The raws were pulled (real-time) from: Https://

Did she complete the resurrection in advance?


Is there any adventure?


“During this, I tried to say hello to the blonde guest, but she didn’t seem to see me and couldn’t hear my voice.” The core assistant helped to close the booklet in his hand.


“Maybe because she is just an ordinary person, so I can’t see your existence?” Song Shuhang guessed: “So, close the previous exit.”


The core helper nodded: “It has been included in the list of key concerns.”


Senior Eternal Fire said: “I received administrative authority to find the golden haired young miss after receiving the notification from the song. But… I could not find her location.”


Senior Eternal Fire shook his head: “Golden Lotus World’s exit, there is no trace of the blonde girl going out.”


“Would she be careless and ran to Ruism?” Pavilion Lord Chu stayed.


“There are generally disciples guarded by the forbidden places… and even if I enter the forbidden area, I should be aware of it.” Senior Eternal Fire frowned and thought.


Unless… is that place!


“Go, let’s go see.” Song Shuhang decided.


I don’t know if the thin arm that was broken when I played it upside down was long.


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