Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2440

Song Shuhang feels that his skin thickness is still not good, because of the embarrassing reason, its half body 2 is almost returning to Heavenly Tribulation World at the speed of ‘escape’.

“The physical thickness of the skin is sufficient, but the mental thickness of the skin is still almost, and needs to be properly cultivated.” He secretly said in heart.

Senior White ‘disposable flying sword? Breaking the black black room version of the colorful artifact shines.

Song Shuhang’s Half Body 2 successfully returned.

After seeing the smooth return of the half body, Song Shuhang also secretly sighed.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty paused the action of cutting the Heavenly Tribulation tribulation cloud — because the in the sky’s tribulation cloud has been dug into pits and it takes a little time for them to re-melt so that she can continue to dig from the tribulation cloud Come out the shape you want.

The size of the tribulation cloud is large, but it has a lot of water. After the Fairy @#%x compression seal, a huge to cover the sky and hiding the earth’s tribulation cloud, can only compress the volume of a round table.

“Speaking of Senior Chu, when I saw my own half-length, I suddenly thought of an operation.” Song Shuhang turned his two half-length into a mist undying body, ready to reconnect.

“What operation?” Pavilion Lord Chu asked casually.

Song Shuhang replied : “Senior Chu If your body needs to recover some more, if you want to go out from Core World, can I cut off my half body number 2 and borrow it from you? After all, I have been at Core World, you It will be boring.”

“Thank you, but I don’t need it.” Pavilion Lord Chu stays lightly swinging – Song Shuhang’s Half-length No. 2, of course she can’t borrow.

But… Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s tail can be considered!

If she can wait for the occasional trip, borrow Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s tail to go out and not bad?

Fairy @#%x looked puzzled at the Pavilion Lord Chu. Out of the instincts of the strong, she felt that the Pavilion Lord Chu was hitting her mind.



“body fusion!” Song Shuhang screamed.

He controls the body of the two halves and prepares for integration.

Just then, there was a sudden flash of blood in the half body.

The blood with a bunch of colorful treasures and some fine spots of light, quickly returned, fell into Song Shuhang’s half body No. 1 – is the blood of Ruism Holy Man!

It suddenly took the important, insured part of Song Shuhang’s Half Body 2 and fled it out, bringing these insured parts back to Song Shuhang’s Half Body 1.

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

He immediately braked and stopped the fusion of the two halves of the pseudo-undying mist.

This move by the blood of Ruism Holy Man is a reminder!

His half body number 2 is likely to have an accident.

“Unmerge, lift the ‘pseudo undying ‘mist body!” Song Shuhang thoughts flashed.

The two half-lengths unlocked the mist status and fell back to the original place.

“What’s wrong?” asked the Palace Lord Chu.

“When I was preparing to merge the Half Body 2, the final insurance in the body ‘Ruism of the Ruism Holy Man’ returned with the insured organ in my half body 2. So, I feel that the half body 2 is likely to have potential problems. Otherwise Ruism The blood of Holy Man will never do this.” Song Shuhang said solemnly.

The blood of Holy Man will not be targeted.

“When your half body came back on the 2nd, did you check my body?” Pavilion Lord Chu stayed quietly asked.

“Checked, and let the Senior Turtle test it together. But neither Senior Chu nor the Senior Turtle, you can see the difference.” Song Shuhang looked at his half body No. 2.

“That is… the other party may have the ability to smear my body and Fellow Daoist Turtle. Your half body went out on the 2nd and sneaked out!” Pavilion Lord Chu hits the Song Shuhang skull .

Want to get rid of her ontology detection, which means that the other party has at least the same level of realm, in order to carry out anti-reconnaissance.

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything!” Song Shuhang himself was desperate.

The disappearance time of the half body 2 is not too long, and it will be about two hours before and after.

Ghost knows what happened to him during these two hours?



So, in the quiet and strange BUG Heavenly Tribulation World, Song Shuhang and the upper body and lower body began to squat.

“It looks like there is no problem, no other energy is mixed into your half body.” Pavilion Lord Chu is stunned. There is no energy in her hair. It can only be judged by ‘eyesight’.

“And my control of the Half-length No. 2 is still… I don’t feel the slightest difference.” Song Shuhang said.

But that’s it, it is more terrible.

“Or, cut it off.” Pavilion Lord Chu said: “The important things in the half body 2 are already brought back by the blood of your Ruism Holy Man. The rest of the body can be used on the 2nd. The general outline of “Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art” comes back with the “Cheng Lin Self-Healing Method.”

“呜~呜~” tool spirit on the gauntlet. The fairy is holding up the finger, aiming at Song Shuhang’s half-length, and calling out the charge.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty is attached to behind Song Shuhang’s body and is also ready.

Song Shuhang gnashed his teeth and sighed and said: “Okay, then cut it!”

The half body number 2 is too strange, with the reminder of Ruism Holy Man blood, he really dare not merge the ‘half body 2’.

And Pavilion Lord Chu said make sense, since the important parts of the half body No. 2 have been brought back by the blood of Holy Man… the rest, big deal is born again!

He worked hard to learn the general outline of “Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art”, isn’t it just facing such a scene?

“Stand up, don’t mess!” Song Shuhang gave instructions to his half body.

Behind him, White Bone Giant + Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty + Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item re-aggregates the ‘armed female emperor shape’.

On the Doomsday holy sword of Senior White two, it shines with the terrifying end of the world.

“Cut it!” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

Even if it is divided into two halves, but the half body is still his body – this is like a big knife to cut off his thigh.

Song Shuhang never thought that there would be such a disaster in his life–self-killing himself.

This sword will go down, it will be very painful!

“It’s a bit tricky for you to pick up the bug!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty made a very interesting line.

On the Doomsday holy sword, the word qi is vertical and horizontal.

Hum ~~

The huge swordsman broke open and pulled a kilometer of sword qi in the hands of Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty!

Sword qi is open to the earth.

Under this terrifying sword qi, Song Shuhang’s half-length is as small as a bug.

The next moment, a tearful pain back to Song Shuhang’s spirit.

“嘶~” Song Shuhang clenched his teeth.

He can feel that his half body number 2 is being destroyed.


Because of the practice of the three major body tempering cultivation techniques’s, his half body number 2 is too strong. Under the destruction of the terrifying sword qi, it was not crushed at once, but was a little bit worn away.

Song Shuhang finally experienced the feelings of others when he cut him — the strong and unmovable body is the desperation of the enemy.


Just at Song Shuhang’s Half-length No. 2, when a little bit was worn away, the existence lurking in the half body No. 2 finally couldn’t sit still.

It has never seen a man like Song Shuhang who is not hesitant about his half-body poisoning — a man who is so embarrassed to himself, simply scary, and he has three more points than the monk.

If you don’t come out again, the Half Body 2 will be completely destroyed, and it will be finished.

In a shrill humming sound, a drop of poor liquid metal permeates from the half body.

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