The king of the king is now gray.

The greatest despair in life is… When you think of yourself’s hope, you hope to push people into the abyss of despair in the most cruel posture. The end of hope is the most cruel desperation.

When Fairy Good Fortune’s little hands took the singer’s egg from the hands of the priest, the king knew that he was finished. The literal meaning, it is – finished, egg, and.

“Pull~ Pull~ Stay~” Fairy Good Fortune is happy to hold the king egg and lift it up. It’s like an athlete who won a gold medal and shows her trophy to the world.

Opposite, the source Tribulation Immortal deadpan, handsome and quiet, quietly guarding Fairy Good Fortune’s happy.

Song Shuhang’s hands and feet – Lost Fairy Good Fortune’s hands and his head, some of his head could not hold, as if he had to fall from his neck at any time.

Keeping the hands of the malicious acting cute, Song Shuhang looked at the king and smiled: “I will go after all…”

“I will stay back after all!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty quickly steals Song Shuhang’s lines. Every time she grabs the line is the most accurate ball grab, never missed!

Fairy Good Fortune held the king egg and then sang: “Ah ~ fate ~ is such a wonderful thing.”

“Senior Song, this word has not been practiced, how can I pick it up?” Black Skinned Soft Feather whispered.

Song Shuhang: “…”

I don’t know either how to pick it up!

At this time, the white lightning flashed by Elder Sister White Dragon behind her, she also had a perfect drift, hanging the dragon body on Song Shuhang’s neck.

I almost hanged Song Shuhang’s head!

Song Shuhang tried to stabilize his neck and sitting posture and smiled and said: “Look, Elder Sister White Dragon. He also sent himself to the door.”

Elder Sister White Dragon stared at Fairy Good Fortune’s high-handed king egg and sighed: “I knew that it would bring me to the door, and I wouldn’t have to chase it so tired.”

“There is no golden scarf fairy to attack all the way, and the king may have escaped to other planes. So, the golden scarf fairy has made a great contribution this time.” Pavilion Lord Chu stayed comfortably.

Elder Sister White Dragon : “…”

On the side, Ruism’s four Tribulation Immortal came forward and slammed the deadpan, handsome and powerful.

Although it is still impossible to check out the ‘King of the King’ in the body of the Yuanzi, the facts have proved that there is a problem in the body of the Yuanzi.

They need to bring the prince to Golden Lotus World for a complete treatment.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song, we need to conduct a more comprehensive inspection of the source. We see it inside Golden Lotus World!” Two dumbs temperature said out out loud.

“Senior apprentice brother If you need help, please feel free to send me a signal. A cloud arrow, the end of the world to meet!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty played a costume drama line instead of Song Shuhang back to conversation.

Ruism Four Tribulation Immortal is not looked at Song Shuhang by the raise head.

“Well, I mean that.” Song Shuhang nodded.

Ruism Four Tribulation Immortal smiled and dragged the priest to Golden Lotus World.

Even when the four senior apprentice brothers were towed away, the protagonist still maintained a handsome posture, and the handsome man in the bones would not weaken his temperament even if he was taken away.

Yu Wang: “…”

It blinks at the ‘Bone of the Son’ and is taken away, but there is nothing to do.

“In other words, Shuhang, how are you going to deal with this trick? P ~~” Pavilion Lord Chu is quietly asked, and the last weird syllable, certainly has nothing to do with spitting.

Elder Sister White Dragon nodded and said: “I have eaten Peng Peng before, but I have never thought about it before I think about it.”

“Because it is not an egg.” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament The sword friendship reminds that people are born, and of course there are no tricks.

“So, this quail is only precious.” Elder Sister White Dragon.

The king remained silent and did not dare to speak out.

Song Shuhang held his chin and meditated.

To be honest, Song Shuhang did not think about how to deal with the king.

It is obviously impossible to eat this kind of thing… How can he have that skill and eat an Eternal Life? The strength is not enough, there is no such mouth.

Moreover, at present he can’t find the immortal chef of Can Cook Eternal Life.

So how do you deal with the king egg?

“Selling is not, the king of the king?” Suddenly, Song Shuhang quietly asked.

Elder Sister White Dragon : “???”

Pavilion Lord Chu stays hair: “!!!”

Both fairies were shocked by the issue of Song Shuhang’s.

The king of the king in the hands of Fairy Good Fortune trembled violently.

“To tell the truth, you and I will see you as a predecessor. When I saw you, I felt that you and me were feels quite amiable, born with a chance.” Song Shuhang continued.

“Don’t think about it, even if dying, you can’t think of getting me.” 鲲王沈声replied.

Song Shuhang: “…”

It’s a nerve-wracking singer who is unyielding.

“Right, Fairy Good Fortune, how are you going to deal with the King?” Song Shuhang threw the problem to Fairy Good Fortune. After all, it was a gift egg brought back by her.

Fairy Good Fortune held the king egg and thought about it for a moment. He then transferred the king egg to Song Shuhang and transferred the handling power of the king to him.

If it was the era of Ruism in the era of Holy Age, and when Holy Man was born, Fairy Good Fortune could still find ways to suppress the king by the power of the teacher. But now, she can’t help her.

“Don’t you eat?” Elder Sister White Dragon Unfortunately.

“The predecessor of the king is a respected senior, how can we eat it.” Song Shuhang looks at Righteous Qi.

After all, he slides to unlock his ‘compact chat’ friends list.

Since the predecessor of the king is not willing to sell and work for freedom, then … will still owe it.

Just this wave “sabre of cause and effect” owes Karma’s huge debt.

Look at some of the predecessors, who is interested in ‘鲲王’, take the opportunity to drop a wave of Karma?

Song Shuhang After pulling out the friends list, he pulled out the portraits of Senior White, Senior White two, the spotted dragon seniors, Dragon Net lady, and Heavenly Emperor, and sent the message of ‘鲲王蛋’.

At the same time, he used the ‘Throne of Wealth Dispersal’ imprint to contact the three-eyed predecessor and also sent a ‘鲲王蛋’ message.

“You seniors ~ who are you interested in the king egg?” Song Shuhang quietly asked.

[Ugly, refused. 】Striped Dragon Otsuka first reply.

[There are no eyes, not the conditions for my servant. 】 Three-eyed predecessors are equally replied.

[dīng ~ The message has been sent, but it was rejected by the other party. Please try sending again after fifteen days. This is the feedback from Heavenly Emperor.

[No need. 】Dragon Net lady replied ― ― She is not impressed with the present world’s ‘Eternal Life’, and even though the demon emperor was miserable, she did not want to receive the present world’s Eternal Life to Black Dragon World.

【busy. Senior White in busy time, took the time to reply to Song Shuhang single word.

Song Shuhang looked at the king egg.

As an Eternal Life egg, the king can’t sell it!

Song Shuhang’s eyes fell on the friends list ‘[Anything Can Sell] ‘Da’s name, or, contact the next big sister?

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