Doudou stared at his dog’s eyes and looked at Venerable Yellow Mountain in confusion.

Is Big Idiot Yellow Mountain going to menopause? Otherwise why suddenly unfathomable mystery is violent?

Wait ……

Could it be that I was quietly changing his ‘Quick Heart Rescue Pill’ to a similar taste of sugar beans, was he aware of it? Doudou has some guilty conscience.

Mainly the day before, Big Idiot Yellow Mountain will let it lick a few ‘Quick Heart Rescue Pill’, then Yellow Mountain listens to the ‘Quick Heart Rescue Pill’ by jǔ jué’s voice, the heart will be more comfortable… …so, for the sake of his stomach, Doudou quietly replaced Yellow Mountain’s ‘Quick Heart Rescue Pill’ with jelly beans.

After all, its heart and liver are no problem, what medicine is it sick?

Thinking about it, I saw Big Idiot Yellow Mountain skillfully reaching out and grabbing the bottle of ‘Quick Heart Rescue Pill’. Two pills were poured out and ready to be stuffed into the mouth.

[It seems that it is not my pot. Is there a chat in the ‘Nine Provinces Pills Group’ that made Big Idiot Yellow Mountain tremble? ] Doudou first secretly liked for the unknown group member, and at the same time it rushed to Big Idiot Yellow Mountain and yelled: “Big Idiot, I will chew, I will chew the pills. You listen to me jǔ jué pill voice Just fine, it’s a three-point drug. You haven’t eaten recently.”

A glimpse of Venerable Yellow Mountain.

Doudou, is this for him?

Since he proposed to divide Doudou… and is already setting up a new Cave Mansion for Doudou, Doudou seems to have grown up and matured.

Sure enough, children can’t stay under the wings of their parents, they must let them leave, and they can grow.

Yellow Mountain is grateful.

‘Sucking ~’ Doudou’s tongue, licking the ‘pill’ in the hands of Venerable Yellow Mountain, and then making a crisp jǔ jué sound in his mouth.

Venerable Yellow Mountain closed the bottle and smiled and touched Doudou’s dog’s head.

“Do not worry, I am fine.” He said so.

Then, he gritted his teeth and opened Little Friend Song Shuhang’s private chat, back to conversation: “Say business!”

He can’t pretend to reply to Shuhang… Because of the character of the three guys Shuhang, Three Waves, and Copper Trigram, if you don’t take care of their private chat, then after a while, they will run into the group chat @你.

The two harms are lighter, so even if it is a pain in the heart and liver, Mama Yellow Mountain chose to take Tyrant Song.

“This is the case, Senior Yellow Mountain. You didn’t mention it to me last time. In mid-January, we teamed up with Li Daojun to go to the ‘Remains of the Spirit’ to find the cultivator living item, which gave birth to a weak consciousnessness, or made it weak. The magical item consciousness has a chance to evolve into a ‘tool spirit’ substance. I see that time is also about the same until mid-January…not as good as we are today?” Song Shuhang returned to conversation.

Today is January 17th, and the calculation time is just in mid-January.

There is no time like the present …… Today, I will make an appointment, lick the ‘remains of the relics’, then a fraction of a minute, the internal dungeon, and the material that upgrades the ‘living item’ !

After all, the world’s first hammer ‘Oriental Emperor’ is still waiting on the edge to open the furnace, he must get the magical material in the shortest possible time, before the Emperor opens the furnace, let his ‘Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item’ takes it to the next level.

“It turned out to be this, can you take it out now?” Venerable Yellow Mountain asked.

Song Shuhang has the magical ‘eye potion’ in his hand, and also has the function of making the living item a slight consciousness, and quite a lot… originally Shuhang used this ‘eye potion’, one per drop, in ‘Nine The fells daoist of Provinces (1) Group ‘replaced a lot of treats. Those treasures later passed a wave of wealth dispersal at the annual meeting of Heavenly River Su Clan’s through ‘Throne of Wealth Dispersal’.

Venerable Yellow Mountain also took the opportunity to use the ‘eye potion’ to create a faint savvy for his own sword.

The magical material in the relics of the relics has a certain chance to make the ‘weak spirits’ a tool spirit’s effect… the combination of eye potion and magical material, in theory, simply is a pair made by heaven and arranged by earth.

The only consideration now is the ‘magic trait’ effect in the ruins, which can overlap with Song Shuhang’s ‘eye potion’.

“Can, definitely no problem, I can leave at any time!” Song Shuhang said out loud.

Now, his Steel Avatar is back; plus World of the Nine Serenities’ Song Four.

He returned to the happy time with doppelgänger’s, a person can appear in three places at the same time.

Nine Serenities The Sea of ​​Magic is seated by Song Four, and then Steel Avatar is left in this minor world wreck to accompany the Eastern Emperor.

In this way, his body can be set off, and the Senior Yellow Mountain will be raised to push the relics.

“Well, then wait a moment, I will contact Li Daojun.” Senior Yellow Mountain back to conversation.

After ending a private chat with Song Shuhang’s, Venerable Yellow Mountain took out a special ‘voice transmission’ and started to contact Li Daojun. Li Daojun is a more cautious cultivator. Recently, many people are secretly looking for him. I want to get that magical substance from his body, which led to Li Dajun’s recent connection to the Internet. There are only a few friends who can make friends through the special ‘voice transmission’.

The voice transmission is quickly connected.

“yō, Li Daojun, I am Yellow Mountain.” Venerable Yellow Mountain first signed the number, so that Li Dajun, who was cautious, hanged the jade.

“hu… is Yellow Mountain.” The opposite tone of Li Daojun seems to just wake up.

“it’s about time until mid-January, do we want to get to the Cave Mansion?” Venerable Yellow Mountain.

Li Daojun replied: “Have you found the right defensive-type fellow daoist? Have you ever believed in the character?”

“When I contacted you last time, I didn’t mention it to you. I have found the right defensive-type candidate. Rest assured, the character is absolutely trusting, it is my fellow daoist who grew up at him. “Venerable Yellow Mountain is full of emotions.”

“Is it a younger generation? Is he defensive enough?” Li Daojun was somewhat worried: “The traps and attacks in the relics are very terrifying, so it must be the higher than Sixth Stage cultivator… I am sure to break into Go deep in the ruins!”

“Bottom-level defense.” Senior Yellow Mountain calmly replied.

Little Friend Song Shuhang That set of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item, all eight quality, that ‘Infallible Holy City’ opened, nine products attacked. Moreover, this is only the defensive level on the surface of Song Shuhang. In fact, how strong Shuhu is now, Mama Yellow Mountain can’t count.

“Oh, right, right.” Li Daojun happily said.

But after a while… Li Daojun was somewhat worriedly said: “The defensive-type’s fellow daoist was found, but we still lack a big Karmic Virtue’s high monk. In fact, these days, I have been looking for such a high monk. But there have been no reliable candidates.”

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