After adding a friend, it is not only convenient for Dragon Net lady to transfer some program code to eye-looking planet… More importantly, through the relationship between friends, Dragon Net lady can use ‘virus back door’ to remotely operate ‘research chat’. The client ‘updates.

Dragon Net lady is a really good programmer and works hard.

In the future, as Song Shuhang realm improves, the function of ‘study’ innate talent will be more perfect. In this way, the ‘compact chat client’ must also keep pace with the times and keep up with the pace of Song Shuhang’s upgrade.


The eye-looking planet is not good. It instinctively wants to avoid the light that contains the huge information data from the eyes of Tyrant Song.

However, its physical response is one step behind — because Tyrant Song’s third eye is the eye of its master, which has a suppressive effect on it.

The trick between the masters, recruiting deadly.

A moment of neTwo rk latency will affect the battle.

What’s more, under the influence of the third god, the eye-looking planet is in constant ‘lag’ status, which is close to step by step.

Thus, under the influence of constant ‘lag’, Tyrant Song transmitted the ‘viral-type comprehension chat client program’ rooted in its within the body.

This program package is not large, after being transmitted to the eye-looking planet with the body, it will be decompressed for the first time, occupying a small horn in its huge body.

And these data information is transmitted through the ‘third god’… It is equal to the indirect teleportation of its lord, and the authority is very high.

After the client downloads the program unpacking, Dragon Net lady sends the patch through the private chat function, hot hits the iron, and the client is solidified in Fat Ball within the body… and it and Song Shuhang’s ‘gold core QR code ‘ Synchronize.

At this time, the battle entered the confrontation between Dragon Net lady and eye-looking planet.

Song Shuhang has nothing to do, suspended on the opposite side of the eye-looking planet, and floats leisurely.

His only role now is to cooperate with Dragon Net lady, from time to time to suppress the eye-looking planet with the ‘third eye’, let it continue to lag.

Throne of Wealth Dispersal World.

“Master, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song seems to be getting your Dao Item son.” Eyes Steward sizzling heartache.

The previous three-eyed boy said that this Dao Item is equal to his child. He wants to give the best thing to Tyrant Song and let Tyrant Song be welcome.

“Get it? It’s so easy, this is Dao Item.” Three-eyed Junior Senior.

Just while speaking, the boring Tyrant Song in Void has a new action.

Tiny Song, a small pickpocket, carefully approached the eye-looking planet.

Under the dual oppression of Dragon Net lady and the third god, the eye-looking planet can only see the hand of Song landing on its body.

“there’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, hell is doorless yet you charged to it. Tyrant Song, you are suicidal.” eye-looking planet did not panic, but sent a message of excitement.

Once Tyrant Song landed on its body, there was no difference between simply and seeking death.

It’s Dao Item, and it’s probably the biggest Dao Item in the beginning of history… It’s all weapons, and every part of the body is a trap.

Especially with its body, full of infinite killing intent.

“Come on, fall into my body!” eye-looking planet A sudden opening of a passage in the body of the cockroach, the passage produces a huge suction, to swallow Song Shuhang.

“Raising Sabre Art!” Song Shuhang’s long hair spread out and turned into 66 hairpins. His hands pressed on the eye-looking planet and slid wildly.

Tyrant Song’s screams, there is a soul.

But Tyrant Song’s Raising Sabre Art is soulless.

No soul and cheap, the only advantage is that the amount is big.

In two seconds, Tyrant Song madly sent nearly 20,000 hair “Raising Sabre Art” to the eye-looking planet. – After all, the size of the opponent is huge, and Song Shuhang’s Raising Sabre Art can be used in too small a range. Stacking effect.

Hōng lóng lóng ~

In Void, the eye-looking planet screamed and the whole body began to vibrate.

Although Raising Sabre Art only works on a small part of its body, the effect of Raising Sabre Art affects the whole of it – just like being scratched, but the whole person will be affected by itching.

At the moment when the eye-looking planet was influenced by Raising Sabre Art, Dragon Net lady like a hot knife through butter, and the ‘reconstruction chat client program’ was cured and completely retired.

[Warning: Tyrant Song… ready to retreat, the packet detonation countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! 】Dragon Net lady’s voice rang in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang flies away.

When the countdown is over, Dragon Net lady without the slightest hesitation will be the first time when Song Shuhang sermon, All Heavens and Myriad Realms practitioner plus his friend’s huge data packet, detonated!

Song Shuhang’s body trembled fiercely, and mental energy was instantly overwhelmed by the letters of countless ‘add friend’.

All Heavens and Myriad Realms are infinitely huge, and the number of All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioners is even more difficult to count.

With so many add friends in one breath, even Eternal Life Being can’t afford it.

Fortunately, the packet was transferred by Dragon Net lady at the moment of decompression.

All the ‘add friend information’ was directed to the eye-looking planet, and then the add friend’s information was converted into a ‘download comprehension chat client’ message!

Eye-looking planet The cockroach stopped tremble, and the effect of Raising Sabre Art faded… but its disaster has only just begun.

All Heavens and Myriad Realms practitioner’s ‘add friend’ information floods into its body and translates into ‘download information’.

The huge data shock almost made it crash crash.

Planet’s one-eyed eye is swelled by the impact of the data, and a thick blood-like like a big river rises on the raised eye.

At the same time, All Heavens and Myriad Realms.

At the time, I watched all the fellow daoist of ‘Baby Sermon’ and suddenly received a message in my mind.

Their message of ‘adding Tyrant Song as a friend’ has been lag.

Today, it suddenly changed.

The data of ‘Tyrant Song as a friend’ gradually changed to a ‘download comprehension chat client’ information.

All fellow daoist stunned, consciousness infinitely elevated, faintly, All Heavens and Myriad Realms listened to the fellow daoists, who came into contact with an incomparable gigantic planet.

On this planet, there is a radiance of ‘Tao Yun’.

[Dao Item ! 】The cultivator who knows the goods, can not help but scream.

This kind of radiance, the looming relationship seems to be associated with ‘undying’, it is definitely Dao Item, not wrong!

Can we actually get into the existence of ‘Dao Item’?

In all the cultivator shivering, carefully touch this ‘Dao Item’, and use this Dao Item as the carrier, a ‘compact chat client’ packet, and start downloading.

“It’s the means of Tyrant Song!”

“With a Dao Item as a carrier, that is, Tyrant Song has mastered a Dao Item?”

All Heavens and Myriad Realms was once again shocked by Tyrant Song on this day.

Tyrant Song Big yak batch ~ ~ broken sound ~

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