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Obviously this paragraph, he did not read it at the time, only secretly thought about it in the heart.


No, maybe… maybe… he was so shocked that he accidentally read the lines of the heart? So was it recorded by the Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty to the script library?


In short, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty moved out of this line at this time, not to dazzle the ‘master Saint Monarch’, but to tell the other party one thing – the outside Heavenly Dao has blown up!


The blonde cyborg young girl stayed at Song Shuhang’s Core World and fell out of Ruism Golden Lotus World. She has never been exposed to the present world.


She is now eager to go out, and it is likely that she still does not know the information that Heavenly Dao has finished.






Blonde cyborg young girl’s mechanical left eye coldly looked at Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty, she did not believe each other.


Immediately afterwards, she twisted her head again and looked in the direction of Elder Sister White Dragon… The left eye of the machine shrunk and the masked figure on the Dragon Tail rolled into her sight.


Although wearing a mask, the body shape and the kindness of the body are familiar.


“The manager! The manager!” Blonde cyborg young girl made a cheerful call: “The manager, I’m here ~”


She was like a victim of falling water and caught a life-saving straw.


In the void, Song Shuhang has no plan in mind, but he tries to pretend to be in a position of ‘everything in control’. He softly comforted: “Don’t be afraid, there is me. You won’t have anything.”


Blonde cyborg young girl nodded happily — no one knows why she trusts someone who has killed her.


[Weird breath. ] Blonde cyborg young girl body The metal voice, the voice of doubt – she vaguely sensed the atmosphere of the ‘core reactor’ from the other body. But if it is finely sensed, it doesn’t feel like her ‘core reactor’. Moreover, there is no connection between this core and her.


“Stuck her up… Don’t let her go to the present world.” Song Shuhang exhort again and again.


Don’t let her ‘chemical path’ dissipate.


Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty finger Waving, she had a golden thread at her fingertips, and she had long secretly made a big net on the whole body of the blonde cyborg young girl — this is the Karmic Virtue network.


“Space is forbidden!” Elder Sister White Dragon waves small claws to block the space in this area. Although inside ‘Golden Lotus World’, there is inherently the power of imprisonment space, but the blonde cyborg young girl as a ‘Dao Item’ carrier, maybe there will be special ability to break Golden Lotus World, have to prevent.


At the same time, the Elder Sister White Dragon tail was released, releasing Song Shuhang and his pendant.


Fairy Good Fortune took a step forward, she reached for a stroke, and it was a four-character ‘weakened version of the Confucianism’ big chapter, in the blond cyborg young girl gathered around a circular blockade array.


Black Skinned Soft Feather silently held Song Shuhang and took him safely from midair.


[who are you. ] Blonde cyborg young girl’s left eye is staring at Song Shuhang.


“It’s the store manager!” In her mouth, she sent out the voice of the girl Ling Xiao, asking herself.


So, Song Shuhang once again lost a precious opportunity to recite words.


[You body, have what I want. ] Blonde cyborg young girl said out loud, although I am not sure if this ‘shop manager’ body’s core is not her. But she is missing the single core now, so… whether it is her or not, grab it and make up, that’s right!


After all, she suddenly reached out to aim at Song Shuhang, the ten fingers formed claw, and slammed the air!


Song Shuhang saw it and didn’t panic. Since he knows that the ‘core reactor’ is a Dao Item core’s thing, he is naturally prepared to prevent the other party from having a chance.


At the moment when the blonde cyborg young girl reached out and pointed at him, he was ready for a spell.


“Blockhead Song’s big bone scum!” Song Shuhang lightly shouted, the weak body squeezed out the freshly restored spirit power.


A half-length squat appeared beside him, keeping him and Black Skinned Soft Feather in the heart of the heart.


Immediately afterwards, this half-length squatting hands on the ground, crawling up quickly, climbed away as soon as the smoke broke.


After climbing, the bust paused and looked at the blonde cyborg young girl.


At the same time, Song Shuhang tested his own ‘core reactor’ gold core status.


When the blonde cyborg young girl reached out, the core reactor seemed to have a reaction… but it was just a glimpse of the reaction, no follow-up.


And the taste can also be found, even the reaction of that glimpse, is not the control of the ‘core reactor’ of cyborg young girl. But the core reactor reacted with some kind of stimulation, and the instinctive moved. It’s like… I’ve met the appetite for the appetite, the reaction I want to eat the other party?


Eat each other, can it be want to swallow the ‘Heavenly Dao ball’?




Heavenly Dao ball is strange and unpredictable, and Song Shuhang refuses to let ‘its existence’ enter his own small Dantian, so as not to accidentally roll over.


[At present, the other party has been unable to control the ‘core reactor’ that I have used together. 】Song Shuhang floated in the middle of the body, carefully pondering.


But you need to be more careful. For the ‘core reactor’, he also has Layer 3 protection!


[yí ? ] Blonde cyborg young girl squatted a few times against Song Shuhang, but there was still no reaction.


So, the mechanical blonde girl fell into silence.








At the same time, on the Spirit Butterfly Island across the sea from Ruism.


Heavenly Emperor brow wrinkled, she reached out and firmly suppressed Song Shuhang steel doppelgänger in ‘solar barge’.


After a moment, her face showed a big smile: “Sure enough, you still have a way of escape.”


However, no amount of way of escape is useless!


Heavenly Dao has collapsed and the big picture has been set.


After the laughter, her face showed a painful color–that was the death experience from the soft ghost body of this spirit ghost body.


“Soft Feather, is this watching killer?” Heavenly Emperor quickly guessed the answer.


Fighting sermon, she naturally saw it.


As the head of Heavenly Court, this level of pain is nothing to her. But she didn’t have Song Shuhang’s painful physique. The pain was pain for her. She couldn’t enjoy the pain.


‘Soft Feather is harder to deal with than Senior Song. ‘Heavenly Emperor sighed at the temple and sighed long.






[Ingestion failure, conversion plan…] Mechanical blonde girl recovers from silence.


If you fail to take it, you will be replaced by a positive one.


Take the force!


She began the switch form, with a liquid metal-like ‘blood’ flowing in her body — that was the ‘Heavenly Dao Ball Existence’ part she retrieved from the Solitary Saint Pond body.


In the blink of an eye, the body of the blonde cyborg young girl begins to melt, and the whole body is turned into a liquid metal mode.


Opposite her.


Song Shuhang’s body seemed to be stimulated and began to change. “Variable Steel Hand”, “Ruism’s Buddha’s Warrior Body” and “Holy Ape Dragon Strength Divine Art” emerged one after another, turning his body into a black gold genus.


Immediate afterwards, his new “liquid gold body” works.


Song Shuhang’s body also entered the liquid metal appearance.


Blonde cyborg young girl staring at Song Shuhang: “???”


Liquid Song Shuhang looked back at her calmly.


[who are you? ] Blonde cyborg young girl couldn’t help but ask again.


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