Now, this ‘core reactor’ has become a ‘Little Gold Core’ of Song Shuhang’s, regardless of its previous name, but now it is surnamed Song. Song Shuhang again and again died, but it is not white. In this regard, Song Shuhang is very confident.

― ― At the same time, he silently turned his ‘Dantian part’ into Mist Mode, and then quietly extended his hairpin to the life of Xiao Dantian, trying to brush the ‘core reactor’ Little Gold Core. Ten hair “Raising Sabre Art”.

Self-confidence is self-confidence, and insurance is still necessary.

Recently, he is always reminding himself to be cautious and not too wave. After all, All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ Eternal Life Being stared at him. If you are not careful enough, maybe he will be beaten by Heavenly Realm’s Eternal Life Being.

After shaving the 30th Raising Sabre Art, Song Shuhang felt…no effect.

After all, the ‘core reactor’ is already his Little Gold Core, which belongs to a portion of his body that cannot be cut. I have no sense of using Raising Sabre Art for myself.

Elder Sister White Dragon just saw this picture and recorded this scene and broadcasted it to Su Clan’s The Sixteenth, Soft Feather and Scallion Lady in Living Spring.

Anyway, idle is idle.



At this time, the opposite Ten Thousand Books Mountain couldn’t easily straighten his twisted arm, making it less distorted. Then, it looked to Song Shuhang: “Yes, do you know that golden haired young miss?”

“I know it.” Song Shuhang said.

Ten Thousand Books Mountain slammed his feet: “Know it, then this time my arm hurts, I have to find you reimbursement!”

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

“No money, no one!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty instead of Song Shuhang replied – uses Song Shuhang’s voice. Obviously, this sentence is a line that Tyrant Song once said.

“Actually, I may still have a little money for the time being,” Song Shuhang said.

Fairy Good Fortune turned his head: “No, you don’t.” This voice is a video clip from the network.

“Asset = liability + owner’s equity, you first liquidate the debt.” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword reminded.

“Also, I owe much money to Senior White. Before I go down to Khorium, I have to find a way to clear Senior White’s debt.” Song Shuhang nodded.

Pavilion Lord Chu stays hairy: “…”

It’s really heartbreaking that Song Shuhang is so powerful in my heart.

Khorium is so cool, khorium has been cool, and can’t stop.

The next enemy who is worthy of Song Shuhang to sacrifice the entire ‘King of Treasures’ to display “Khorium One Shot”. Who is it?

Ten Thousand Books Mountain looked at Song Shuhang and sighed: “It seems that you are poor.”

“The poor is not counted, but has been in the absence ofspirit stone status.” Song Shuhang is honestly replied.

“It’s weird.” Ten Thousand Books Mountain said: “But, this compensation won’t find you.”

In the room, Ten Thousand Books Mountain quietly glanced at the Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty, which was as high as the snake’s tip, and the Karmic Virtue Thunder tree in her hand – this stuff was drawn in the body, and it hurt. It also comes with the Heavenly Tribulation discharge function, which is numb with electricity.

“Right, that golden haired young miss. Where did you go?” At this time, the stone monument daoist quietly asked.

Ten Thousand Books Mountain replied : “Go into the with my body.”

The stone monument fellow daoist said to Song Shuhang: “Then we go in, which entrance to enter?”

“Eh.” Song Shuhang looked at Ten Thousand Books Mountain: “If you want to go in… I remember, have you turned over Ten Thousand Books Mountain?”

Stumbled by Ten Thousand Books Mountain, Solitary Saint Pond.

Stone monument fellow daoist : “…”

Elder Sister White Dragon : “…”

“So, are we going to turn it over again?” asked Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword.

Song Shuhang nodded: “Yeah.”

After receiving a positive response from Song Shuhang’s, everyone’s eyes converge to Ten Thousand Books Mountain body.

Ten Thousand Books Mountain :Σ(°△°—)

Wait, what do you want to do to me?

You won’t want to turn me over again?

“Calm down, I am the injury number now.” Ten Thousand Books Mountain hurriedly shouted – something that always felt similar, and it happened the last time.

The same was true in the last time. After it broke the arm with a handstand mistake, it was forcibly inserted into the earth by a group of demons.

History is really a Taiwanese re-reading machine. It is a huge void. Something that has already been done will be done again in the future. There is nothing new under the sun.

So, sure enough… still run away.

Thinking of it, Ten Thousand Books Mountain took his thick legs and was ready to escape.

“Ten Thousand Books Mountain predecessors don’t panic, this time we have a huge lineup, it doesn’t have to be too troublesome to reverse you. It guarantees no trouble at all.” Song Shuhang hurriedly said comfortably.

“I am coming.” Pavilion Lord Chu stayed in the way, she leaped lightly from Song Shuhang’s head and flew to Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

With her power, she only needs to arrange a few floating and anti-gravity arrays on the books, and then she can hold Ten Thousand Books Mountain and fly upside down into the ground.

“I’m going to help.” Elder Sister White Dragon was in shape, transforming into the Dragon Foot and tangling directly to Ten Thousand Books Mountain.

From head to tail, Song Shuhang is only responsible for sitting on the side and watching silently. The rest of the things, the body’s pendant can be done for him.

Even if he is lazy to speak, Karmic Virtue and the two fairy who can make a replacement for him – or he can remove the mask, can also play a role in replacing the opening.

“In this case, you have not been retired, it is really rare.” Stone monument fellow daoist silently.

Song Shuhang: “Hey?”

Stone monument fellow daoist: “Nothing, you only need to be a beautiful man on the side of the quiet.”

In a wave of hōng lóng lóng, Ten Thousand Books Mountain was again inverted.

Ten Thousand Books Mountain, Song Shuhang, who sees live without hope, is quite embarrassed.

Moreover, once his nickname was ‘Mountain of Books’ Huge Pressure’, he always felt very close to Ten Thousand Books Mountain. When Ten Thousand Books Mountain was inverted, he suddenly had the illusion that he was also forced to stand upside down.

― ― Afterwards, he went to ask the seniors, there is no way to put a pair of strengthening arms on Ten Thousand Books Mountain. By that time , Ten Thousand Books Mountain If you want to stand upside down, you can stand upside down.

Thinking about it, Ten Thousand Books Mountain changed as it did last time.

Its body splits, revealing a volume of “Holy Man Moral Cultivation Code.”

This “Holy Man Moral Cultivation Code” is one of the keys to the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’.

In addition to this self-cultivation, you need to master the “Holy Man Health Cultivation Code”. The two articles are combined into one, in order to enter the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ space in the Holy Mountain.

“Everyone, first return with my my body, I will take you into Solitary Saint Pond.” Song Shuhang shot and began to write “Holy Man Health Cultivation Code”.

He has already been to ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ and is familiar with the process.

As two Holy Man articles were written, the entrance to Solitary Saint Pond opened.

“Go!” Song Shuhang flew into the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ space with the support of two fairy.

at the same time.

Just as Song Shuhang entered the Solitary Saint Pond, there was a blonde figure, which was coined from the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ space.

Once in and out, Song Shuhang and her happened to pass by.

One forward, one backward, and none of each other.

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