If it is [Anything Can Sell], would you be willing to buy a king egg? And must be able to sell a good price!

It’s just a bit of a loss if I sell the king’s egg. After all, an Eternal Life-level embarrassment, if it is good, simply is invaluable. The premise is that you have to have the means to raise.

Song Shuhang meditates, his finger slides lightly on the name of ‘[Anything Can Sell] 佬’.

[Dry, what? 】 Suddenly, [Anything Can Sell] sent a message.

As a top-notch Eternal Life, [Anything Can Sell] is far from sensing that Song Shuhang is chanting him.

Moreover, through the induction of the ‘recognition chat’ friends list, Daxue clearly sensed that Song Shuhang finger is stroking his list name back and forth.

[Anything Can Sell] I feel like having a one’s hair stand on end.

Tyrant Song boy wants to hang him again?

[cough, seniors, are you interested in doing business? 】See [Anything Can Sell] Daxie took the initiative to hook up, and Song Shuhang immediately took the opportunity to sell the king egg to Daxie.

[Egg business! 】[Anything Can Sell] sneer, he and the Profound Saint Tyrant Song, can you have an egg business?

[yeah, yeah, yeah, predecessors, is about the egg business. 】Song Shuhang replied.

[Anything Can Sell] David: “…”

[cough, is such a predecessor. I have an Eternal Life level of trick or treat. I want to ask Senior [Anything Can Sell] if I am interested in receiving goods? 】Song Shuhang quickly added that ― 皮 皮 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

[鲲蛋? Eternal Life? 鲲王? 】[Anything Can Sell] 佬 佬 quickly replied.

【Yup. 】Song Shuhang replied.

[add to blacklist, goodbye… no, never see! 】[Anything Can Sell] 佬 replied.

Song Shuhang: “???”

Opposite, [Anything Can Sell] smashed out the small book and once again recorded the name of ‘Tyrant Song’ on his own black book with a five-star mark.

Yu Wang, but he is a big customer!

And it is a five-star quality customer.

Do you think that the treasure of the king’s belly is collected by himself?

No, most of the treasures of the King of the Kings were bought from [Anything Can Sell]!

Such a stable high-quality five-star customer was smashed by Tyrant Song.

[Anything Can Sell] Daxie is now bleeding.



“Strange, I offended Senior [Anything Can Sell]?” Song Shuhang looked unfathomable mystery.

Why do I want to sell the king egg, Senior [Anything Can Sell] reaction will be so big.

Wait ……

鲲王 will not be a friend of [Anything Can Sell] 佬?

[Not very cautious, before selling ‘鲲王’, I should first inquire about [Anything Can Sell] the relationship between Daxie and Yu Wang. 】Song Shuhang licked his temple.

I am still too young, and I am often ill-considered in my dealings.

[wait, not right. If you are a good friend with [Anything Can Sell], [Anything Can Sell], you should buy the king from it. 】

Or, please confirm with [Anything Can Sell]?

Or… ask [Any Goods Can Have] Fairy for a secret consultation?

As Song Shuhang pondered, Senior White two replied to his message: [yí? A cockroach? 】

Senior White two seems to be interested in Yu Wang?

[Yes, yes, Senior White. And it was still an Eternal Life-level cockroach. After I was blasted, I now turn it into an egg. The quality is very high! 】Song Shuhang Sees Senior White two seems to be interested, and hurriedly recommended him to him.

[Do you want to use it to return Karma debt? 】Senior White two asked with a smile.

Song Shuhang is honestly replied: [After all, I also can’t do anything about it. 】

[Well, let me start with it. 】Senior White tworeplied: [I am here to study how to train the beast, see if you can put this 鲲王蛋盘. If I succeed, it will definitely be your advantage. 】

[Good 咧~Senior White. Then I will send you the eggs of the king. 】Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“Right.” He lightly clapped the hand of the king egg.

Pavilion Lord Chu stays hairy: “Boiled?”

“Boiled?” asked Elder Sister White Dragon.

“No, Senior White two is interested in receiving the king egg. If Senior White two is taming the king, we have no advantage.” Song Shuhang replied.

Taming the beast? The king sneered in his heart.

Tyrant Song is not going to kill it is the biggest mistake. It’s the essence of it, just give it a little time, up to a few months, it will be able to regain its peak strength!

Regardless of the Senior White two in the Tyrant Song mouth, who is he exactly, a few months later, it will return to the sea.

Just as Wang Wang thought about it, Song Shuhang reached out and transferred it to ‘Core World’.

Immediate afterwards, through Core World as the pedal, Song Shuhang sent the king to Evil Lotus World, the hands of Senior White two.

“All the way, take care of the king’s predecessors.” Song Shuhang said.

The king egg was caught by a double cultivation long palm.

Conscious王consciousness spread, it has to look at who is he exactly dare to say that you want to tamer it?

The next moment, the king saw the figure that he didn’t want to see.

More handsome and handsome than Yuanzi, the strength is more terrifying.

this is……

Nine Serenities Ruler ? !

“Senior White two is Nine Serenities Ruler?”

All Heavens and Myriad Realms, who can think of this possible!

Profound Saint Tyrant Song is hooked up with Nine Serenities Ruler, and the relationship between the two is clearly good.

Wait , wait a minute .

Is Current Heavenly Dao not broken? Why are there still Nine Serenities Ruler?

And… it vaguely knows that it was not the one in front of Ruism Holy Man Vying for Heavenly Dao!

“two?hē hē hē.” Senior White two smiled and pinched the king egg.

At this moment, Yu Wang felt the real despair.

“My Lord, when are you interested in the animal?” Behind him, #Hamster asked.

“No interest.” Senior White two threw the king: “But I suddenly became interested in studying the immortal chef skill.”

“Oh.” #Hamster took a sip of water: “It should be very fragrant.”

In other words, since the owner is not interested in the animal, why bother to receive #Tyrant Song’s?



On the other hand, after the king of the king was given to Senior White two, the ‘Karma trace’ on the wrist of Song Shuhang faded.

“I feel that my body is a lot easier.” Song Shuhang said out loud.

Is it the truth that there is no debt?

not far away.

Black Skinned Soft Feather, Fairy Good Fortune, and Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty collected the treasures of the former ‘wealth dispersal’, and brought them back to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang, who inherited the wealth of Yu Wang, reached a peak in assets!

“Let’s go, let’s go back to Golden Lotus World and see the status of the son.” Song Shuhang transferred the wealth to Core World.

Later, he took three fairies and broke into Golden Lotus World.

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