by two large curved U-shaped corners.

    Do not know old Lü 's waist, prop up live not?

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