At the moment of seeing Little Friend Song Shuhang’s head, many ideas emerged in the mind of the White Lord Island Lord.

For example, Little Friend Shuhang’s head was cut and made into a magical item…

Cultivation World is also like the ordinary world, with superficial peace and cruelty hidden under peace. All Heavens and Myriad Realms are so big that it is impossible for everyone to love World Peace, and it is impossible for everyone to be gentle and hearty.

Cut the other practitioners’s heads into evil magical item’s things, and many evil cultivators will do it. Even with some special cultivation system, the living item may be something like the skull of XX.

However, this “Senior Song”, which is even respected by Heavenly Emperor, is powerful strength. He does not need Song Shuhang, a small cultivator head refiner that has just been promoted for three times. – White robe Island Lord knows that Song Shuhang is at least three products. Realm, because when Song Shuhang crossed the Heavenly Tribulation, there was a white robe Island Lord who borrowed the power of ‘size reducing pouch’ and secretly helped.

At this point, the White Lord Island Lord guessed that it was likely that Song Shuhang was cut off by an evil cultivator and refined into a magical item. In the end, it was saved by this ‘Senior Song’ because of various coincidences.

After all, look at Little Friend Song Shuhang’s look, it seems to be very nice with ‘Senior Song’.

Looking at Song Shuhang’s head, the White Lord Island Lord thought a lot of things in a moment.

Eternal Life Being’s mental energy is incredibly powerful, and their minds can flash thousands of thoughts and make hundreds of millions of impressions in a flash.

Therefore, once they fall into the misunderstanding of thinking, they can complete a long brain supplement of millions of words in a flash.

Suppose… there is such an innocent Eternal Life Being that meets the object that makes him love at first sight. The object only needs to look at Eternal Life Being. With Eternal Life Being’s powerful thinking ability, he can plan tens of thousands of pursuits in his mind in a flash, and based on each scheme, extend himself and the object. Love, love, and then find ways to get rid of the ‘disobedience’ symptoms, marry and have children, grandchildren and so on. Turn it into words, at least hundreds of millions of words.




Song Shuhang didn’t even think of the story of the White Lord Island Lord in the moment.

He just felt that it was a pity to remove the mask on the face of nascent spirit projection. He also borrowed this mask for a while… So, he used the ‘Core World’ as a transit to pick up the burning head of the body and transfer it to Three-eyed Junior Senior’s World.

After all, he was prepared to transfer the head of the ontology.

After shifting his head, he can send the claws of Fengyi Qin to the crashing Heavenly Emperor World, and meet with White Bone Fairy Lady and the old friends of the East.

Now, just transfer your head in advance and meet the White Lord Island Lord.

White Lord Island Lord looked at Song Shuhang’s head. After thinking about it, he comforted and said: “Little Friend Shuhang, although you only have one head left now. But you need to be worried, with Senior Song’s strength, maybe still Have a chance to re-grow your body. You are a big cultivator, Good Fortune is deep.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Hey, the misunderstanding of the white robes big Senior seems to be deeper, how to break?

In order to prevent this interesting big Senior from continuing to misunderstand, Song Shuhang can only break oneself and break it — otherwise, the deeper the misunderstanding, the more troublesome it is to explain.

“Then, Island Lord Senior, you misunderstood.” Song Shuhang waved his hand and his head was out out loud.

White Lord Island Lord: “???”

Opposite, Song Shuhang raised his head and put it on the head of the nascent spirit, wearing the head of his body just like wearing a headgear.

Then he pointed to himself: “I am Shuhang.”

White robe Island Lord :⊙_⊙

The air suddenly became quiet.

The two are speechless.

At this time, Song Shuhang suddenly misses Fairy Karmic Virtue and Fairy Good Fortune + black leather. If there are three of them, at least the air will not suddenly be so quiet and can play a mitigating role.

“Then, Island Lord Senior.” Song Shuhang said out loud.

“Wait, let me quiet first.” White Lord Island Lord reached out and said.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Are members of Ancient Heavenly Court’s like to go to quiet hobbies?

On his shoulder, the three-eyed Junior Senior seals the sensory ‘Feng Yiqin Master Paw’ and is now looking for silence.

After the old half.

“You said that you are Little Friend Shuhang?” the White Lord Island Lord asked: “When I was floating on the island, I didn’t even have Song Shuhang in the Second Stage Realm world?”

“It’s me, replacement guaranteed if not genuine.” Song Shuhang nodded.

White Lord Island Lord: “…”

Change, I have to change one!

Song Shuhang still looks at the Island Lord calmly.

“What realm are you now?” White Lord Island Lord continued to ask.

Although he had just arrived at sparks (Mars) just out of Mysterious Island, in the process, he had a small path time exchange with several Eternal Life Being.

From the exchange, he learned some intelligence: the power of this ‘Senior Song’ is the same as that described by Heavenly Emperor.

For example, Senior Song is the doppelgänger on the sparks (Mars), and even more than ten Eternal Life Being, no one lost.

For example, ‘Senior Song’ once and for all Manifest Presence In Front Of Human, condensed the seven Saint Title, unprecedented in history. It is said that this is ‘Senior Song’ in verifying his own Great Way!

For example, ‘Senior Song’ has reached the level of Heavenly Emperor and is already condensing ‘Heavy’.

For example, the death of Heavenly Dao, I am afraid it is related to this ‘Senior Song’.

In short, All Heavens and Myriad Realms know the ‘Senior Song’.

On the contrary, it is the recent “Senior Song Killing Heavenly Emperor” incident. He knows the insider. He knew that Heavenly Emperor was trying to figure out a result and sent it to the hands of ‘Senior Song’. She is going to die in Senior Song’s love and get detached.

Now, you let him accept the ‘Senior Song’ that the cow can’t do. It was the little guy who went to his floating island last year. After half a year ago, he passed the little cultivator of ‘Three Way Heavenly Tribulation’?

Wei Chen can’t accept it!

“In fact, about my realm, there is no exaggeration from the outside world…external realm’s rumors, a big part of the reason is caused by various misunderstandings. In fact, at the beginning of the month, I just promoted eight products.” Song Shuhang replied.

“oh, it was just promoted eight products at the beginning of the month, and it was not as exaggerated as the legend of the outside world.” White robe Island Lord nodded slightly.

Then, he turned to move towards Void and slammed the fists. Every punch smashed Void and took out the cracks in the space.

Just a fart!

Half a year ago, were you just crossing 2Heavenly Tribulation? After half a year, you will take the rocket from the three products all the way to the eight products?

Still only?

Are you dissatisfied with the three-year promotion from Sanpin Jin to eight products?

Are there any misunderstandings about the difficulty of cultivator’s promotion?

After the innocent Void, the white robe senior turned around and said: “So, there is only one truth… Are you really Ruism Holy Man’s reincarnation?”



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