Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2442

Song Shuhang is a big heart, and the more people like him, the more stable they are at the crucial time.

Because the heart is strong enough, if you encounter some exaggerated things, you will not be psychologically collapsed. Instead, you can make some correct choices.

Wanting to destroy ‘Liquid Metal’ in Heavenly Tribulation World, Song Shuhang’s choice is not much — because many foreign aids are not available. Core World also cannot be opened and is restricted.

In addition to the khorium strike, there are ‘sabre of cause and effect’… and “Holy Ape Refinery” + unknown white 1-3# that he originally wanted to deal with ‘Fat Ball 佬 bot doppelgänger’ 3 The composition of the seal means.

However, “sabre of cause and effect” is a ‘ruler-class’ sabre technique. Without the help of the cause and effect spear of Black Dragon World ‘Ancient Serenities’, relying on Song Shuhang’s own strength, sabre of cause and The effect “power is very unstable — ― luck may be able to rely on the strength of the senior big shots seniors, if you are not lucky, nothing can be found.

In order to stably play the power of ‘sabre of cause and effect’, we need to wait for Song Shuhang’s ‘recognition chat’ talent even one step further, strengthen the connection with the big bang!

Now, in the face of only the “one-shot opportunity”, the unstable “sabre of cause and effect” can not take on the main task.

The seal of “Holy Ape Refinery” + Unknown White 1-3#3 is limited by the ‘Heavenly Tribulation World’ limit, and also requires the ‘disposable flying sword? Breaking the small black room version’, with too many variables . In case of improper operation, give the opportunity of the ‘Liquid Metal’ son of the day, the other party will take the opportunity to escape.

So, if you think about it calmly, the most suitable means at this time is only a khorium blow.

― ― Just as Shu Shuhang had just a batch of heavenly material earthly treasure, he also had a number of precious materials to repair the ‘Shadow Holy Land’ when he returned. Plus he has a precious ‘50% discount coupon’ in his hand.

In a short time, Song Shuhang made a quick decision.

If the treasure is gone, you can earn it again… If the strange “Child of the Sky” ran, it would be gone.

“Hey!” Song Shuhang’s tragic scream in his heart.

The ‘bracelet magical item’ collection of the heavenly material earthly treasure, the stone that has just arrived at the long, and the precious materials of the ‘shadow sanctuary’ are all took out.

At the same time, the ‘50% discount coupon’ also appeared in Song Shuhang.

“Divine Strike” spell, activated!

Song Shuhang’s hair roots upside down and stained with a layer of nouveau riche golden coloured.

A pair of light wings appeared, and there was an ‘eye’ cohesion between the wings of the light wing… This eye resonated with Song Shuhang’s third god eye to strengthen the efficiency of “Khorium One Shot”.

“The money is the thing outside!” Song Shuhang read his own curse in his mouth.

All the heavenly material earthly treasure, spiral stone, and maintenance materials in his hands were turned into a large river torrent, which was integrated between the palms.

Every time a piece of treasure is integrated, the power of Song Shuhang’s palm is even stronger!

Every time the power is strong, Song Shuhang’s hands will increase by one point.

“50% off coupon!” Finally, he put the coupon into the light group of “Divine Strike”.

― ― Do not know how to calculate this 50% discount coupon?

Is it possible to save half of his heavenly material earthly treasure for his khorium strike? Or is it to double the attack power?

Song Shuhang is very contradictory in his heart. He hopes to be the former and save him half of the material. He hopes that the latter will double the power and guarantee the killing of the Son of Heaven.

Hum ~~

With the 50% discount coupon integration, Song Shuhang’s energy between the palms of the two sides has skyrocketed, and the faint sensation can sense the power of Divine Strike in the palm of the hand, which is the latter!

Heartache can’t breathe.

Song Shuhang This time, the wealth invested in Divine Strike is very large.

The treasures that were exchanged from the ‘Heavenly Dao Eye Drops’ from the ‘Nine Provinces (1) Group’ predecessors, except for the one that lost the wealth dispersal, most of them were put into the sacrifices – Song Shuhang only left small Partly heavenly material earthly treasure at Core World, needed for disciples casting magical items.

In addition, the treasures of the ‘Shadow Holy Land’ are repaired, although there is only one cosmos bag, but the quality is extremely high – according to the projection of Shadow Thane, the cost of repairing the ‘Shadow Holy Land’ is about equal to the flat crown of the top of Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty. It is about the same space that Song Shuhang borrowed from Senior White to borrow from Space White, Ninth Stages spirit stone.

With so many treasures + the 50% discount coupon, the power of this “Khorium One Shot” is so powerful that it makes everything tremble and suffocate.

It also caused Song Shuhang to feel trembling and suffocating.

In addition, there is a coincidence of the matter… Since Song Shuhang learned “khorium one hit”, the object of the surgery, the objects of the surgery, are related to Fat Ball!

In Ruism, Song Shuhang summoned the Ruism Holy Man obsession possession with the ‘Shadow Holy Land’, and eventually squeezed out all of his possessions, and displayed “Khorium One Shot” to explode Fat Ball. That battle laid the special position of Song Shuhang in Ruism’s, and he also lost his body, leaving only one head.

However, in the last time, when he escaped from ‘Heavenly Dao small black room’, Song Shuhang once again squeezed out all his family’s belongings, and displayed “Khorium One Shot” roaring ‘Heavenly Dao’s Wills Ball’, squandering and fleeing Birth day.

This time, Song Shuhang, who had gathered a group of treasures, once again squeezed his pockets and used “Khorium One Shot” on Fat Ball Heavenly Dao’s way of escape ‘Child of the Day’.

Three different “Khorium One Shots” smashed Nine Serenities Fat Ball, Heavenly Dao, and Heavenly Dao.

Fat Ball is definitely the nemesis in the pocket of Song Shuhang.

[You make me feel so sad that I can’t breathe, I will let your body stop breathing! 】

“Khorium hits – Divine Strike!” Song Shuhang’s voice, with its own lightning echo effect, echoes throughout Heavenly Tribulation World.

Pavilion Lord Chu can hear the screams of Song Shuhang, the kind of ‘heartbreaking’!

Hum ~~

The power of his fingertips turned into a blazing light, flashing past and slamming into the ‘child of the sky’ who braved the white smoke.

At this moment, in addition to this blazing light, there is no other thing between heaven and earth!

Wherever the light shines, everything is annihilated!

The entire Profound Saint Heavenly Tribulation World violently vibrates, sea of ​​thunder dissipates, and tribulation cloud blasts.

It is like the end.

The liquid metal ‘Child of the Sky’ was hit by the light, and was torn together with the space around it, and was swallowed up by the explosion of light.

Yu Wei of Divine Strike reverberates in the Eighth Stage Profound Saint space, not dispersing for a very long time.

No creature can be safe in this hit!

“Is the target wiped out?” Pavilion Lord Chu is quietly asked, she has not sensed the existence of the target.

Song Shuhang takes back the finger and he opens his own ‘Curse Chat’ friends list.

[dīng~ Your friend’s blacklist 2′ member ‘Child of the Day’ has died. 】

Song Shuhang is relieved.

He spoke and prepared to tell the Pavilion Lord Chu the good news.

But just when he opened his mouth…Eighth Stage Profound Saint space, fried!

Eight products Heavenly Tribulation Dimension finally can not stand this grievance, in-situ explosion.

Song Shuhang: “…”

On this day, Thousand Years’ First Saint ‘Profound Saint Tyrant Song ‘relentless flip the table, created a new transcends tribulation record and history!

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