I have never seen Ruism Holy Man’s people, and I don’t know how strong Ruism Holy Man is!

Even if All Heavens and Myriad Realms are recognized as ‘Heavenly Emperor’ in the same grade as Ruism Holy Man realm, the performance of the battle is not as good as that of Holy Man.

This is to take the unique Great Way and create the Holy Man of Ruism!

After the battle, there was no many twists and turns, no counterattacks, no wonderful reviews.

After the appearance of the Ruism Holy Man obsession, the liquid metal giant began to slam the hammer, until the iron fist of knowledge continued to fall on the liquid metal giant body, and the hammer was blasted to the end.

The whole process has only a feeling of ‘cool explosion’.

Even in the entire battle, the Ruism Holy Man obsession did not use the second spell or attack.

that’s it……

The huge body of the liquid metal giant was hammered into slag by the Way of the Scholar iron fist, leaving nothing left.

“It’s over.” Northern Great Emperor whispered.

Ruism Holy Man obsession The last punch of recovery, sutra suspended in the void at the same time was rolled back and fell back to Holy Man.

The burning fire of the obsession dissipated.

Ruism Holy Man’s obsession disappeared, revealing the weak Blockhead Song inside.



“Ha ~” Blockhead Song gave a deep breath and leaned back to the ground.

It’s also the power of Ruism Holy Man’s obsession… It’s completely different from the status that Song Shuhang borrows.

When Song Shuhang borrowed the power of Ruism Holy Man obsession, it was dominated by Song Shuhang’s will.

When Blockhead Song activated the power of Holy Man obsession this time, the battle process was dominated by the Ruism Holy Man obsession.

I feel that the body is hollowed out.

If there is no Song Shuhang’s ‘half body 2’ support this time, Blockhead Song is really unconfirmed whether he can hold it to the end.

“咔~咔~” Blockhead Song’s ‘Shadow Holy Land’ on the wrist, newly added several cracks.

Fortunately, the Shadow Holy Land is still in the end, no broken.

“Working hard.” Blockhead Song lightly Touching the shadow of the Holy Land, I dare not use too much force, for fear of touching it and breaking it.

Subsequently, he carefully removed the ‘Shadow Holy Land’ and incorporated it into the life source dantian Ling Lake of ‘Song Shuhang Half-length 2’ for warm and nourish.

“Is it over?” Fairy Maiden Peach of Immortality swept through the chaotic world and never searched for the liquid metal giant.

“It’s over, my body’s ‘Way of the Heavenly Emperor’ is no longer resonance – the final retreat of ‘Heaven’ has been cut off by us.” Blockhead Song sat up and reached for a cosmos bag.

In this cosmos bag, there is a material for repairing the ‘shadow holy land’. He reached out and added the ‘cosmos bag’ to the Ming Huo Lake in Song Shuhang’s half body 2.

The shadow shrine is very special, although it can’t be used in ‘Heavenly Tribulation’, but it can be used for ‘spurs learning’ in transcend Heavenly Tribulation.

For example, find a knowledgeable obob force, and provoke the obsession possession… you have the opportunity to get the academic tyrant, learn the ancient language or practice knowledge.

As long as there is repair material, no need to be worried Song Shuhang will not fix the ‘shadow holy place’, after all, his body’s pendant is so rich, all of them are big and big.

The only thing to worry about is that the precious materials of this bag can be used correctly to repair the shadow holy land.

After handling it properly, Blockhead Song climbed hard from the ground: “Walk, before the fixed program of today’s ‘Heaven’ is not activated, we will evacuate this chaotic man-made world.”

In today’s ‘Heavenly Dao ‘already entered programmed mode of action, they now break the way of escape left by ‘Heavenly Dao’ and are likely to activate some of the killing programs of ‘Heavenly Dao’.

Therefore, when you are finished, you must run quickly so as not to be caught.

“How is this chaotic world handled?” asked Fairy Maiden Peach of Immortality. This is a complete man-made minor world. Just keep it, will it be a waste?

At this time, Northern Great Emperor used the cold voice: “We can’t take it, it’s too hot. We destroyed the liquid metal giant in this world, and the body is likely to be left with an invisible mark.”

“But it’s a pity to leave it alone.” Western Great Emperor put his hands in his sleeves and said, “Maybe Tyrant Song would like this chaotic world?”

“For Tyrant Song, this minor world is also a hot thing. He is still crossing the eight products and the nine products Heavenly Tribulation. If he takes over the minor world, it will hurt him. But… one is May use it.” Blockhead Song said out loud.

He reached out and took out a ‘disposable flying sword’ – this is the original version of the Senior White ‘disposable flying sword’, which was the model used by Senior White to launch some accidentally broken treasure into space.

Blockhead Song leaves this ‘disposable flying sword’ at the entrance to the chaotic world.

If Saint Monarch White needs to use this ‘chaotic world’, then his body’s strong great luck will naturally guide him to the edge of this chaotic world, let Saint Monarch White take this ‘chaotic world’ away.

If Saint Monarch White doesn’t need this world, or if this ‘chaotic world’ is very hot for Saint Monarch White, then his own great luck will naturally lead him to avoid this chaotic minor world.

“In addition, you can leave a coordinate mark in a farther position. If Saint Monarch White is not interested in this chaotic world, the time is ripe, we can go back and take this chaotic world back,” adds Blockhead Song.

The coordinate mark can’t be too close, so as not to cause a ‘Countryly Dao’ fixed degree of counterattack.



After doing all this, Blockhead Song reopens the Golden Whirlpool.

Several Ancient Heavenly Court’s Eternal Life Being returned to the Golden Whirlpool Space – before Heavenly Dao left, they should not stay in the present world for too long.

Although he has successfully escaped from the ‘Heavenly Emperor’ road, no one can guarantee that ‘Heavenly Dao’ will be forced to take them away at the last moment to supplement their own defects.

After several Eternal Life Being emperors left, Blockhead Song closed the golden vortex.

Losing the last ‘regression’, Current ‘Heaven’ has been dead end.

If they calculate that’s right and lose this ‘regression’, Heavenly Dao’s will not be able to ‘restart’ again next time ‘downtime’!

The core of this chaotic world and Heavenly Emperor’s Heavenly Court are the means by which the Heavenly Dao ball restarts itself.

And if the Heavenly Dao ball can’t be restarted, it will fall into the downtime status, which is the best time for Song Shuhang to be promoted!

Taking advantage of Heavenly Dao to take the opportunity to advance to the holy, you can avoid being involved in the nine product Heavenly Tribulation.

“Catch the opportunity, Tyrant Song. The rest, look at yourself.” Blockhead Song’s figure detached from Song Shuhang’s half body 2.

“Are you ready? We are to set off.” At this time, there was a figure in the void.

It is Fairy Cheng Lin who has no life.

At this point she used the Ye Si’s body and briefly appeared with the secret technique.

“Let’s go… It’s time to see you again with ‘Heavenly Emperor’. To be honest, her changes are beyond our expectations.” Blockhead Song nodded.

Heavenly Emperor’s body is also the original spirit ghost – Ghost Divinity Cheng Lin’s a portion.

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