During the reading of the blonde cyborg young girl leaving the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ space, another figure entered the Ten Thousand Books Mountain ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ space.

It is Senior Eternal Fire!

Senior Eternal Fire enters ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ and at a glance sees the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ being sucked up. He quickly stepped forward and reached out to catch the weak ‘Solitary Saint Pond’, constantly instilling his spiral power. ‘Solitary Saint Pond’ is a relic of Holy Man. Its existence is of great significance to Ruism and cannot be lost.

The image of the projection end here ……

The story behind it should be the Senior Eternal Fire and the ‘Solitary Saint Pond ‘body fusion’s segment; and then the scene of Song Shuhang coming in with a pendant.

After the projection dissipated, Song Shuhang was silent.

He recalled that when the blonde cyborg young girl in the projection shouted ‘the manager’s life-saving’, the old man was worried.

It was the last time she was killed by Song Shuhang… I didn’t expect the cyborg young girl in the critical moment. The object of requesting assistance for the first time is still the restaurant manager of Song Shuhang.



After the projection dissipated, the Senior Eternal Fire of the Solitary Saint Pond was awkward.

“Is it worthwhile? Is there a fate?” Song Shuhang looked back at it and smiled.

If the blonde cyborg young girl is missing an important core, now Solitary Saint Pond is probably absorbed, and there will be no residue left.

This is indeed the fate…Ill Fate!

Chu pavilion lord asked a little thought, “Is this little girl in the projection related to ‘Heavenly Dao Ball’?”

Now that Shu Shuhang’s brain is in a downtime, so the complicated problem is responsible for thinking by Chu Pavilion lord, and instead of Song Shuhang to raise key doubts.

“to be more precise, it should be the little girl’s body’s mechanical part, related to the passing Heavenly Dao. Although I don’t know what happened to the ‘mechanical part’, I was weak enough to attach to the human body… but in my experience To speculate, the little girl’s body’s mechanical part, I am afraid it is the ‘Dao Item’ level of things.” Solitary Saint Pond said solemnly, by the way with the vicissitudes of the voice to save their image.

“Dao Item.” Song Shuhang raise head Heavens Above.

Other cultivators have never had a chance to live with Dao Item, Song Shuhang has encountered several…eye-looking’s planet, Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre, and blonde cyborg young girl, and half a Dao Item’s stone tablet Fellow daoist and the ‘Evil Lotus, Golden Lotus, Core’ world with Dao Item features.

Chu pavilion lord after a little thought, and knocked Song Shuhang again: “Right, Shuhang. The core of the golden haired young miss, is it in your body?”

“Well, that’s right.” Song Shuhang nodded, the peculiar ‘core reactor’, which has now become one of his Little Gold Cores!

Today, the core reactor has long been an inseparable part of his body. It is one of the basic equipments of his ‘Comprehensive Chat’ talent, and it is also an indispensable part of the overall framework of ‘Song Shuhang’.

The stone monument fellow daoist reminded: “So, she rushed out from the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’, would it be to find you?”

Solitary Saint Pond said: “The golden haired young miss has just finished reading the book from this space, Little Friend Tyrant Song, you just come in. You only get in and out, no time interval.”

Elder Sister White Dragon rolled a neck of Song Shuhang and yawned: “So, Shuhang, the next goal you have to face.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Do you want to be so anxious?

He just smashed the smashing king and Heavenly Dao’s widowed ball, and now he is weak and like the softworm, he doesn’t know anything about it.

Playing boxing and having a round break.

Chu pavilion lord stunned and said: “Don’t panic, you are hiding in Core World’s 鲲王宝藏 is time to come in. You have buried the spirit stone in batches, have been marked by the core assistant, you only need one Thoughts, the core helpers can dig them out and sacrifice them for the first time, turning them into the power of Divine Strike.”

“Are you a devil?” Song Shuhang’s eyes widened.

No wonder where he buried the treasure, the core helper is one by one.

It is easy for a man to hide private money. Easy! !

It’s hard to set foot on the peak of life. Inheriting the wealth of the predecessors, can it be to go out?

Again… blonde cyborg young girl is not a whole, she is divided into two parts: the body and mechanization. Khorium hits down, the body of the blonde cyborg young girl must also be ten deaths without life. This is what Song Shuhang does not want to see.

When thinking of this, Song Shuhang turned to look at the Senior Eternal Fire attached to the ‘Solitary Saint Pond’. In addition to khorium, is there any alternative to Solitary Saint Pond? If it is really only khorium, I don’t know if Ruism reimbursement does not reimburse his khorium consumption?

It seems that the Song Shuhang’s mind was read, and the Senior Eternal Fire of the Solitary Saint Pond possessed a slight smile: “If you want to deal with the blond girl of Dao Item avatar, it is not that much trouble.”

Song Shuhang quickly sat down with his body: “Solitary Saint Pond seniors please.”

Fairy Good Fortune and Black Skinned Soft Feather sit in a row and sit in a row with him, listening and listening.

“It’s very simple. If you want to deal with her, just send her to ‘Golden Lotus World’ and transfer her to present world.” Solitary Saint Pond is slow.

“Transfer her to present world?” Song Shuhang thought about letting Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty leave her in Golden Lotus World and don’t let her escape.

“She took the ‘Heavenly Dao ball part’ that my body swallowed from my body. But because there is no core’s reason, she retrieved the ‘Heavenly Dao ball exists’ nowhere to place. In this environment where Heavenly Dao crashes If she is stepping into the present world, there is only one possibility.” Solitary Saint Pond ten fingers, then slammed open: “Boom ~ ‘sa sound, fried into fireworks.”

If her core is still there, she can transfer the ‘Heavenly Dao Ball Existence’ to the core, and evolve itself to become the perfect Dao Item, which exists in the form of Dao Item’s.

Unfortunately, she lost an important core.

Song Shuhang sat up straight and asked, “If it explodes, that golden haired young miss…”

“Of course, it exploded.” Solitary Saint Pond.

Song Shuhang, after thinking about it, organized his own language and asked: “Although I think a little too beautiful… but I still want to ask my predecessors, is there any arrogance, can make golden haired young miss survive, or make her Is there a chance to ‘resurrection and resurrection’, only the part of the ‘Heavenly Dao ball exists’ and the mechanical body part?”

“You all know that it is too beautiful to ask, and ask?” Solitary Saint Pond smiled.

Song Shuhang sighed: “This is hope.”

Knowing that it is impossible, but still can not help but think, this is people.

“Sorry, I am not a human, so I can’t understand your mood.” Solitary Saint Pond is cold and repulied.

Song Shuhang: “…”

“I don’t have a solution that can help you. If you really want to get hope, then try it yourself. However, you have to be prepared for a huge price. Without paying, there will be no return.” Solitary Saint Pond Swinging at Song Shuhang and signaling him to come forward, there seems to be something to be legal to him.

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