At the beginning, cyborg young girl was forced into the ‘core reactor’ and was forced to lead Heavenly Tribulation after the ‘core reactor’ level climbed sharply – if she was to face Heavenly Tribulation alone, absolutely only Cool down the road.

In order to save her life, Song Shuhang handed over a precious ‘Resurrection Gold Coin’ to her, exhort again and again. She held the gold coins and could not let go.

Then… When Heavenly Tribulation was not paying attention, he slammed the cyborg young girl and smashed the with her body’s ‘core reactor’, forcing the interruption of Heavenly Tribulation.

Unfortunately, the cyborg young girl, who held the Resurrection Gold Coin to death, failed to resurrect in ten seconds and ten days. That is to say, in Resurrection Gold Coin’s coin-operated luck, she turned to the next sign… I am afraid that it will take ten years before the resurrection process can be completed.

If Song Shuhang is rich enough, she can put the blonde cyborg young girl into ‘Time City’ and let her go through the resurrection time ten years ahead of time.

But Song Shuhang doesn’t have as many spirit stones.

Every piece of his spirit stone can’t wait to use two flaps, and naturally it’s impossible to waste it on Time City, a big stone stone.

Song Shuhang had already prepared for the cyborg young girl to wake up ten years later.

As a result, today, this blonde cyborg young girl unfathomable mystery fell out of ‘Core World’? Then disappeared into Ruism’s hospitality.

Did she complete the resurrection in advance?

Is there any adventure?

“Senior Tyrant Song, I am rushing to where my father is. I will let him use the Golden Lotus World permission to lock the position of the golden haired young miss. After the position lock, I will inform you again.” Su Wenqu said out loud .

“It’s ok~ no problem. In fact, I am also rushing to Senior Eternal Fire. See you later.” Song Shuhang smiled and replied.

After hanging Su Wenqu’s call, Song Shuhang’s consciousness sank into Core World.

“Core assistant, where are you?” Song Shuhang summoned.

“Reply: I am in the statistics of the Tyrant Dragon administrator to bury the stone stone’s position and mark it.” The core helper flashed to the Song Shuhang consciousness and looked back to the conversation.

The core helper is a copy of ‘Black Dragon World’ Dragon Net Assistant – ― Song Shuhang is the owner of Core World’s, but also Black Dragon World Dragon Net’s manager. Therefore, every time when seriously answering the question of Song Shuhang, the core assistant will reply to Song Shuhang by the name of ‘Tyrant Dragon administrator’.

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

Statistics indicate that I buried the stone stone’s position, dry ha, what do you want to do?

“So, how did the blonde cyborg young girl suddenly fall out of Core World?” asked Song Shuhang.

“About the Tyrant Dragon administrator, when you showed “sabre of cause and effect,” the blonde guest lady woke up and climbed out of bed, all the way to the Core World exit. Eventually, she fell out of the exit.” The little assistant held the booklet in one hand and returned to the conversation.

She is only responsible for managing the Song Minhang core minor world and does not limit the guests in the core minor world. In addition to some of Core World’s forbidden places, she does not interfere with the scope of the guests.

Blonde cyborg young girl is not a culture of Warcraft, spirit beast, she is free, she wants to leave, the core assistant will not stop.

“During this, I tried to say hello to the blonde guest, but she didn’t seem to see me and couldn’t hear my voice.” The core assistant helped to close the booklet in his hand.

“Maybe because she is just an ordinary person, so I can’t see your existence?” Song Shuhang guessed: “So, close the previous exit.”

Lest anyone in the core minor world fall out — half of his maiden Li Yinzhu still sleeps in Core World’s Hall of Winter.

“Executing command, Core World temporary exit has been closed.” Core helper nodded.

“thanks for your trouble, and help take a look at Su Clan’s The Sixteenth, Soft Feather and Scallion Lady. If they enter the coma status, let me know.” Song Shuhang exhort again and again.

The core helper nodded: “It has been included in the list of key concerns.”

Song Shuhang’s consciousness passed the Living Spring position and swept past Su Clan’s The Sixteenth to determine their status, and consciousness exited from Core World.

“Arrived.” At this time, the Pavilion Lord Chu on the top of the head was out out loud.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty grabbed Song Shuhang and landed slowly from the air.

Along the way, Ruism’s disciples looked at the soft-nosed Senior Tyrant Song with respectful eyes.

After the landing, Song Shuhang, lightly pushed the mask on his face.

“Shuhang.” Senior Eternal Fire waved at him not far away.

“Senior Eternal Fire, about the little girl who fell out of my Core World, has to trouble you to lock her position.” Song Shuhang was supported by Karmic Virtue and Fairy Good Fortune, approaching Senior Eternal Fire.

Senior Eternal Fire said: “I received administrative authority to find the golden haired young miss after receiving the notification from the song. But… I could not find her location.”

“Can’t even the Senior Eternal Fire lock her position? Did she run out of Golden Lotus World?” Song Shuhang glanced.

Senior Eternal Fire has Golden Lotus World’s management rights. He wants to find someone in Golden Lotus World. It’s as easy as it is, and only needs one thought to go out and lock the target.

Senior Eternal Fire shook his head: “Golden Lotus World’s exit, there is no trace of the blonde girl going out.”

“That is, the golden haired young miss is still in Golden Lotus World?” Black Skinned Soft Feather thought for a moment, “Senior Song, Golden Lotus World is connected to Core World, is there another world connected? ”

Song Shuhang: “There is also the Evil Lotus World of Senior White two, Evil Lotus World is the minor world that matches Golden Lotus World. However, the channel between Evil Lotus World and Golden Lotus World has been blocked!”

“Would she be careless and ran to Ruism?” Pavilion Lord Chu stayed.

Ruism migrated to Golden Lotus World as a whole, and some of the forbidden places were definitely the whole migration.

“There are generally disciples guarded by the forbidden places… and even if I enter the forbidden area, I should be aware of it.” Senior Eternal Fire frowned and thought.

Unless… is that place!

Senior Eternal Fire : “Myriad Saints Mountain.”

Song Shuhang: “Myriad Saints Mountain, Solitary Saint Pond?”

The tool spirit, Myriad Saints Mountain, which will stand upside down, and the Solitary Saint Pond hidden inside it… The biggest big secret hidden inside Ruism.

“Little Friend Shuhang, wait a moment, I will confirm it right away.” Senior Eternal Fire said solemnly.

The next moment, his figure disappeared in place.

“Go, let’s go see.” Song Shuhang decided.

Myriad Saints Mountain is the holy mountain of very amusing.

I don’t know if the thin arm that was broken when I played it upside down was long.

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