Ruism’s most special forbidden land, Ten Thousand Books Mountain, the sacred mountain with self-consciousness, has existed since the Ruism Holy Man created Ruism.

But before last year, Ten Thousand Books Mountain was Ruase’s forbidden land, but it was not the most important one – no one knew what was hidden inside Ten Thousand Books Mountain, even Ten Thousand Books Mountain itself. I don’t know what stuff I have in my body!

But last year, after ‘Profound Saint Tyrant Song’ came to Ruism, Ten Thousand Books Mountain was moved to Golden Lotus World by Eternal Fire Venerable, focusing on guards and becoming the focus of Ruism’s forbidden zone.



When Song Shuhang was in Golden Lotus World, he couldn’t use the space jump ability. He could only rely on Karmic Virtue to make two flying fairies to help the flight, so the speed was not fast.

When he finally got to where Ten Thousand Books Mountain was, he found Uncle Ten Thousand Books Mountain and stood upside down.

Incomparable gigantic’s Ten Thousand Books Mountain flipped, two bandaged thin arms trembled to support the ground, and the thick legs were lifted up.

Far away, Song Shuhang heard the overwhelming sound of the thin arms of Ten Thousand Books Mountain. These two arms tied with bandages, I am afraid I have to break again.

The Senior Eternal Fire is not seen.

“Hey, Ten Thousand Books Mountain, we meet again.” Song Shuhang waved far away from Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

“To be down, I am going to fall~” Ten Thousand Books Mountain cried.

Ten Thousand Books Mountain is as high as six or seven hundred meters, and if it falls, it is definitely a disaster. Fortunately, Eternal Fire Venerable has a foresight. He set up Ten Thousand Books Mountain in a huge open space at the beginning, leaving it with enough ‘playing upside’ space.

“No need to fear, there is me!” Song Shuhang heroically said that with his current strength, it is not a problem to hold down the fallen Ten Thousand Books Mountain!

Just as Song Shuhang was so excited that he was ready to go up to Ten Thousand Books Mountain, suddenly his legs were soft… The Fairy Good Fortune and Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty on the side of the body loosened his hands.

The proud Profound Saint Tyrant Song falls directly to the ground like a soft noodle.

“Looking at the heroic, I almost forgot that I am weak now,” Song Shuhang muttered.

The head of the Pavilion Lord Chu stays hairy: “…”

On the side, Fairy Good Fortune and Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty come forward.

Fairy Good Fortune reached out and painted in the void, and a ‘werewened version’ of ‘French’ flashed from her hands and instantly turned into a 4D article.

This ability to raise the word, so that Song Shuhang envied very much – Ruism’s temperament and fighting style, has always been his eager and unreachable mode. Moreover, if the ability to raise a hand is used to earn a spirit stone’s, it must be explosive.

The weak version of the Confucian text expanded in the void and turned into a giant barrier of hundreds of meters, blocking the fall of Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

When in the ‘Ruism’ position, Fairy Good Fortune’s strength seems to have received additional support. Here, her combat power is obviously stronger than the normal status.

Hum ~

Ten Thousand Books Mountain fell on the chapter of the four-character Confucianism, which was full of flexibility and stopped Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

Immediate afterwards, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty on the side of her hands, her figure is rising.

Between the two, her figure is already flush with Ten Thousand Books Mountain — her long tail is straight and her tail is pointed and forked to support her body.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty stepped forward, picked up the sleeves, and then… she took out ‘Karmic Virtue Thunder Tree’, waved it like a stick and slammed it on Ten Thousand Books Mountain body!

“Heavy ~ 呜 ~ ah ~” Ten Thousand Books Mountain was knocked over and made a painful cry.

By playing back in slow motion, you can also see the details of the mountain’s almost collapse when you see the stick in Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

He also thought that Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty was huge, and it was to help Ten Thousand Books Mountain. It was not a violent beating — Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty did not show his gentle side to Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

After a stick, Ten Thousand Books Mountain, which had fallen, was hit hard!

“This great effect is completely unscientific.” Black Skinned Soft Feather said silently, how can I fight this in order to get the right foot on Ten Thousand Books Mountain!

Song Shuhang agreed: “Newton is already crying in the toilet.”

“This is the realm of comprehension, Newton can not be here. We only apply to Newton’s brother’s law.” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword’s voice.

In the realm of comprehension, Niubi can do whatever he wants. As long as it is enough, even the law can be forcibly reversed!



Hum ~~

Ten Thousand Books Mountain was chaotic, and the thick legs went smoothly. It was just the thin arm with a bandage that was twisted again at a different angle. Look at it is very painful.

Black Skinned Soft Feather reminds: “Ten Thousand Books Mountain seniors, your arms are distorted.”

“Ah, I understand, little black girl.” Ten Thousand Books Mountain looked at his twisted thin arms and shed tears of remorse: “Yeah hates to stand upside down.”

“yí?Ten Thousand Books Mountain fellow daoist Are you not going to play with your own handstand?” Song Shuhang wondered.

Ten Thousand Books Mountain licked his twisted arm and asked: “Do you think that a mountain with a bandaged arm will actively play the handstand?”

In fact, Ten Thousand Books Mountain has a psychological shadow on ‘inverted’ since the last time he played the inverted arm.

Song Shuhang replied: “I don’t think it’s possible to play a handstand in a normal mountain. To be more precise, normal mountains don’t have arms.”

Ten Thousand Books Mountain : “…”

This kid is turning and bending it is not normal!

“That said, Ten Thousand Books Mountain, do you see Senior Eternal Fire? Is there a little blonde girl?” Song Shuhang quietly asked.

“golden haired young miss, yes, that little blonde girl!” Ten Thousand Books Mountain gnashed his teeth: “Before I saw the golden haired young miss, I suddenly had an uncontrolled begin to stir. Unprecedented strong desire to emerge, I can’t wait to show her a backflip… The little girl is absolutely problematic. Her presence can affect my IQ.”

The little girl brought her mindful halo for it, absolutely no problem!

[It seems that things are going to the worst possibility all the way to boar charges. 】Song Shuhang sighed.

From Golden haired young miss falling out of Core World, the Senior Eternal Fire couldn’t lock her position, and then she contacted Ten Thousand Books Mountain, and Song Shuhang had a trepidation in her heart.

“Is there a problem with the girl?” Pavilion Lord Chu asked with doubt.

“I’m not sure…but even if she really has a problem, I have a counter-measure.” Song Shuhang lightly pressed his life source dantian.

One of his seven small dantians was transformed from the ‘core reactor’ of golden haired young miss — and a ‘Steel Song Shuhang doppelgänger’ was born. Now, the steel Tyrant Song is still in the 哒哒Heavenly Emperor.

In other words, the ‘core’ of the other party is in the hands of Song Shuhang!

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