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The king of the king is now gray.


The greatest despair in life is… When you think of yourself’s hope, you hope to push people into the abyss of despair in the most cruel posture. The end of hope is the most cruel desperation.


When Fairy Good Fortune’s little hands took the singer’s egg from the hands of the priest, the king knew that he was finished. The literal meaning, it is – finished, egg, and.


“Pull~ Pull~ Stay~” Fairy Good Fortune is happy to hold the king egg and lift it up. It’s like an athlete who won a gold medal and shows her trophy to the world.


Keeping the hands of the malicious acting cute, Song Shuhang looked at the king and smiled: “I will go after all…”


“I will stay back after all!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty quickly steals Song Shuhang’s lines. Every time she grabs the line is the most accurate ball grab, never missed!


Fairy Good Fortune held the king egg and then sang: “Ah ~ fate ~ is such a wonderful thing.”


“There is no golden scarf fairy to attack all the way, and the king may have escaped to other planes. So, the golden scarf fairy has made a great contribution this time.” Pavilion Lord Chu stayed comfortably.


They need to bring the prince to Golden Lotus World for a complete treatment.


“Well, I mean that.” Song Shuhang nodded.


Even when the four senior apprentice brothers were towed away, the protagonist still maintained a handsome posture, and the handsome man in the bones would not weaken his temperament even if he was taken away.


Yu Wang: “…”


“So, this quail is only precious.” Elder Sister White Dragon.


It is obviously impossible to eat this kind of thing… How can he have that skill and eat an Eternal Life? The strength is not enough, there is no such mouth.


So how do you deal with the king egg?


It’s a nerve-wracking singer who is unyielding.


Since the predecessor of the king is not willing to sell and work for freedom, then … will still owe it.


At the same time, he used the ‘Throne of Wealth Dispersal’ imprint to contact the three-eyed predecessor and also sent a ‘鲲王蛋’ message.


[Ugly, refused. 】Striped Dragon Otsuka first reply.


[There are no eyes, not the conditions for my servant. 】 Three-eyed predecessors are equally replied.


As an Eternal Life egg, the king can’t sell it!


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