Chapter 249 Meteorites …"Hong!"4 more for monthly ticket)

See song Shuhang surprised expression, Father song puzzled asked: "Before the Chinese New Year can not be taken out?" How long do you need it? By the right, what kind of shots? Is it like a funny video movie on the web? ”

    "cough, no."Song Shuhang patted chest way: "Rest assured, before the Chinese New Year can be done, certainly make the definite!" ”

    Anyway, he must make a little movie before the New Year!

    And he must get a nouveau riche role…Reward a waiter to reward a hundreds of thousands of, hand Luxury car vehicle registration certificate to hundreds of.

    This man is not a liar, and lying is a price to pay.

    Look back at the omnipotent ' Nine provinces (1) Group ' has no predecessor, investment ' film and television ' industry.

    With song Shuhang to the group of predecessors, the tentacles of predecessors have reached the world every corner of the industry, even Mars probe have some investment.

    Maybe there is a predecessor who drives a movie company. By that time, he can ask his predecessors to help him make a movie. He is free to be a nouveau riche character with no regrets and no regrets.



    On the Hill Road, Zhao Yaya on the railing. Perhaps the reason for the wind, standing in her position, just can listen to song Shuhang and father song, uncle Lü dialogue between.

    "Lying ah …
She murmured, even though far away, that she looks at Song shuhang some subtle bodily movements, and could guess that he was lying.

    Whether it's a driver's license or a movie, it's lying.



    Song Shuhang two times will father song, uncle Lü sent to the hill, and his box brought up.

    Zhao Yaya for three rough check the body, in addition to twist to the waist of the uncle Lü, did not find other strange.

    Later, she to Father Song Way: uncle, my friend and I will send you home first …Yes, but it might be a partial delivery. ”

    All three of the cars they drove out were two-seater sports car, a trip that only sent three people.

    "Elder Sister Yaya, you first Lü my father and uncle to send them home." Then you will pick me up again. ”Song Shuhang smiled: "Just I also want to inform a friend, let him help, the following tractor get up." ”

    "Well, then you are here, I'll pick you up soon." ”Zhao Yaya nod Way.


    Father song three people on the Zhao Yaya their car, Song Shuhang ' s that big box also let Zhao Yaya take home …

    After Zhao Yaya they sailed away, song Shuhang a deep sigh of relief.

    Then he leaped to tractor again.

    Tractor is also affixed with venerable white ' s array rune, which rune except for the sturdy body of the piece, the other several pieces first torn off to be more safe.

    In addition, there is a large meteorite behind the bucket.

    This time no other onlookers, Song Shuhang run "virtuous Noble travels for Ten thousand Miles" movement technique, two ups and downs came to the tractor side.

    "Move the tractor first." ”Song Shuhang secretly thought.

    With his hand, he grabbed tractor's fuselage.

"A heavy drink, Heart acupoint, Eye acupoint qi and blood force in one breath, auxiliary cultivation" technique immovable ' s Buddha body The natural movement of his body surface over a layer of faint gold.

    The next moment, Song Shuhang with both arms exerting force, a fierce lift!

    The tractor, which had been overturned by the tortoise, had been lifted up–also because of tractor, the venerable white buff's ' reduced gravity ' array aid.

    Then, his arms force, secretly running "Buddha's Warrior Foundation Fist technique" the force tips, forcibly a lift. The heavy tractor was lifted and slammed on the ground to send a loud sound of 'sagging'.

    In addition to some diesel leaks, the entire tractor is unscathed.

    But this meteorite on the ground, I do not know is because from high fall, or was tractor heavy car body rolling reason, its surface unexpectedly appeared many small cracks.

    Song Shuhang Curiously squat to the edge of the meteorite: "Strange, this meteorite is so fragile?" ”

    Because at first sight, the meteorite is rolling empty thief Gate ' Dao priest Cloud Mist ', he smashed down from the sky, and finally smashed a big hole in the ground.

    If this meteorite really so crisp, originally from the air will DAO priest Cloud Mist smashed down, should be broken OK …
Is it right?

    OtherSong Shuhang Remember when he began to move the meteorite, vaguely sensed from its venerable white ' s breath. What the hell is this meteorite?



    So Song Shuhang close to the meteorite and looked at it carefully.

    "If you look closely, there are two cuts on the top and bottom of the rock, which is a bit too flat."Song Shuhang secretly thought.

    Below that plane, vaguely also DAO priest Cloud Mist breath. It is estimated that Daoist Cloud Mist encountered the meteorite, tried to chop a meteorite, and then left an outer plane on the meteorite.

    On the other side, the sensitive words can feel the venerable white ' s breath.

    But why is Senior White's atmosphere on the rock?

    Song Shuhang secretly thought: "Will it be those who launch into space ' disposable flying sword '?" ”

    Especially recently, the predecessors fired a lot of ' disposable flying sword ' over it.

    If those disposable flying sword, hit a meteorite, cut a meteorite, it's likely to leave a plane.

    Song Shuhang's finger lightly in the rift between the meteorite, running mental energy sensing the breath.

    "So," how it is! ”He is comprehend and understand.

    From the fissures in the meteorite, it can also be sensed that there are traces of ' Senior white ' sword qi and ' Daoist Cloud Mist ' Sword qi collision.

    Two Sword Qi to the meteorite as the carrier of confrontation, a wide range of damage to the internal structure of the meteorite.

    So when song Shuhang to move the meteorite to the car, he felt the meteor accident ' light '.

    That's because the meteorite was already ' gold and jade on the ' outside, rotten things on the inside ', and there was a shell.

    After, and experienced the tractor rollover incident, the internal cracks finally expanded to the surface!



    "Say, two sword Qi and then, what will this meteorite inside look like?" ”Song Shuhang a sudden curiosity.

    Anyway, the meteorite has cracked, so why don't you blow it open?

    Do what you say!

    The Qi and acupoint of Song Shuhang Heart acupoint, Eye Blood broke out in the fist.

    "Foundation fist technique, one!" ”He sank to a drink, his right fist blasted on the meteorite!

    A click …

    The surface of the meteorite quickly disintegrated, the shell is OK …
knocking them down.

    眼looks at陨石就要露出它内部的模样时,Song Shuhang心中却突然涌上一股不好的预感。

    He reached into his pocket and grabbed the last piece of ' Armor Talisman ' in his hand, in case he was unprepared.


    At this time, the shell shattered to the original size of One-third after the meteorite, suddenly exploded.

    Rub, for Mao would explode ah …
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