Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 2444

Strong as Tyrant Song, even spelled out to leave only half a body!

How terrifying is the Heavenly Tribulation he faces?

Reminiscent of the directly-exploding ‘Eighth Stage Profound Saint’ space on the edge of Profound Saint Tyrant Song.

“Hey ~” Many people secretly sucked cold air.

I thought it would be easy to verify the own way with the Profound Saint Tyrant Song’s top Tribulation Immortal’s strength. Brush Heavenly Tribulation should be the same as playing.

It now appears that Profound Saint Tyrant Song’s ‘Eight Heartless Tribulation’ is not as easy as the world imagines.

‘Heavenly Tribulation World’ will be adjusted to the strength of Profound Saint Tyrant Song’s and become even more powerful?

Just like this scene, Profound Saint Tyrant Song and Heavenly Tribulation, half of the body collapsed and even the whole ‘Heavenly Tribulation World’ exploded!

[Every time I stepped out of my Way of Eternal Life’s Tribulation Immortal, I experienced a lot of hardships, no one is easy. 】

[Way of Eternal Life is the process of fighting for eternal life! Step by step! 】

At this moment, All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioner suddenly had a lot of sentiments in mind – way of practice, step by step, never been easy!

Profound Saint Tyrant Song’s sermon hasn’t started yet, and there is a Little Bo’s ‘Strength of Karmic Virtue’ that begins to converge.



Heavenly River Su Clan has only held an annual conference for decades.

Su Clan is banqueting the guests and guests, Su Clan ancestors came out to personally entertain guests.

During the banquet, someone at the venue raised head… Then I saw the Profound Saint Tyrant Song and the crashed Eighth Stage Profound Saint space.

The exclamations came one after another.

Nine Provinces (1) Group.

I’m a Little White Crane at the Horizon: “The book is late but it is.”

Doudou, who will be independent: “Although this month is late, Tyrant Song will never be absent.”

Fairy East Calming Snow: “After this wave, Shuhang is the real ‘Profound Saint Tyrant Song’, how do you feel about fellow daoists?”

Medicine Master : “…”

Loose Practitioner North River asks: “Yí, The Sixteenth and Soft Feather did not show up together?”

Previously, Little Friend Song Shuhang clearly left with The Sixteenth and Soft Feather, this time there was no group transcends tribulation?

“After all, his last Manifest Presence In Front Of Human, and without playing the group transcends tribulation, you can go directly to the Transcending Tribulation Dimension.” Dharma King Good Fortune.

**JS pinches the chin — that is, this time Little Friend Shuhang does not have a group of transcends tribulation? It’s a pity that he would have liked to see if he could form a group with Xiaoyou.

Nine Provinces (1) Group’s members quietly communicated in the group.

Group admin Venerable Yellow Mountain has a serious look, staring at the collapsed Heavenly Tribulation World and the central half of Profound Saint Tyrant Song.

“Senior Yellow Mountain what happened to you?” Fairy Lychee whispered.

“I have a feeling that I can’t tell you –” It’s like there are new changes, to open.” Senior Yellow Mountain whispered.

Fairy Lychee nodded slightly ― ― She also feels like this.



At the same time, in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, some of the big cockroaches associated with ‘Profound Saint Tyrant Song’ showed different reactions.

‘[Anything Can Sell] ‘大佬 and ‘[Any Goods Can Have] ‘The fairy is wearing a similar bedsheet, looking at the void.

After a long while, [Anything Can Sell] suddenly said: “The gangster, starting from today, is a ban on the prohibition of trading between you and Profound Saint Tyrant Song.”

“Master, have you found your conscience?” [Any Goods Can Have] Fairy surprisedly said.

“Conscience? We have everything in our line, but we can’t have a conscience.” [Anything Can Sell] Daxie smiled and pointed at the picture in the void: “You see, in this collapsed eight-piece world.” The devastating blazing power of the midstream — that is the power of Divine Strike! Divine Strike is an evil arts that will become addictive once it has been used once. For the first time, there will be a second. The third and third times. Each time you use Divine Strike, you need to consume a lot of heavenly material earthly treasure. Profound Saint Tyrant Song will be our diehard customer.”

[Any Goods Can Have] Fairy: “…”

“But for the teacher and Profound Saint Tyrant Song, and the good things he trades, I will give it to you.” [Anything Can Sell].

“I feel Master, you are pitting me.” [Any Goods Can Have] Fairy said silently.

She felt that Master must have seen something, but did not explain to her.



On Spirit Butterfly Island.

Heavenly Emperor, who is taking a good medicine for the stunned Saint Monarch Spirit Butterfly, looks at the empty head.

After a moment, she showed a smile from the heart.

Heavenly Emperor sensed that one of his own worries was solved. Moreover, if you don’t guess wrong, this worries are solved by Tyrant Song.

“But next, it’s the craziest time.” Heavenly Emperor whispered.

Lost ‘way of escape’, what kind of ‘reaction program’ will be activated by Heavenly Dao, which is now programmed?

The biggest possibility is that ‘Heavenly Dao’ may force a shot, capture all the existence related to [Way of the Ancient Heavenly Court], forcibly remove them and supplement their defects.

It is even possible to capture all Eternal Life Being and Tribulation Immortal indiscriminately.

Thinking of this, Heavenly Emperor silently sent a message to Song Shuhang: “Senior Song, then, low-key man 哒~”



In a submarine.

Song Shuhang ‘King of the Black List 2’ is quietly recuperating.

Suddenly, it changed his face.

Because it perceives a message and its new member, the Son of Heaven, died in the list of ‘blacklist 2’.

Blacklist 2, is a death list?


The eight products that crashed in Heavenly Tribulation World.

Song Shuhang’s upper body is holding a ‘disposable flying sword? Breaking small black room version’.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty hands up and protects him in the palm of his hand.

Their eyes stared at the front not far… There was the half body No. 2 where Song Shuhang had not been cut. To be more precise, except for the small part, you should have a mosaic of Tyrant Song half body No. 2 wreck.

At this time, there was a feelingless will, swept from the wreckage of Song Shuhang’s ‘Half 2’.

Then the will began to stay on the ‘half body No. 2 wreckage’.

Spirit ghost The fairy appears quietly in behind Song Shuhang’s body, and she activates the special body obtained from the practice of the ‘Justie’. Under the special constitution of the spirit ghost fairy, Song Shuhang’s sense of presence, quickly weakened, turned into a ‘small transparent’ mode.

After a while.

Opposite, the ‘feelless’ will begins to recede.

When I left, it took away the ‘Tyrant Song Half-length 2’ wreck!

Even if it’s only half-length, the Tyrant Song body’s parts seem to appeal to All Heavens and Myriad Realms’. Everyone wants to borrow the Tyrant Song body’s a portion.

Whether it is Song Shuhang spirit ghost, steel doppelgänger, necrotic waist, or necrotic half-length No. 2 wreckage, there is a big willingness to recover.

Song Shuhang and Pavilion Lord Chu stayed silent and did not stop.

In this way, the unrequited willingness with the ‘Tyrant Song half-length No. 2 wreckage’ left the collapsed Eighth Stage Profound Saint world and disappeared.

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