When the blonde cyborg young girl asked this question, Song Shuhang’s heart was filled with a strong sense of familiarity – not long ago, and Fat Ball’s doppelgänger was so confused, then unfathomable mystery’s self-flicking, Eventually paralyzed.

If he is now using the skill of ‘smart tongue’, can you give the cyborg young girl in front of him a flicker?

Don’t have to flick for too long, just let her stay in Ruism for a while!

Just as Song Shuhang thought about it, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty suddenly sang: “I am me, a fireworks of different colors~”

Song Shuhang: “…”

[Fairy Karmic Virtue is noisy, let me try if I can give her a flicker. He passed the idea to Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty.

But just as Song Shuhang passed his thoughts, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty waved. The line of Karmic Virtue at the fingertips tightened and slammed into the blond cyborg young girl body, holding the other side firmly restraint.

At the same time, Elder Sister White Dragon waved: “Space solidified!” She was intensifying the space.

“Benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, faith, forgiveness, loyalty, filial piety, sorrow!” Fairy Good Fortune quickly wrote ‘weakened version of Confucianism’ with a pen as a pen, and at the same time made a crisp and squeaky voice.

Her barrier of the four-character lyrics was fully activated. Every Confucian text is transformed into the force of restraint, and it can force the target to be in place.

The three fairies shot at the same time, and Song Shuhang immediately knew that the situation had changed. Blonde cyborg young girl is asking [who are you? At the same time as this question, I am afraid that there are still some small moves in the dark.

Above the head, Chu pavilion lord said: “She is secretly preparing to escape, although she is very confused about your status, I want to get an answer from your mouth. But her first sequence goal is to escape from Golden Lotus World.”

Within the layers of the three fairy’s restraint, the blonde cyborg young girl body emerges with a complex set of formulas composed of many different language runes — ― Song Shuhang sees a portion of the ancient language.

Complex to dazzling calculations, covered with the body of the blonde cyborg young girl.

Some of these rules are also implicit in these formulas.

With Song Shuhang’s current realm, I have a little dizziness…not that mental sense is not strong enough, but his knowledge reserve in comprehension can’t keep up. There is a kind of dizziness when listening to academic tyrant to analyze super problems. sense.

The stone monument fellow daoist said: “She is calculating three fairy spells, array’s changes, and then to break array. This speed, too terrifying, is worth the Heavenly Dao ball that once competed with Ruis Holy Man.”

The computing power is very important no matter which line or industry.

The cultivator is also lacking in operations.

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty, Fairy Good Fortune, and Elder Sister White Dragon are constantly changing their spell frame and array layout, while the blonde cyborg young girl is crazy computing, constantly cracking spells and array’s changes, and constantly unraveling according to the cracking operation. Body’s restraint.

Between the three fairies and the blonde cyborg young girl, although there is no big movement, the confrontation between data and information between them has reached an explosion level. Numerous intangible data has filled the space between them.

This high level of invisible confrontation is more complicated than directly holding the sabre.

At the same time, after the formation of ‘Liquid Metal’ form, the blonde cyborg young girl merged with the part of ‘Heavenly Dao Ball Existence’, directly mobilizing some of the power of the ‘Heavenly Dao Ball’.

As the progress of the integration increases, her physical strength continues to increase. The Karmic Virtue network and space blockade is getting weaker on her restraint.

And her ability as ‘Dao Item’ has also begun to unlock!



Song Shuhang The brain of the machine has long been unable to keep up with the confrontation between the three fairy and the blonde cyborg young girl: “If the math is not good, isn’t it a disadvantage in such a scene?”

“Do not worry, as long as the realm is improved, the mental sense of the cultivator is enhanced, and the brain itself can perform this complicated operation. Only need to master the tricks, general operations, arrays, to break array, most cultivators can do To.” Stone monument fellow daoist comforted.

Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword: “If you can’t do it, there is a way to break the battle. As long as you rush all the way, the other people who are pressing are called Dad, and what is the calculation plan for him?

Song Shuhang: “…”

At this time, Black Skinned Soft Feather asked: “Now, between Elder Sister White Dragon and the blonde cyborg young girl, who has the upper hand?”

“Everything is even.” Chu pavilion lord replied.

Blonde cyborg young girl takes an enemy three, but does not fall. The operation itself is the Fat Ball’s strength.

When it comes to this, Chu pavilion lord began to straighten and prepare for the worst… Once the blonde cyborg young girl really went to break array, she went straight to the nail.

“For a while we tried to interfere with the calculation of the blonde cyborg young girl.” Song Shuhang held his chin.

At the same time, he contacted Senior White two in his mind: [Senior White, are you interested in the Dao Item left by the ‘Heavenly Dao Ball’? 】

But this time, Senior White two did not reply to him.

“could it be Senior White, is there something busy?”

As a Nine Serenities ruler, Senior White is not always idle and has nothing to do.

“Senior Song, how do we interfere with each other?” asked Black Skinned Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes and said: “An answer to her question, she is not trying to know who I am? Then give her an answer.”

“Good idea.” Stone monument fellow daoist.

“Do you want to loudspeaker spells?” Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword reminded.

Chu pavilion lord: “Don’t waste time, oh now, give her a reply.”

Song Shuhang nodded, his liquefied body began to melt, and then far away from the blonde cyborg young girl said solemnly: “Want to know who I am?”

The cyborg young girl is flying fast, and the left eye looks at Song Shuhang.

In her gaze, Song Shuhang’s body began to sleek and turned into a liquid Metal Ball.

Cyborg young girl :”!!!”

“That’s right, as you have guessed.” Song Shuhang’s voice is beginning to change – he used Entering Dream over ‘Heavenly Emperor’, and when Heavenly Emperor or ‘Ghost Divinity Fragment’, was used by ‘Heavenly Dao Ball’ Research.

What Song Shuhang imitated at this time is the voice of ‘Heavenly Dao Ball’.

The voice of the Heavenly Dao ball is similar to that of Fat Ball. But in tone, slightly differ to some extent.

At this moment, Song Shuhang’s ‘Liquid Metal Ball’simply perfectly copied the temperament and tone of the Heavenly Dao ball.

“Impossible.” At this time, cyborg young girl made a cold voice.

But the icy voice can’t conceal the emotions that fluctuate in her heart.

Hum ~~

In the midst of intense emotional fluctuations, the operation of cyborg young girl laged.

Her body of liquid metal suddenly burst open.

Restrained her Karmic Virtue net, space blockade, and ruined barrier, all detonated like explosives.

Under the multiple explosions, the Ruism Golden Lotus World in this area was shaken.

The Golden Lotus World space in this small area has become unstable!

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