Chapter 247 Meteorites and Fissures (2 More Guaranteed Monthly Pass!)

Tragedies in movies, there is a commonly used to foil the tragic color of the film characters-for example, when the film's several characters experienced difficulties, overcome the obstacles, and finally survived, from the ' underground ', ' traps ', ' disaster scene ' and other places to climb out of the time.

    They are greeted by a real paradise-the sudden ' dádádá ' bullets rain, or a mysterious flash of the axe, Sabre glow, and some even simply fell from the sky of the destroyed meteorite, various from it, these poor movie characters sent free to heaven …

    Then the audience only feel all kinds of pit dad, feeling these characters are so miserable …

    The Old Lü at this time, the body set such a tragic character template.

    He bit teeth, put on perseverance and the dignity of men, obstinately again in the ' drifting ' way, will manual tractor into the second U-shaped corner.

    At that moment, old Lü all fall apart general, but secretly relieved tone.

    But then …What appeared before them was not the wide, straight, Great Way, but the other, more horrible U-shaped curve.

    "Waist life!" Finish it! ”Old Lü screamed.

    Because this time, he has no ability to let manual tractor again into the second reverse U-shaped curve-even if his waist completely undamaged can not do.

    Really think that manual tractor is sports car Ah…
Out of the manual tractor km/h, it is still manual tractor. Control, torque, braking, flexibility and other performance aspects, can not be compared with sports car ah … p> "do not give up ah …
Father cried, he wanted to climb to the front, his replacement for old lü–but in fact, even if the father Song did not recruit, he skill again good, also can not reverse manual tractor to out of the mountain Road the fact.

    Old Lü just barely put the turn of the action, the effect is not ideal.



    Behind, three girls opened the sports car is slowing down, steady pressure to turn the first corner.

    Little Maisui looked at the second corner of the tractor, lost Way: "Āi yā, unfortunately, tractor has passed the first corner." ”

    "Doesn ' t matter, can film him even the second corner also very nice." ”Fashion Girl Arthur Lane.

    Then, three sports car slowed down, lowered its speed and prepared for the second corner.

    At the same time, they are driving a recorder, ready to shoot from three different angles of the above km/h speed, with a drag of the history of the S-channel.

    But at this moment, the car lord tractor in their eyes, only a little symbolic to the second corner of the swinging place … …Then, the tractor of the car God is not hesitate to hit the lane of the guardrail!


    Originally hard guardrail, in more than km/h tractor impact, like plastic products as fragile, was hit by a breath.

    Tractor leaps into the terraced ramp, rolling to download!

    When the three girls saw this scene, they hurried subconscious the brakes.

    Sports car tires and the ground issued a harsh tire sound, three sports cars firmly parked on the roadside.

“……”Little Maisui Leng.

“……”The fashion girl Arthur was also stunned.

“……”Zhao Yaya was even more guilty for a long while. Then she rushed out of the sports car and ran to the place where the tractor was rolling.

    You know, Father Song was still above Ah…p> Little Maisui and Arthur also got off the sports car, just behind Yaya.

    The three girls ran to the barrier and looked down.

    At this point, tractor like a turtle, poured on the third terrace of the cliff. The four wheels were still rumbling and spinning.

    The three men on the tractor were crushed under the vehicle, unknown whether alive or dead.

    uncle, Uncle! ”Zhao Yaya shout up, at the same time hand nervously touch out mobile phone, ready to play a to mother Song.

    At this moment, behind the hanger of the tractor, there was a voice from Father Song: "cough cough cough! Old Lü you a Kill thousand DAO, I and you are not finished ah …
Not alive? ”

    Later, I saw two figures from the inverted bucket.

    It is a pair of glasses with literati temperament Father Song.

    The other is the lütianyou of a bear of tiger and waist.

    Apart from the body, the two men look nothing hurt!

    "Daddy, are you all right?" ”Lütianyou shouted at the big voice.

    "How to could it be alright Ah …
Now, get me out of here, my waist is killing me. ”Tractor head position, came the old Lü cry.

    Father Song and Lü Tianyou rushed to sit in front of the tractor.

    The front of the tractor is tilted upwards and there is a gap between the car and the body.

    And old Lü just shrunk in this space …

    Except for the sprained waist, the old Lü is no end-loss.

    But on the edge of old Lü, there are some things that were originally placed on the side of the driver's seat, all of which were poured out.

    Moreover, the oil drums and Song Shuhang ' s boxes behind the bucket were rolled to one side. There is the big meteorite, by the car pressure, there have been cracks …

    Father Song and lütianyou Two people together, first old Lü from under the car dragged out.

    Luckily, the man was not hurt.



    "Luckily, all three were safe and sound." ”Old Lü looked at three people are safe, embarrassed smile.

    "If you're not dead, if it was not for you to insist on tractor, you wouldn't have such a big mess."Father Song mercilessly stared old Lü.

    Speaking, Father Song recalls some vague memories of tractor out of the mountain road.

    He vaguely remember when tractor rushed out, the car body seems to light up a bit, very conspicuous!

    Later, Father Song felt himself landed on the ground. However, there is no slightest impact of the accident!

    –they were thrown from the mountain road to the third terrace cliff, each layer is five meters high, it is 15 meters height ah … p> so high, and there is a tractor pressure on the head. If it is under normal circumstances, three people deaths and one life! But now, the trio is actually unscathed except that the body is a bit messy.

    "Uncle, uncle! Are you OK?At this time, a sweet woman voice uploaded from the mountain road.

    Father Song raise head A look, then saw a white Zhao Yaya, is to him.

    Zhao Yaya Just was startled, if not these terraced fields some high, she already jumped down for them three to a whole body examination, after all, she is studying medicine.

    "Yí?" Yaya, what are you doing here? ”Father Song asked, when he said, his eyes to stop at the roadside three sports car, immediately understand.

    Just nowOld Lü Open tractor, super is Zhao Yaya their sports car Ah … p> So, he smiled to Zhao Yaya waved, said: "We are all right, nothing, Yaya you don ' t have to wo Rry! ”

    Zhao Yaya quietly asked: uncle, do you need me to call my aunt? ”

    "Don't worry, first no need to be anxious." Give Shuhang that kid first to make a phone call, let him take root long rope what, will we three first get up to say. ”Father Song loudly replied.

    Then, Father Song looked at the eyes as the tortoise overturned in the tractor …It is estimated that a large crane will be needed to get the tractor back up.

    Speaking of which, the tractor must have passed modification, do not know where shuhang that kid came from?

    If it's borrowed from, what if it's broken?

    Where does he get a car can drive to more than km/h tractor compensate others ah ….



    "Shuhang home?" ”Zhao Yaya slide to unlock the phone contact, call song Shuhang ' s telephone.

    Soon the telephone was connected.

    "Yí?" Elder Sister Yaya, what can I do? ”Song Shuhang ' s voice came.

    "Shuhang, you prepare a long rope, preferably 30 meters long or so, and then bring to your home behind that Niu Ding Mountain road up." Along the hill all the way, can see my turn, there is urgent use. ”Zhao Yaya replied.

    "Niu Ding Mountain's Hill Road?" Elder Sister Yaya are you here? ”Song Shuhang puzzled and asked, "What happened?" Need such a long rope? ”

    "Uncle Lü Open tractor carrying uncle out of the Mountain Road, now fall on the terrace on the edge of the mountain, some high terraces, they can not climb up." ”Zhao Yaya replied.

    The car turned over. Are you okay? ”Song Shuhang hurriedly asked.

    "People look good, but they haven't checked yet, so pull them up and see." ”Zhao Yaya Road.

    "I'll be there right away." ”Song Shuhang replied, then hung up the phone.



    "Afraid of what'll come Ah …
Tone, and then the body was swept again. For fear of his father's safety, unconsciously, his "virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand Miles movement" technique faster one layer.

    More than 10 minutes later, he arrived at the scene of the accident.

    When he looked far away, he could see the red, blue and white sports cars parked on the roadside.

    And Zhao Yaya leaning against the guardrail, looking at the following is finishing the car goods uncle Lü and Father Song three.

    Another two women in the car to blow air conditioning.

    Song Shuhang slowed down the pace, to normal human hundred meters run speed to Zhao Yaya ran, far to her beckoning shouted: "Elder Sister Yaya, dad where are they?" ”

    "Shuhang, you are finally here." ”Zhao Yaya pointed to the broken guardrail below, said: "Uncle they are below … yí,shuhang, rope?" Why did you come here empty-handed? ”

    "When you called, I already in the vicinity and trotted all the way." My dad and uncle Lü drank a bit today, and then opened the tractor came out, I do not trust, they have been following. ”Song Shuhang wry smile way.

    In front of Zhao Yaya, he is not good at lying, just cover himself with "virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand" Miles movement came to the fact.

    "Can" t do anything about it, then only call the road rescue, let them help save people, by the way will tractor get up. ”The more Yaya the road.

    Song Shuhang hastily said: "No, Elder Sister Yaya, tractor I can find someone to help get it up." I have a friend who specializes in this issue. Dad, they …I'll go down first and bring them up. ”

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