Despicable kidney hitter!

Crit damage +25%; back damage +50%!

Song Shuhang’s eyes wide open: “Senior, even you are also glimpsing my colorful waist?!”

The speed of the three-eyed Junior is too fast. After the end of the ‘gambling contract ceremony’, he lifted his realm repression and truly showed the speed and means of Nine Serenities Ruler to Song Shuhang.

His handle ‘sword’ easily penetrated Song Shuhang’s layer of defense, and even pierced the space… through Song Shuhang’s nascent spirit projection, directly tied to Song Shuhang’s waist side of the fire in the ‘Heavenly Emperor Crash World’!

The four body tempering cultivation techniques have not strengthened the sword…to be more precise, Song Shuhang’s body has no idea of ​​’resisting’ the sword, the body is like being hypnotized, This sword is tied to the waist side to complete the kidney shot.

“Oh, my waist is very good, why do you have a glimpse of your waist?” The three-eyed teenager showed a disdainful expression.

Song Shuhang reached out and pressed his waist.

Yí ?

Although the waist was smashed with a sword, there was no painful feeling.

After thinking a little, he immediately guessed, saying: “Sword-type sabre intent reward?”

“That’s right, sword-type sabre intent reward.” The three-eyed teenager, senior clapped the hand, got up and returned to his rocking chair and swayed.

“Senior If you give me a gambling reward, it will not be just right for me. Why is it so exciting to play?” Song Shuhang felt his heart and touched his waist.

“Because I am happy.” The three-eyed boy, Senior lightly smiled, and after Song Shuhang’s waist was cut, his mood became more pleasant.

Song Shuhang: “…”

“Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song, don’t waste your time and swearing. I suggest you take this ‘sword type sabre intent’ as soon as possible and include it as your sabre intent.” , vomiting blood suggested.

Song Shuhang was touched by the behavior of the eyeball steward.

He quickly closed his mouth and silently communicated the ontology and digested the ‘sword-type sabre intent’.

Song Shuhang has mastered two sabre intents at this time.

One is “Sabre Intent Armour”, which is the defensive-type sabre intent of Song Shuhang’s signature sabre intent, All Heavens and Myriad Realms unique and unmatched.

The second is “compassion sabre intent”, which is an attack-type sabre intent that is combined with Demon Emperor Hezhi ‘chef heart ‘, which contains the special rules of Demon Emperor Hezhi ‘chef heart ‘. Those who are squatted by sabre intent will not feel a little bit of pain… but it may be very refreshing! Both the killer and the murderer will smile with compassion and be hacked to death.

Today’s “Sword-type sabre intent” becomes Song Shuhang’s third sabre intent.

When this “sword-type sabre intent” began to comprehend, Song Shuhang’s understanding of “Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre” suddenly increased dramatically like a rocket!

Sure enough, this “sabre inbre” is related to the Scarlet Firmament dao priest, so it will match the “Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre”.

With “Sword inbrebre” + Senior Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword additional support, Song Shuhang’s “Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre” formidable power will far exceed the Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal’s degree.

After a long time.

Song Shuhang eyes opened eyes.

In the minor world of the three-eyed Senior, there is a ‘sun rain’ at this time, the sun is shining, but it is drizzling. A rainbow hangs in the sky – it looks like the three eyes of Senior are now good and bad?

In this mood, the three-eyed Senior is as varied as the rebellious little girl, temperamental.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes and looked away. There was a ‘sword qi’ in the Void.

The ‘fine rain’ in front of him was all broken and dissipated by ‘sword intent’.

“Sword intent, is this the feeling of swaying intent?” Song Shuhang feels his own comprehension life, reaching Peak at this moment!

Starting from today, he can tell everyone happily – he is Tyrant Song, outstanding in sabre and sword!

“Senior, is there any place for me to use a sword?” Song Shuhang feels a little itchy. He is like a child who just got a toy and can’t wait to play ‘sword intent’.

The three-eyed teenager refers to the sky: “moved towards the sky.”

“It’s a sword technique, I will also click on the sword technique!” Song Shuhang said.

There will be a set of sword techniques, which can be regarded as ‘sword technique’, no problem.

Song Shuhang reached out and waved, the spirit power condensed in his hands, and was fixed by Psychokinesis as a great sword. ― Mainly now, Heart Demon Scarlet Firmament Sword is now accompanying Soft Feather in adventure; ‘Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item’ The set was taken away by Senior White two thighs and the set is still being upgraded. Therefore, Song Shuhang only uses sword power to cast swords.

“Hyly light sword technique – ― Holy Light Slashing the Evil Sword!” He holds the sword in both hands, condenses the spirit power and cooperates with the ‘sword sabre intent’, and forces the towards Void to swing the sword!

Under Song Shuhang’s powerful spirit power additional support, this ‘Holy Light Slashing the Evil Sword’ is a single-word sword technique, but it has a nine-level killing power.

The sword technique is dead, to see who is using it!

Hōng lóng lóng ~

The holy light turned into a light cannon sword that was enough to destroy a city, and turned to Void, illuminating the Void of the entire three-eye World.

The warm holy light seems to be able to drive away all the darkness of the human heart.

In the sky’s drizzle was swept away, the sun + holy light, it was pleasant.

Song Shuhang stretches his arms and embraces the holy light.

With three eyes of Senior, let me dispel the rain in your World and illuminate your World.

In holy light, Song Shuhang is like a child of light, smiling warmly at the three-eyed Senior.

Three-eyed teenager Senior: “!!!”

Eyeball Steward opened his mouth and wanted to defend Tyrant Song, but he couldn’t think of a word – um, Tyrant Song pills.

“In other words, this ‘sword type sabre intent’ even strengthens the “holy light sword technique”… Sure enough, this “holy light sword technique” is actually a sabre technique,” Song Shuhang said.

This vented “holy light sword technique” does not consume much of his spirit power. Under his eight nascent soul core +1gold core core’s power, the consumed spirit power will soon be added back.

However, … has not waited for Song Shuhang’s 8+1 core nurturing, there is a pure teleportation from the heart, and then transformed by the heart, and through the body purification and integration, and finally was transferred to Song Shuhang’s life source dantian.

Song Shuhang: “???”

Who is supplementing his consumption of spirit power?

This is not a supplement to ‘spirit ghost’, nor is it a charge for other body widgets.

Song Shuhang followed the heartbeat’s source and sensed it. After a moment, his eyes fell on the huge ‘glazed heart’ that sealed the ancient god!

What was the energy consumption just added from the heart of this ancient god?

Song Shuhang: “…”

The ancient god in the seal, could it be his remote battery?

Just thinking, the voice of the three-eyed Senior sounded: “Tyrant Song, the second gambling contract reward, you can pick it up!”

The voice of the three-eye Senior is as gentle as ever, just as it was purified by the holy light.

“Master, I don’t think it’s so good, Tyrant Song will die.” Eyeball Steward said.

“Doesn’t matter, who lives in the world who is not dead.” Three-eyed teenager Senior said with a slight smile.

Then, a planet was brought over by summon and pressed against the sky of the three-eyed boy World.

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