When the Holy Flame descended to the front, Song Shuhang supported/hold up a series of defenses that looked hanged but were of little use.

For example, the 8-level body of the spiritual qi, the Strength of Karmic Virtue turned into the 8th grade Fairy @#%x Karmic Virtue Palace, and Song Shuhang is not very dedicated to the anti-Imperial Sabre method “Inverted Scale Sabre Technique”.

Sabre qi Rulong, hovering in beside Song Shuhang… but was quickly defeated by the Holy Flame.

The holy flame fell on Song Shuhang body and burned him into a small fireman.

“Aah ~ Aah ~” Song Shuhang made a scream of trepidation in the mouth.

His writing penetrated three fēn into the wood, ordinary people even if they only heard the sad screams, they will be stimulated to the lacrimal gland, can not help but cry – just like the function of cutting onions.

At the same time, his body once again added a ‘nascent spirit crack’ — ― Anyway, he has 15+1 cracks can be divided, slowly, no hurry.

Moreover, Song Shuhang’s breath began to decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye, and became weaker–he had several magical items that could suppress the intensity of the breath, which can be achieved with a little adjustment.

In Void, the eye-looking planet is too happy to be happy.

Although you can’t kill Tyrant Song, if you let him scream and make him suffer, the eye-looking planet will be happy to sleep.

Accept pain, understand pain, and experience pain, Tyrant Song. Today, I want to make you the most painful person in the world.

“Magic eye? Distorted!” eye-looking planet In the giant eyes of the big cockroach, a painful eye technique that can twist the object into a twist is displayed.

Under its control, this eye technique won’t kill Tyrant Song, but it can twist him into a twist or even a scorpion!

Terrifying’s eye technique formidable power, when Song Shuhang’s ‘defense is broken’, falls directly on Song Shuhang’s body.

[Are there new attacks? 】Song Shuhang felt that there was a new attack on his body, and he took a deep breath and saved a wave.

Then he screamed again: “Ah ~ Aaah ~”

The screams are exhausted, such as the cuckoo!

Moreover, in order to prevent the eye-looking planet from listening to his monotonous screams, his rhythm changes every time he screams, from ‘Aaah~ah’ to ‘Aah~Aah~’ to ‘ah~Aaah ~ ‘, strive to bring a fresh experience to Dalat every time.

The actor must have the actor’s son, and he must be dedicated — “On the actor’s self-cultivation.”

After the screams, Song Shuhang’s body had another crack and the breath was also lowered.


Eye-looking planet 大佬: “???”

What I just used is to distort the magic eye?

According to the feedback and physical quality of Tyrant Song, the Tyrant Song should be twisted and twisted into a twist or a scorpion.

But what is Tyrant Song’s ‘body more cracks’?

I am twisting the magic eye, not cracking the magic eye.

Eye-looking planet The attack of Daxie paused. With its computing power, the truth has been introduced in an instant—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

In front of him, Tyrant Song’s screams are still so painful, as if experiencing the Eighteen Levels of Hell.

But at the moment, Tyrant Song has the scream of the soul, heard in the eye-looking planet, simply piercing!

Tyrant Song is playing it as a ball!

[yí? The atmosphere is wrong? 】Song Shuhang, who is acting seriously, cried and suddenly found the atmosphere a little embarrassing.

He quietly glanced at the eye-looking planet. – Unfortunately, it was impossible to judge the thoughts of the other party from the eyes of the other party.

But the intuition told Song Shuhang that the other party might have seen his acting.

[Where did you show your feet? 】Song Shuhang yelled and stopped, and he was stopped by the other side. If he called again, he felt a sense of mental retardation.

“Call, continue to call!” From the eye-looking planet, there is a message passed: “Why not call?”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“It’s almost like you’ve been fooled. Then, you won’t be given another chance to act. I want to give you the most pain.” eye-looking planet.

Its mental energy locks Song Shuhang, a new eye technique condensed in the huge eyes ― 裂 魔 magic eye, also known as the corpse 10,000 10,000 eyes.

Since Tyrant Song likes to split, it will satisfy Tyrant Song.

“How did you find out that I was acting?” Song Shuhang asked slowly. He asked himself to perform well, and the screams were in place. He even cooperated with the splitting of the body to suppress his own breath, without any flaws.

Eye-looking planet The big pupil shines up – it doesn’t want to answer Song Shuhang, and doesn’t want to talk nonsense, just want to break the Tyrant Song.

In the case that one party does not want to chat at all, naturally it will not be able to talk.

[Dragon Net lady, still not ok? 】Song Shuhang anxiously said.

Next, the eye-looking planet is going to work hard. If he is passively beaten, he really has to taste the pain.

But Dragon Net lady didn’t immediately reply to Song Shuhang.

[Lady Fat Ball~ I can’t hold it anymore. 】Song Shuhang quickly changed his name and called.

[it’s now. 】Dragon Net lady replied : [will gold core QR code took out! 】

[Already able to add friend? 】Song Shuhang asked, at the same time, he quickly brushed out the ‘gold core QR code’ and enlarged it to make it shine in the eye-looking planet.

Eye-looking planet Eyes and mental energy have always locked Song Shuhang.

Gold core QR code A brush out, its mental energy is subconsciously brushed from it.

[dīng ~ You have added Tyrant Song as a friend and have been included in the ‘Blacklist 2’ list, nickname: Big Eyeball. wish you a happy life. 】

Eye-looking planet 大佬: “???”

What is this ghost?

I haven’t waited for it to react, and the opposite Tyrant Song has a new operation.

I saw Tyrant Song’s forehead and there was a god open.

Among the third gods, there is the atmosphere of its master, and it has a strong gram production.

[I will send my newly woven program information to it! 】Dragon Net lady exhort again and again.

She just revamped the ‘client program’ and adapted it to a ‘viral’ program.

― ― eye-looking planet Daxie can indeed be the perfect server carrier for the ‘reconstruction’ feature client. However, she and Song Shuhang do not need to surrender the ‘eye-looking planet’ to the pet.

They only need ‘eye-looking planet’ a portion of memory, as a server to download from the client.

Therefore, you only need to launch the ‘client program’ to the eye-looking planet’s within the body and use the permission of the ‘third god’ to solidify the program.

Next, you can send eye-looking planet and leave…

“Lady Fat Ball 牛~~” Song Shuhang vigorously flattered, while the third god blinked, and a rays of light hit the eye-looking planet.

Dragon Net lady, in conjunction with Song Shuhang, uses the ‘Friends Private Chat’ feature to transfer the another part ‘Fixed Chat Program Firmware Package’ directly to the eye-looking planet!

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