With the big Karmic Virtue’s high monk, and the reliable and trustworthy fellow daoist, it is hard to find both conditions.

Originally, Li Daojun had a more appropriate high monk fellow daoist… But this high monk listened to Tyrant Song sermon a few months ago and slammed ‘Powerhouse Appraisal Art’, suddenly realized the truth and realized the true meaning of life. Recently in the retreat status, has not been out until now.

If you don’t know that the fellow daoist is a high monk, Li Daojun must doubt whether he is going to make life.

When Venerable Yellow Mountain heard this request, it was slightly stopped–that is, it was necessary to defend the meat and the big Karmic Virtue. Isn’t this the Song Shuhang?

“Big Karmic Virtue’s words… I am also rounded up here.” Venerable Yellow Mountain smiled and replied: “Bottom materialisation Karmic Virtue” started, isn’t it enough?”

Little Friend Song Shuhang’s Strength of Karmic Virtue is so deep now that I can’t even tell him.

Venerable Yellow Mountain knows that Song Shuhang had done ‘Light of Karmic Virtue materialisation’ before the first Profound Saint Sermon. Later, he experienced seven sermon sacred segments, and the Strength of Karmic Virtue additional support. Now this All Heavens and Myriad Realms, in addition to the long-lived Eternal Life Being, I am afraid it is difficult to find out that the Strength of Karmic Virtue is even bigger than Song Shuhang.

Even the Eternal Life Being has a big Strength of Karmic Virtue over Song Shuhang, which is still unknown.

“The extent of the ‘Light of Karmic Virtue materialisation’? 嘶~ Properly!” Li Daojun’s mood has become more beautiful, Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain is really his lucky star.

But at the end, he still cautiously asked a sentence: “Is this Karmic Virtue Great Master reliable? We have a great Karmic Virtue’s fellow daoist character. We can definitely trust it, but his mouth is not reliable?”

“Do not worry, it’s completely reliable. Just remember to add more fellow daoist to me when it comes to distributing the relics.” Venerable Yellow Mountain cheerfully said.

“Is the same person? So that’s how it is.” Li Daojun immediately understood the Venerable Yellow Mountain’s words, he nodded to understand – “Yes, the high monk is often kind, so compared to the attack, high monks tend to be more Like defense. Whenever necessary, the anger of the other side of compassion will be revealed.

Therefore, having a large Karmic Virtue and being good at defense is completely understandable.

In his mind, he has made up a planet’s high monk, which radiates a lightly Karm Virtue.

“by that time, I will never lose the fellow daoist that you brought to Yellow Mountain. By that time to distribute the spoils, you must have one more.” Li Daojun patted his chest pledged.

“There are you still have other requirements? If you have one thing, I will make it clear for you. If no problem, then, we are not as good as today.” is Venerable Yellow Mountain.

In addition to the defense and the Strength of Karmic Virtue, Little Friend Song Shuhang and a group of monkeys can call 666 cheers; although there are few means of attack, but formidable power is not weak; even the case of pregnancy Little Friend Shuhang can do; It can be said that it is very comprehensive.

“Enough, enough. Then we will leave today! Let’s meet in a place.” Li Daojun said happily.

Venerable Yellow Mountain replied: “Well, then I will reply to the fellow daoist I brought, ask where he is, and then we will find a suitable coordinate to gather first, then go to the ruins.”

After temporarily hanging up the conversation with Li Daojun, Venerable Yellow Mountain talked privately about Song Shuhang: “Shuhang, right, set off today. where are you now, we are looking for a suitable location, the three first meet.”

“Senior Yellow Mountain where are you now? I will open the space door and look for you.” Song Shuhang said.

“Space Gate?” After Venerable Yellow Mountain was slightly stopped, he suddenly said: “I almost forgot your pendant…. Losing a loss, your appearance is too low.”

Song Shuhang is not a simple individual. His luxurious pendant is only a low fee for the appearance of ‘Merce Shield + Karmic Virtue Great Master’.

However, if you think about it, you really have to convert Song Shuhang and his pendant fees, and Li Daojun can’t afford it.

‘Senior Yellow Mountain is mistaken thinking that I want to open the Gate of Space by hanging? ‘Song Shuhang wanted to explain that he currently has the space to open the door by his own means. But after thinking about it, I still feel it… Mama Yellow Mountain is already very tired, he can no longer afford a psychological burden on Mama Yellow Mountain.

Mama Yellow Mountain is everyone’s, and if it’s really sick, it’s not good.

“I am on the present world Earth to help some fellow daoist handle the repercussion of the ‘evil event’. I will send you the map coordinates, you come directly.” Mama Yellow Mountain returns to conversation.

Song Shuhang lovable replied : “No problem.”



Minor world wreckage.

Song Shuhang told the Eastern Emperor: “Senior East, I am going to take the same treasure that enhances the living item consciousness. Go and go. Can you wait for me for some time?”

“Don’t you go… Leave your doppelgänger here for contact. I need some preparation time before I officially strengthen your living item.” The Eastern Emperor was replied.

Before opening the furnace, he needed to design a set of reinforcement schemes for Song Shuhang’s six Sixteen pieces of magical items according to the quality and type of materials.

The difference in material, the enhanced route also differs to some extent.

In particular, this time Oriental Emperor is ready to use all the raw materials to upgrade the six Sixteen pieces of magical item’s, so that the reinforcement scheme will be more complicated.

“Ten Senior East, I will be back soon!” Song Shuhang reached out and pushed the Gate of Space away, disappearing with Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty.

The Oriental Emperor arranged two sets of ‘Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item’ and upgrade materials neatly and began to promote the reinforcement program.

“I have to take into account the conditions for Tyrant Song to upgrade the magical item’s intensity of intelligence. But I didn’t expect it, Tyrant Song can even pick up the things that enhance the strength of the living item.”

“However, the spirit of the living item suddenly increases dramatically. The +magical item level is also improved at the same time. The intimacy between the living item and the cultivator itself is likely to cause problems. This has to be prevented.”

The Eastern Emperor whispered.

As the first person in the refining industry, he will consider every detail.

“That said, I am a refiner, the intimacy of the cultivator itself and the living item, I know a hammer.”

The method of increasing intimacy between each cultivator and living item is different, and the Eastern Emperor can only remind you at most. How to solve it, you have to look at Tyrant Song’s own means.

To be honest, the Emperor is quite looking forward to Tyrant Song’s 66 pieces of living item. Because of too much promotion, how does Tyrant Song face when there is a problem with intimacy?

He wants to see, what is special about this young man who is valued by Heavenly Emperor?


Present world ,Venerable Yellow Mountain Location.

Venerable Yellow Mountain lightly touched Doudou’s dog head and said: “Doudou, then I am going to explore a relic, you are good to watch.”

“Don’t bring me?” asked Doudou.

“You are not strong enough. I don’t necessarily protect you in that ruin.” Venerable Yellow Mountain said: “keep it up.”

When Doudou heard this, he was lovablely nodded — even Yellow Mountain could not protect its remains. It has no interest in seeking death’s recently.

Just while speaking, suddenly there is a Gate of Space open in front of Doudou.

“Wang, Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal?” Doudou suddenly bounced off the table.

Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal Comes suddenly, it will of course be nervous.

“It’s me, Doudou.” Song Shuhang’s soft voice emanates from the space door, his figure coming across the space, reaching out and lifting Doudou up, imitating Senior Yellow Mountain’s tone: “keep it up, advance, Doudou.”

Doudou: “…”

It only does not want to be lifted by Shuhang, say this!

“I am coming, Senior Yellow Mountain,” Song Shuhang put Doudou down and said.

“That’s going.” Venerable Yellow Mountain handed a note saying, “I just contacted Li Daojun, who is now hidden in the moon, Cave Mansion, which is the coordinates.”

“No problem, let’s go straight.” Song Shuhang nodded, then lightly licking the hair… Pretending to be the Pavilion Lord Chu opening the space door.

Another space door opens and passes through the moon coordinates.

“Senior Yellow Mountain, you go first.” Song Shuhang Road – He wants to maintain this space door.

Venerable Yellow Mountain also had no doubts. He reached out and grabbed a cosmos bag on the table. After explaining Doudou, he got up and stepped into the space door.



Moon, Li Daojun’s hidden Cave Mansion.

“Yellow Mountain said that he would come to me directly with the high monk fellow daoist, and I don’t know when it will come.” Li Daojun sorted out the artifacts that might be used to explore the remains.

In addition, he also wants to look at the Yellow Mountain family’s Karmic Virtue’s deep, defense-defending junior fellow daoist.

Just while speaking, suddenly there is a Gate of Space, which opens at the door of his Cave Mansion.

The spirit power of the Gate of Space fluctuated greatly, and suddenly caused Li Daojun’s vigilance.

Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal ?

Why is there Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal coming to me at this time? Is random teleportation error? I still took a look at the ‘special substance’ information in my hands. Would you like to come over and ask me for it?

For a moment, Li Daojun’s minds were filled with dozens of thoughts.

But immediately afterwards, the familiar silhouette of Venerable Yellow Mountain stepped out of the space door.

“Yellow Mountain?” Li Daojun said.

What do you mean by ‘going over to me directly’, referring to the cross-space door coming directly?

You almost scared me off?

Venerable Yellow Mountain said with a slight smile : “I am coming, Li Daojun, open the door.”

Li Daojun incited Dao seal, opened the hidden immortal residence’s door and ushered in Yellow Mountain.

When Venerable Yellow Mountain came in, Li Daojun greeted him, gave him a hug, and then asked, “Yellow Mountain, that… another fellow daoist?”

He looked at the space door at the entrance of Cave Mansion. Another fellow daoist that Yellow Mountain said would not be a fellow daoist who opened the space door.

Just while speaking…

The space door flickers and there is a silhouette to step out.

As soon as this silhouette appeared, there was a light of Karmic Virtue. At the same time, there are seven Saint Titles that appear directly in Li Daojun’s mind.

Tyrant Song?

Li Daojun’s body is stiff.

How did the big man come?

“Come on, This is me said that the defense is very strong fellow daoist.” Mama Yellow Mountain is far moving towards Song Shuhang beckoning.

Li Daojun: “!!!”

I just want a defensive strong meat shield fellow daoist, you actually pulled Tyrant Song to me?

In addition…

Yellow Mountain You are a big-eyed one, and you will be awkward.

Tyrant, Tyrant Song When did you become a junior? Are you still looking at him growing up?

Are you an ancient Antiquity Era reincarnation?

What about your face?

Do you want to face?

Thinking about it.

At the entrance to the Cave Mansion, Tyrant, Tyrant Song is far away towards Venerable Yellow Mountain. “Senior Yellow Mountain, I am here!”

Yellow Mountain ……Senior?

Senior ?

Tyrant, Tyrant Song, Shouting Senior Yellow Mountain?

Li Daojun looked at his best friend Yellow Mountain.

Fuck ……I really don’t know Yellow Mountain Your coming is so big!

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