The Heavenly Emperor, which had just been ‘resurreated’, was like the Heavenly Emperor in Blockhead Song and Cheng Lin’s memory. After the resurrection, he thought about rebuilding Ancient Heavenly Court and retrieving her own way.

But recently, Heavenly Emperor’s action mode has become more and more weird. She seems to have known a lot, no longer intends to be subject to ‘Heavenly Dao’, wants to be free.

So, Blockhead Song is going to go with Fairy Cheng Lin to find Heavenly Emperor and talk to her.

― ― The reason why with Fairy Cheng Lin is that Blockhead Song is worried that in the process of ‘talking’, he is at a disadvantage and has the risk of being killed. With Cheng Lin, even if you need to use physical advice during the ‘talking’ process, he and Fairy Cheng Lin can punch Heavenly Emperor.

Regardless of whether or not you will use physical persuasion, anyway preparedness averts peril. At the very least, be prepared to physically persuade him.



On the other side, Eighth Stage Profound Saint Tribulation Dimension.

Song Shuhang wears a crown of thorns, and the body has many pendant intelligence bonuses, and is trying to tutor the Ancient language.

The White Bone Giant’s controlling right has been handed over to Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty.

Fairy @#%x is playing, she uses swords to cut in the sky’s tribulation cloud into into different shapes, with stars, triangles, squares, polygons… of course, love is also indispensable.

After the different shapes of the tribulation cloud are cut, they are compressed and sealed by Fairy @#%x and transferred to the Song Shuhang’s space magical item.

“@#%!仙子!” Song Shuhang’s tongue twisted and called out Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s name.

“It’s wrong again…” Pavilion Lord Chu sighed and said: “Maybe, your tongue needs to be modified.”

Song Shuhang’s The tongue is overturned when there are several Ancient language syllables.

Pavilion Lord Chu believes that it may be better to use Song Shuhang’s tongue to move a surgeon and split his tongue.

Song Shuhang: “…”

“After a break, the crown of thorns can’t save you, I am also very desperate.” Pavilion Lord Chu swelled in a madness.

“Maybe, I should find an Ancient Antiquity Era’s predecessor, Entering Dream?” Song Shuhang secretly said in heart.

Entering Dream This talent, although still “passive mode” until now, but after meeting some conditions, the chances of activating ‘Entering Dream’ can be improved a lot.

For example, blood fusion, soul resonance.

“Don’t hit my mind to my body, or I will get your hair into your skull.” Pavilion Lord Chu threatened.

She knows the terrible talent of Song Shuhang.

Pavilion Lord Chu also believes that ‘Entering Dream ability’ is a good way to learn Ancient language’s.

But she didn’t want some of her own little secrets, and she was spotted by Song Shuhang without reservation.

“Do not worry, Senior Chu. You certainly don’t meet my ‘Entering Dream’ requirements.” Song Shuhang comforted, for the sake of his own safety, this time must give the Pavilion Lord Chu a positive answer, let her no need to be worried .

During the conversation, suddenly Shu Shuhang was in a stiff body.

“My half body!” He was joyfully said.

Pavilion Lord Chu stays in the hair: “The missing half of the body number 2?”

“Yes, I reconnected with the senses between them!” Song Shuhang nodded.

After he resumed the controlling right of the half body, he controlled it to enter ‘Core World’ for the first time.

Half-length No. 2 is exposed to the present world and is very dangerous.

Can be forcibly taken away by others, and can be taken away by other big brothers for the second time.

Song Shuhang, how dare to let the half-length No. 2 act alone?



Core World ?Living Spring poolside.

The half body 2 flashes.

On the edge of Living Spring, learning magecraft’s Scallion Lady from Senior Turtle was shocked.

“What monster!” Scallion Lady screamed and showed her true body, kicking her body to Song Shuhang’s half-length.

When ~~

A burst of metal clashing.

Scallion Lady painfully clasped her right foot and cried out with grievances.

“This is Shuhang’s half-length.” Pavilion Lord Chu spit a string of bubbles, said out loud.

Scallion Lady has a long-awaited heart: “Shuhang, what about your half-length running to the present world? Transcends tribulation is a good way to go, don’t do so much.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

It was learned by Scallion Lady that this feeling is subtle.

[I will transfer the half body back to Heavenly Tribulation World. 】Song Shuhang returns the conversation via the ‘secret voice transmission’ spell.

After the play just now, he did not dare to leave the half body No. 2 to stay outside, ready to send the half body number 2 honestly back.

However, before returning the Half-length No. 2, he needs to find Senior Turtle and Pavilion Lord Chu to check out – Heaven knows What happened after his half-length No. 2 was borrowed? Will it be damaged?

[Senior Chu, Senior Turtle, trouble you. 】Song Shuhang’s half body.

Say, Su Clan’s The Sixteenth and Soft Feather and Black Skinned Soft Feather. Where are they going?

Pavilion Lord Chu and Senior Turtle’s mental sense swept through Song Shuhang’s half-length and carefully examined it for him.

“There is no physical problem, no damage.” Pavilion Lord Chu back to conversation – ― In addition, she vaguely felt a breath. But the breath was deliberately eliminated, Pavilion Lord Chu unconfirmed, and did not assert.

“I didn’t see the problem here… In addition, I vaguely sensed my lord’s breath from Shuhang’s half body.” Senior Turtle frowned.

“Northern Great Emperor’s breath?” Song Shuhang.

“Well, although it is very weak. But Shuhang your half body, may have contacted my master.” Senior Turtle surely – “About the Northern Great Emperor’s breath, it will never admit mistakes.

Song Shuhang held his chin and thought about it.

The golden vortex, the Northern Great Emperor’s breath, captures his half body and temporarily cuts off the connection between the body and the body.

The answer is already coming out.

At the same time, he also self-examined his own half body number 2, especially the location of the Mingling Lake.

Soon he found a little strange.

[The Shadow Holy Land is passive… Is there more cracks on it? 】 So, the repair fee is not going to rise again? Simply wants his life!

[yí,wait…this is a cosmos bag and the treasure inside it. 】 Inside, it seems to be the material for maintenance? Could it be used to repair the ‘shadow holy land’?

If so, pretty good, at least not for him to increase debt.

[What is this thing? 】Song Shuhang’s consciousness noticed the last item and transferred it out.

“A good life, this is the means of mastering the ‘Life’ system of Great Way’s Eternal Life Being?” Senior Turtle guessed.

Scallion Lady looked at the treasure and read: “There are words on it…Song Family ancestral chromosomes, not many, cherish what you have at the moment.”

Pavilion Lord Chu: “…”

Senior Turtle: “…”

Song Shuhang: “…”

After a while.

Pavilion Lord Chu: “It’s a good thing, Shuhang you keep it yourself. Not sure if it will come in handy.”

Song Shuhang’s half-body idea, transfer this ‘life treasure’ to the depths of Core World, and suppress it.

[I will transfer the half body back to Heavenly Tribulation World! You no need to be worried about me , quiet wait for me Manifest Presence In Front Of Human ! 】Song Shuhang’s bust voice transmission.

Then he took out a ‘disposable flying sword? Break the small black room version’ and smashed back to Heavenly Tribulation World.

He has an intuition, when the half body 2 returns to Heavenly Tribulation World, it is the time to break the Heavenly Tribulation BUG!

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