In addition to Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty, an addictive ‘self-sacrifice column’, Song Shuhang was the first to hear someone ask for a column.

However, Dragon Net lady’s way of thinking is different. After all, she is not a human, so no matter what kind of request she makes, it is not unexpected. Song Shuhang only needs to act with her.

[Hint: Please take advantage of Dao Item planet and have not come out from the downtime status. Hurry up. 】Dragon Net lady reminded.

“Do you have anything to do with eye-looking planet?” Song Shuhang replied: “I will open Core World.”

When it was time to return to Black Dragon World for convenience, when Dragon Shuhang left Black Dragon World, Dragon Net lady left him with a teleportation array.

Now, with the teleportation channel between Core World and Black Dragon World, she has transferred her energy doppelgänger, which was recently developed to upgrade the ‘recognition chat’ function, to Song Shuhang’s Core World.

In fact… Before recommending Shu Shuhang to look for the ‘client server’ carrier, Dragon Net lady tried to create a small doppelgänger and tried to act as a server carrier.

But her experiment was not successful, mainly because there is a generation gap between Black Dragon World and present world!

This generation of ditch is even greater than the generation gap between the people and the world.

After a while.

Looking at the eye-looking planet, the big-eyed doppelgänger of Dragon Net lady was drilled from Core World.

Her styling is similar to Dragon Net avatar ‘Lady Kunna’ in Black Dragon World, but because of the pure energy body, she is white.

“Is this the present world?” Dragon Net lady whispered.

Song Shuhang said with a smile : “to be more precise, is the minor world of the three-eye Senior, not really the present world.”

“Well, I have a space door and I have some time left. I need to get in touch with the information and rules of the ‘present world’ to prepare for the future upgrade program.” Dragon Net lady replied.

In the early stage’s ‘compact chat’ program upgrade, she only needs to step by step to improve according to Song Shuhang’s requirements. Now, after the client is developed, she needs to adjust the client according to the rules and information of ‘present world’. After all… there is a generation gap between present world and Black Dragon World. She can’t upgrade the client of ‘Comprehensive Chat’ by Black Dragon World’s rules.

Today’s Dragon Net lady is still so dedicated!




When the Dragon Net lady appeared, the three-eyed Junior raise head stared at her.

“Black Dragon World’s that?” Three eyes are younger.

Before proving the way immortality, he went to Black Dragon World, walked along the First Heavenly Dao’s footprint, walked through the Black Dragon World counterpart’s ‘Ancient Serenities’, and inserted his own pillar in Ancient Serenities.

Therefore, the three-eyed Junior recognizes the atmosphere of Dragon Net lady.

Dragon Net lady doppelgänger over the sky, also looked down at the three eyes ruler, nodded slightly to him.

The two big sisters smiled and said hello to each other.

On the side of the three-eyed Junior, the eyeballs are looking at the Dragon Net lady. It feels like there is an illusion of ‘undying’ and it is full of pressure.

Eyeball Steward reached out and pulled out his body’s spear. He whispered, “Master, this lady is who is he exactly?”

“The origin of this lady is not small, I didn’t expect Little Friend Tyrant Song to have a connection with her. It seems that she has been secretly assisting Little Friend Tyrant Song recently.” Three-eyed teenager lightly smiled.

“Under the help of Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song?yí, then my position is not very dangerous?” Eyeball steward muttered.

Three-eyed teenager Senior: “???”

your position?

You tell me clearly, what is the position between you and Tyrant Song?

“However, it is not so easy to help Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song. After all, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song will be tossed.” Eyeball Steward again.

“Really.” The three-eyed teenager Senior agrees very much: “I see this Black Dragon World’s lady. Recently, my hair seems to have fallen out of Little… The hairline contrasts with my impression and seems to be a lot more dangerous.”

Steward subconsciously touched myself, and after a while it was relaxed: “Fortunately, I have no hair.”

Three-eyed teenager Senior: “…”

He feels his own steward pill.

Or do you still want to plug it back and rebuild it?



In the air.

Song Shuhang first opened a small space door, straight through the present world sparks (Mars) ― ― chose sparks (Mars) because he had just opened the space door of sparks (Mars), leaving coordinates, and then Opening the door will be more convenient.

Dragon Net lady reached out and gently penetrated into the space door and reached into the present world sparks (Mars).

Her sleek finger is like an antenna, constantly receiving information from the present world’s information, the rules of the world, the basic structure of World, and so on.

This information is received and stored and becomes the basic information for the next ‘Comprehensive Chat Client’ upgrade.

After a few minutes.

“Information collection is complete, data is packed… Send the body…” Dragon Net lady takes back the palm of his hand.

Song Shuhang waited quietly on the side.

It took a few more minutes.

“Data teleportation is complete, go to the next step plan.” Dragon Net lady turned to face Song Shuhang: “Get started, let me become a pillar.”

“Offended, Dragon Net lady.” Song Shuhang said, he reached out and applied the “secret technique”.

Under the gaze of the three-eyed Junior and the eye Steward, Tyrant Song activates the secret technique, and the “Magecraft’s radiance” envelopes the Dragon Net lady.

Dragon Net lady’s side is a beautiful starlight that covers her whole person. Starlight is getting thicker and thicker, and you can only see the hot body shadow of Dragon Net lady through starlight.

This is completely different from the scene when the condensed ‘destruction column’ is condensed. When the condensed ‘destruction column’ is like a tornado… When the Dragon Net lady is reorganized, it is like the scene of the ‘magic girl transform’ in the girl animation.

The style of painting is different.

“Is it directly on the side of Tyrant Song?” Eyeball Steward squinted: “Not good, I am not a pure energy body.”

Three-eyed teenager Senior: “…”

Has his steward been blatant to become the Tyrant Song pillar?

Did you secretly eat Raising Sabre Art by Little Friend Tyrant Song?

Void on the other side.

Eye-looking planet, it’s hard to recover from the downtime status — it’s simply going crazy, the whole number of All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioners is huge.

So many practitioners download the ‘client’ at the same time and almost drive it crazy.

“霸~” eye-looking planet sends out angry messages.


Song Shuhang stretched the hand, a column made up of bundles of numerous ‘golden thread’ bundles, formed by agglomeration.

The densely packed gold threads seem to be tangled up in disarray, but in closer detail they form a complete vein that fits the structural characteristics of ‘Dragon Net’.

[Human trypophobia really depends on the nature of the ‘object’. 】Song Shuhang floated over the head of single thought.

The densely packed bugs can make the scalp numb… but the densely packed gold coin will make people happy.

The same is true for the gold wire in front of the eyes, all of which are made up of sparkling gold threads, which are dense and pleasing to the eye.

Dragon Net lady doppelgänger After the formation of the gold wire column, Song Shuhang did not wait for her to give her a good name, and did not use Song Shuhang operation, she took the initiative to rise up and slammed into the angry eye-looking planet!

“Song ~” eye-looking planet screamed.

Hum ~~

Dragon Net lady has been smashing on the eye-looking planet’s eyeballs.

Look at at the pain.

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