Song Shuhang walked into the space where ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ was located.

Then he saw the Senior Eternal Fire that he stepped on.

At this time, the Senior Eternal Fire sat in the position where the original ‘really amazing Holy Man’ sat, with a serious expression.

Song Shuhang: “???”

Why is the Senior Eternal Fire sitting here?

He turned his head and looked around again.

The blonde girl did not disappear.

And Ruism Holy Man bite off the ‘Heavenly Dao ball part of the existence’, the resulting Holy Man looks like ‘Solitary Saint Pond’, and disappeared.

When Song Shuhang and the others came in, the solid body of Solitary Saint Pond turned into a Ruism Holy Man, sitting there, playing the really amazing life of Ruism Holy Man… and shouldering the responsibility of ‘Holy Man Legacy’ .

Now, this position is replaced by Senior Eternal Fire.

Song Shuhang’s liver, can not help but faint pain — ― his liver pain is ancestral. The same is true of Father Song. If you are not sure, you will have a liver pain first. Genetic disease, no cure.

[Reality is always uncomfortable. 】Song Shuhang touched his liver position.

Whenever people feel that the reality is slim enough and can’t be thinner anymore… the reality will be a little more than a lower limit, and it will become more skinny.



Song Shuhang touched the liver with one hand, while Senior Eternal Fire stared at him with a serious look.

“Senior Eternal Fire, that, Solitary Saint Pond?” Although there is speculation in mind, Song Shuhang needs to prove to Senior Eternal Fire.

At the same time, his intentions, let Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty exit the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ space, return to the Ten Thousand Books Mountain location, look for the golden haired young miss.

If you see the golden haired young miss, lock her in the first time, don’t let her leave Ruism’s Golden Lotus World – here is Ruism’s Golden Lotus World, golden haired young miss want to go out not so easy!

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty nodded slightly, the figure quits from the ‘Solitary Saint Pond Space’ to search for the trail of blonde girls.

It was a matter of great importance. She could sense the anxious mood of Song Shuhang’s heart, so she did not take a look at this time, but performed the task seriously.

“It turned out to be you.” At this time, Senior Eternal Fire spoke in a vicissitude tone: “Unfortunately, you and Holy Man Legacy have no chance, you and Ruism are destined to meet but not fated to be together.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Can you chat well?

I am with Ruism destined to meet but not fated to be together, can we not mention it again!

In addition, the tone of Senior Eternal Fire… is it the Solitary Saint Pond possession?

Why is Solitary Saint Pond and Senior Eternal Fire body fusion?

Before he entered Ten Thousand Books Mountain, what on earth happened here?

Song Shuhang has a string of doubts in his heart.

“That’s right, for the sake of complexity, I am currently borrowing the body of the Ruism to reveal the body.” Senior Eternal Fire slammed the road.

Song Shuhang: “…”

He reached out and touched his face, and the mask was still there. So ― ― This is not Face Reading Art, but Mind Reading Art that violates the Privacy Act!

“Although it’s not clear what is going on, you are still good at Solitary Saint Pond seniors.” Song Shuhang’s liver pain symptoms eased slightly.

The blonde girl fell into Golden Lotus World’s for his reasons. If for her reason, Ruism’s most important ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ had an accident, Song Shuhang didn’t know what to do. Moreover, Solitary Saint Pond is so precious, it must be very expensive, he wondered, he should not be able to afford it.

“So seniors, have you seen a golden haired young miss?” Song Shuhang continued to ask.

“Leave, she took back her belongings from me and left.” Solitary Saint Pond’s possessed Eternal Fire calmed.

“What belongs to her?” Song Shuhang’s brain began to work hard, but the repercussion of “sabre of cause and effect” has not dissipated, the symptoms of brain sputum are still alleviating, and the brain is not efficient.

Why is golden haired young miss related to ‘Solitary Saint Pond’? What is her hidden identity? What is ‘belonging to her’?

Song Shuhang thought hard and speculated.

Chu pavilion lord was keenly aware of the temperature rise of Song Shuhang’s skull.

She lightly knocked on Song Shuhang’s skull and said to Solitary Saint Pond: “What happened after the fellow daoist could bring in the golden haired young miss, tell us about it?”

“In a nutshell… In not long ago, I suddenly sensed her existence. And she also sensed my existence. Although I have never met her before, we have a kind of fate between each other. I started to brew. She attracted me and I attracted her. In the end, fate brought her to me.” Solitary Saint Pond said out loud.

“so that’s how it is, in summary, is your pot.” Stone monument fellow daoist pertinently commented – “I want to put responsibility to the fate!”

“You are wrong, she came to me, it is the real fate! Because, my mission has been completed.” Solitary Saint Pond is seriously replied.

At the moment when Heavenly Dao collapsed, its mission was over.

Heavenly Dao is dead, and the Heavenly Dao ball is lost by the a portion of Holy Man ‘swallowing’ and loses its meaning.

It doesn’t have to be hidden in ‘Ten Thousand Books Mountain’ anymore, it’s free.

And just as it is no longer restricted, the fate brings this blonde girl to the front, which is the guide to fate.

Just as the holy ball tells the fate, fate, mission, and other high vocabulary… In this hall space, suddenly a scene is projected.

In the picture.

Golden haired young miss stood in the hall with a confused face.

The really amazing Holy Man of ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ is sitting in front of her.

Golden haired young miss quietly asked :”where is this place? Am I dead? Shop… the manager?”

“This is the Ten Thousand Books Mountain, the Solitary Saint Pond space.” Holy Man said solemnly by Solitary Saint Pond: “Who are you?”

Golden haired young miss : “I am…”

[I come, get my things back. 】 Suddenly, her body sends out a mechanical voice.

The left eye of golden haired young miss is mechanical and structural, although it is vivid and lifelike.

Including her body, most of them are cyborg modification status.

[The ‘presence’ taken by Ruism Holy Man, now I want to get it back. The body of golden haired young miss is involuntarily close to the body of Solitary Saint Pond.

Solitary Saint Pond wants to resist her, but its resistance has not taken effect.

In the end, the blonde girl’s palm was successfully pressed in the Solitary Saint Pond body.

From the body of Solitary Saint Pond, a blood of liquefied metal is extracted and incorporated into the blond girl. Even the flesh of the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ was plundered together.

― ― Not only the existence of the ‘Heavenly Dao Ball’ that was once swallowed, even the ‘Ruism Holy Man ‘legacy, she also took it away.

“No, no, I don’t want to be further modified. The store manager saved me~” golden haired young miss cried.

But she can’t stop it all.

Solitary Saint Pond is also powerless.

After a few interest.

Eyes at the Solitary Saint Pond to be completely absorbed…

[Core? What about my core? The metal voice suddenly wondered: [When I wake up, I also sense its existence. 】

After the pause.

Suddenly, the blonde girl suddenly turned around, abandoned the sucked Solitary Saint Pond and left the Solitary Saint Pond space — she seemed to feel the core’s breath.

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