Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2441

With only a small drop of volume left, it looks like it will dissipate at any time — this is the weakest ‘liquid Metal Ball’ form that Song Shuhang has seen.

However, he will never despise each other.

Song Shuhang can sense that this ‘Liquid Metal’ is not Fat Ball, nor Heavenly Dao. After all, he is so familiar with Fat Ball, and he has also played against Heavenly Dao’s widowed ball several times. He is familiar with them and will never admit his mistakes.

Then, what is the origin of this drop of ‘Liquid Metal’, it has already come out.

Heavenly Dao Ball!

This should be a means of Heavenly Dao’s ball — after all, Heavenly Dao undying is immortal and cannot be cut, so it should not be Heavenly Dao ontology.

Song Shuhang watched this drop of ‘Liquid Metal’ with vigilance and was ready to go. At the same time, he quickly prepared all the operations, attacks, talents, and evil arts of his diverse sorts and varieties.

Opposite, liquid metal is also ‘seeing’ Song Shuhang.

One step wrong, step by step wrong.

It has lost its chances when it was forced out of half body by this jealous man.

And what makes it uneasy is that there is no trace of fear in the face of this monk in front of it!

You know, its identity and majesty are there, even if it is weak, in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, any practitioner who has not stepped out of his ‘Way’ will be suppressed by its majesty when facing it. move!

― ― But when the monk saw it, the booth eyes were filled with ‘begin to stir’.

One is impacting eight realm’s Venerable, when I saw it, I dared to begin to stir, simply to make it majestic.

If it is a perfect form, it must pinch the little bug.

“Powerhouse Appraisal Art!” At this moment, this monk really started to act!

He really dared to shoot it!

He really dare!

啪~ A familiar light falls on the ‘child of the sky’ body, which is extremely accurate.

This light…

[Is Ruism Holy Man Pregnancy Gaze? The drop-shaped son of the sky reacted quickly.

Opposite, Pavilion Seoul Chu on the top of Song Shuhang flew: “No effect.”

“After all, its identity is there.” Song Shuhang replied ― ― After guessing the identity of the other party, he still chose to start with ‘Pregnancy Gaze’ because Pregnancy Gaze is likely to build a wonderful work!

In All Heavens and Myriad Realms, a large part of the enemies that have played against Ruism Holy Man have been taught by Ruism Holy Man with ‘big love’, just like the king who met before.

These big men who have been taught by Ruism Holy Man’s “Love” have been hit by ‘Pregnancy Gaze’, and even if ‘Powerhouse Appraisal Art’ has no effect, it will still cause illusion of their physical instinct.

Unfortunately, this drop of liquid metal is not affected by ‘Powerhouse Appraisal Art’. It may be that Ruism Holy Man gave Fat Ball the weight of ‘Love’ that was not heavy enough.

However, this ‘Powerhouse Appraisal Art’ is not completely useless. At least Song Shuhang can be sure that the other’s status is weak and weak enough to avoid the ‘Pregnancy Gaze’ straight-line shot–he also secretly prepared ‘Folium of Decartes Appraisal Divine Art! ‘, the results did not come in handy.

In addition to this… probably because the target is related to ‘Liquid Metal Ball’, Eye of the Ruism Holy Man is activated, it actively cooperates with Song Shuhang to lock this ‘Liquid Metal’ and turns on the vulnerability scanning function.

[The target body and spirit are extremely weak. It is recommended to use a mental attack. A vague message was passed to Song Shuhang’s mind through ‘Eye of the Holy Man’.

The body and spirit of this liquid metal are all in a state of serious injury, but because of the nature of the liquid metal body of the other party, the impact on the body will be greatly reduced. Therefore, at this time most suitable Song Shuhang’s attack means a mental attack!

Spiritual attack?

Song Shuhang quickly turned in his mind.

Su Clan Old Ancestor Knot’s secret technique is a multiple attack of voice and spiritual soul, but the secret technique is not perfect.

Knowledge is never more than enough, at this time, what kind of ‘spiritual attack’ is more effective?



At this time, the opposite.

“哗~~” was swept by Powerhouse Appraisal Art and the victim of the ‘Children of the Sky’ was stimulated and floated in the air. The powerful majesty and the physical pressure were pressed from its body.

Even the Pavilion Lord Chu felt a little uncomfortable.

[Haha, come here! 】Song Shuhang has a happy face.

“Fairy Karmic Virtue!” he yelled, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s ‘armed female emperor shape’ could filter the spiritual pressure for him.

At the same time, Song Shuhang backhand is a ‘gold core QR code’ shot, greet each other’s spiritual pressure.

[Make a friend, big! 】

With the evolution of ‘Cursing Chat’ talents and constant improvement, Song Shuhang has the strength to pull the big guys into their friends list!

Now, he is no longer worried about the big man’s swearing operation — because he already has a lot of operating rights, and the number of big hangs in his friends list is more! The background is harder!

He is no longer afraid of spelling and backstage.

[dīng ~ ‘天之子’added you as 『Friend』, please select its buddy group. 】Song Shuhang’s flashes a hint in his mind.


[Move it to ‘Blacklist 2’ and shoulder the shoulder with the king! 】Song Shuhang quickly chooses.

Everything is done in an instant.

Immediate afterwards, Song Shuhang’s third eye of the forehead opens.

[Mental pollution is strong! 】

Song Shuhang forcibly opened the information channel when the other party has not yet learned and understood the various functions of ‘Comprehensive Chat’.

The various garbage data messages from the three-eye predecessors were madly poured into the ‘child of the sky’.

“Zi ~ ~ 滋 ~ ~” in the sky, this drop of the ‘child of the sky’ body bursts of white smoke.

This is its current body, state of mind can not withstand this wave of spiritual pollution, forced to overload.

Eye of the Ruism Holy Man’s Tips, it works!

[Come on, pull out the trivial things, the propagate posture, the gossip chat and other information of the ‘artificial world’! 】Song Shuhang re-extracted the data in his mind.

In the entire ‘artificial world’, the various useless information about the giant was extracted and turned into 1DB garbage data, and was forced by Song Shuhang to the Son of Heaven.

“Zi ~ 滋 ~” in the sky, the son of the sky’s white smoke has a faint smell.

It seems to be going to crash at any time.

“Next step? What to do next step!” Song Shuhang secretly said in heart.

[Recommendation: Take advantage of powerful spells and wipe out the target in one fell swoop. Note: There is only one chance. From the Eye of the Ruism Holy Man, pass clear battle instructions.

There is only one chance, and it must be wiped out in one fell swoop when the target is overloaded and there is no resistance.

The same move can’t work twice.

If it fails, if the target is prepared, it will be impossible to recruit.

‘A powerful spell that wipes the other side out?’

Song Shuhang’s heart is faint.

Khorium one hit?

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