It was an eye-looking’s planet, and it was directly summoned to the sky of the three-eyed Junior World, slowly pressing down.

The huge planet shadows envelope the entire minor world.

On the planet, the incomparable gigantic’s eyes turned, locking Song Shuhang, revealing a strong killing intent — when enemies come face to face , their eyes blaze with hate .

Song Shuhang is now on the head of the nascent spirit, with the head of the body, without disguise, an acquaintance can recognize his identity at a glance.

“That, three eyes Senior – I just lost my mind!” Song Shuhang explained aloud: “I just wanted to release the holy light sword, I will immediately lose light. But just after I took out the holy light sword, I found that the heart of the ‘Seal Ancient God’ was in the teleportation power that was far from me, supplementing my consumption. So I accidentally walked for a while, causing the holy light to cover the entire sky…Senior, don’t panic, I am here. Suck the holy light back!”

The strength reaches the realm of Song Shuhang, and the control of its own energy reaches the level of do as one pleases, which is the hard configuration function brought by the powerful realm.

“Suck back?” The three-eyed teenager has a white face.

In the sky, the eyes of the eye-looking planet full of life turned around, and a black hole-like vortex was formed before the eyelids.

The ‘holy light’ of the sky is all absorbed by this black hole, and the disappearing thorough– eye-looking planet is also the expert of playing ‘holy light’. However, its holy light is a special cold and negative attribute holy light.

“Little Hang, have you seen it?” The three-eyed senior pointed at the eye-looking planet in the sky.

Song Shuhang nodded.

He is not awkward, such a big planet hangs in the sky, how can it be seen.

“It’s your trophy at this time.” The three-eyed senior reveals a sunshine boy who violates the ‘Nine Serenities Ruler’. The smile is: “Now, I will give it to you. It’s a genuine Dao Item. My counterpart’s Heavenly Dao created the baby, you can think of it as my child. As a Dao Item, it can be said to be invaluable enough to be your client carrier server for ‘repair’ innate talent. keep it up ,Little Hang !”

Song Shuhang: “…”

In the sky, the huge eyeball locked Song Shuhang, in which the killing intent did not cover up, and even began to boil.

“Three eyes Senior, can I have the little ball doppelgänger before?” Song Shuhang suggested.

He feels that the eye-looking planet’s big ball doppelgänger is enough to become the carrier of the ‘compact chat client’. There is no need to really pull the ‘Dao Item’ ontology.

“To give the best, this has always been my principle.” The three-eyed teenager has a warm smile: “Now, accept it, Little Hang.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

I receive it?

This is the authentic Dao Item, the complete form of Dao Item!

It’s completely different from ‘Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre’ which hasn’t finished nine turns.

With the huge ontology +Dao Item special attribute of eye-looking planet, it is enough to beat most of Eternal Life Being.

Senior, are you going to Little Hang, my life?

“keep it up, Little Hang.” On the side of the eyeball, Steward, again vomiting blood, reminded: “Make the third god of the last time you lost to you! In addition to the Dao Item, no need to fear is hard, the last time. Before the gambling is completed, you no need to be worried. The lord will really kill you, and the serious injuries at most will be on the line. With Little Hang, your strong resilience can be restored with a sleep.”

Three-eyed teenager Senior: “…”

He reached out and waved a spear in the Void, and again stalked the eyeball into a hedgehog.

Then he pointed to Song Shuhang: “Are you ready?”

“I want to prepare for a while.” Song Shuhang said: “At least I will first summon equipment…”

But before he finished the second half of the sentence, the three-eyed Junior, who dared to bend a finger, flew Song Shuhang out and slammed it into Void.

In Void, the eye-looking planet has long been ready.

The three-eyed ruler secretly gave it an order—happily played with Tyrant Song, but couldn’t have Tyrant Song’s life.

Although it is a pity that I can’t get rid of this handy rodent, but ruler allows him to have fun and play, it is very good.

Hit the blood, only 0.01 blood left, is also alive. It is also alive to be a vegetative model that needs to be awake for thousands of years!

The concept of ‘only otherwise die’ has too much space for flexible operation.

[Let’s have fun playing, Tyrant Song! 】eye-looking planet 佬 传递 Pass a message to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang: “…”

What is special about you is a planet, I am just a small hand and a small human being, how to play happily between us?

‘Do you use the third god eye? Dragon Net lady, the two eye techniques of the three-eye Senior have been successfully cracked? ‘Song Shuhang quickly contacted Dragon Net lady.

[It will take some time, get ready to beat, Little Hang. 】Dragon Net lady back to conversation: [In addition, you should not rush to escape … hold on, and maintain a certain distance with the carrier server. I have it here A plan, give me a little time to perfect the program! 】

Song Shuhang: “…” That is, I can’t escape yet? Dragon Net lady You really didn’t play with the three-eyed Senior?

In Void, the eye-looking planet is facing Song Shuhang, and can’t wait to be a nine-grade ‘very light cannon’ bombardment – in order not to kill Song Shuhang, it must control its attacking formidable power.

In front of this hand-cranked creature’s real realm is 8 products, but to count some of his reinforcements.

Therefore, the eye-looking planet is first tested with the ‘nine-grade’ attack.

Song Shuhang is still in the ‘flying’ status, and eye-looking planet is ready again. This attack Song Shuhang avoids inevitable and comprehensive reception.

Hum ~

Extreme light cannon’s formidable power exploded at Song Shuhang body.

The nine-grade lethality brought a certain pain to Song Shuhang.

But for the current Song Shuhang, this level of lethality can not break his defense.

“yí?” Song Shuhang screamed.

He knows that the eye-looking planet’s attack will definitely not be so weak–that is, the eyeball Steward guessed that’s right, eye-looking planet dare not to kill him, so in intentional control Attacking its own formidable power?

If this is the case… then it’s time to perform my acting!

He, Tyrant Song, used to be the man who performed the ‘Senior Apprentice Brother Gao Sheng’. He is a real actor!

In the explosion of “Aaah ~ Ah ~”, Song Shuhang made a scream of pain in the bone marrow.

He is not only an actor, but his understanding of ‘pain’ is stronger than 99% of All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

Performing such a pain, he stretches a hand and grab it.

Even if he arbitrarily took a moment from his memory and re-entered himself in those clips, he would have the most realistic ‘painful scene’.

Tyrant Song’s painful screams, there is a soul!

Even in order to match the painful scene, Song Shuhang’s nascent spirit body, there are two cracks!

The opposite eye-looking planet is eye-catching and reveals a satisfactory expression.

It seems that this level of damage is just right for Tyrant Song.

Then come again!

Holy flame, nine grade damage, bombardment!

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