The wine is strong and bold, and the money rises heroic.

The wave of ‘wealth dispersal’ in the operation of the king of the king is not only the treasures of the diverse sorts and varieties… but also a lot of spirit stone, the nine stonespirit stone! I didn’t even see one of Eighth Stage’s!

Needless to say, there are definitely mines in the home of the King of the King, and there are obviously several spirit stone mines.

Song Shuhang transferred all the treasures to Core World and hid the spirit stone in batches.

Later, he began to boldly figure out how to repair the ‘shadow holy land’ bracelet – this kind of thing, he did not even think about it before. But now, just take a small part +spirit stone from the treasure of the king, it is enough to restore the shadow holy place.

A penny is a hero, sometimes a hero has money, and he can make the spirit stronger!

“Go, let’s go to Golden Lotus World and see how they are going to deal with the hidden king consciousness in the body.” Song Shuhang waved heroically.

Then, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty shrunk, her hands crossed behind Song Shuhang’s ribs, holding up Song Shuhang, who was as weak as cooked noodles, and took him to Ruism Golden Lotus World.

Song Shuhang’s heroic spirit, which was finally condensed, was instantly broken, and there was no point left.

After all, no one can be like a son, no matter what status, you can keep handsome and handsome.



After flying into Golden Lotus World, the flat crown of the head of Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty swayed lightly, and the force of Karmic Virtue converges, exiting the Karmic Virtue statue.

Pavilion Lord Chu suddenly complained: “yí?Fairy @#%x’s little feet?”

Before the Ming Dynasty, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty had already transformed into a pair of feet in the ‘Empress Mode’. But as soon as I withdraw from this female emperor, my feet are gone.

Pavilion Lord Chu is more concerned about Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s body status… probably because she is about to grow to the ‘small slim waist’ level, so I will pay more attention to similar things.

Song Shuhang hearing this weak head, I want to turn around and look at the current appearance of Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty.

However, because of physical weakness, I couldn’t bring it up in one breath, and my head trembled for a long time.

Pavilion Lord Chu can’t stand the hair, she lightly mentions, pulls Song Shuhang’s head up – shun, pulls Song Shuhang’s head to the ‘rear back’ angle, close to 180 degrees terrifying back, let Song Shuhang’s head succeeded like a steel helmet and hung to the back.

“Broken, broken, Pavilion Lord Chu seniors, to be broken.” Song Shuhang felt his neck is making a strong protest to himself.

At the same time, Song Shuhang successfully saw the appearance of Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty at this time. Fairy @#%x at this time, and last time I want to compare… no change!

The waist is wrapped in a pair of wings, and the slender tail is still under the wing.

“Is evolution failing?” Song Shuhang asked with doubt. With so many Karmic Virtue efforts, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty has entered the evolution stage, but it has not evolved successfully.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty hearing this, smug smile, open voice: “Karmic Virtue fairy evolution ~”

The next moment, her tip of the tail began to shake.

“Can you change?” Song Shuhang, Pavilion Lord Chu, Elder Sister White Dragon, Fairy Good Fortune, and Black Skinned Soft Feather all curiously stared at the tip of Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s tail.

Black Skinned Soft Feather: “As a mermaid, can the tail change to legs at any time?”

During the talk, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s tail pointed out completed and evolved.

She… forked!

Originally there was only one pointed tail, which split into two tails and pointed to the tip of the tail!

“Evolution ~ Super? Karmic Virtue Fairy!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty triumphantly said.

Her two tails are pointed and flexible, posing in a variety of difficult positions. It can even pretend to look like ‘foot’ and simulate ‘walking’.

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

Pavilion Lord Chu stays hair: “!!!”

Snake disease!

Both of them have evolved, and they have been transformed into a function of fork and fork.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty gave a string of silver bell-like laughter, a forked snake tail flapping, with a self-hanging head, Song Shuhang, and a beautiful view over Ruism Golden Lotus World’s Track.

A shiny trajectory like neuropathy!

At this moment, Song Shuhang was very fortunate to have a mask on his face… at least to cover up his shame a little.

Black Skinned Soft Feather took a moment to look at it and looked at Elder Sister White Dragon, then they quietly and Song Shuhang opened the distance — so that their paintings were not polluted.



On the other side, Ruism Golden Lotus World’s entertains the guest’s pavilion.

A young scholar asked anxiously: “Is it gone? How can such a big living person not see?”

“I don’t know, the blonde girl who fell out of the Senior Tyrant Song Core World was still lying here. But as soon as we turned back, she was gone.” A Ruism disciple succumbed.

“I immediately let my father lock her position. You look around, maybe the golden haired young miss is wandering around.” The young scholar licked his temple.

His name is Su Wenqu, the only son of Senior Eternal Fire, Dao name [Scholar Jade Sword], but the outside world generally refers to his other variation Dao name [Sabre Carrying Scholar].

Su Wenqu got up and rushed to the location of Eternal Fire Venerable. At the same time, he took out his mobile phone and pulled out the Song Shuhang’s number.

After the old half, Song Shuhang’s phone was connected.

“Hey ~ hello~” Song Shuhang’s voice sounds like it’s very uncomfortable.

After a little thought, Su Wenqu said: “Senior Tyrant Song… I am Su Wenqu.”

“It turned out to be a Way of the Sabre friend. You can call me Shuhang.” Song Shuhang’s voice returned to normal and laughed.

“Never, Sir Tyrant Song, you…” Su Wenqu stopped talking when he was halfway through.

Senior Tyrant Song is probably the reincarnation of Holy Man!

“What’s up?” asked Song Shuhang.

“It’s like this… Before, Senior Tyrant Song, when you went out and blew the king’s predecessor and the liquid Metal Ball, there was a comatose blonde girl from your Core World. We don’t know between her and Senior Tyrant Song. The relationship had to be arranged in the hospitality. As a result, she was gone when she turned back.” Su Wenqu smiled bitterly.

Before that, Tyrant Song had left a ‘Saint Seal wooden knife’ in the place before going out to the king, maintaining the single core world exit, in case it was not prepared. And this blonde girl is falling out of this exit.

“The blonde girl? Are you sure that it is not the black girl, The Sixteenth?” Song Shuhang wondered.

“It’s blonde,” Su Wenqu said.

“I have a blonde girl in Core World?” Song Shuhang fell into memory.

After a while.

“Oh, I am going, there is a little blond girl. How did she fall out?” Song Shuhang suddenly remembered the origin of the blonde girl.

It was the semi-mechanical blonde girl who was taken away by the ‘core reactor’ – after using Resurrection Gold Coin, he had been stuck in a sleepy status.

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